Final Episode

Hello and welcome to the Geeked Out Collecting Podcast where collect Pokemon cards, and other nerdy stuff, like damn adults. Today's episode I talk about what's going on with this podcast and what to expect next :)

Hey guys, what's up.

It's you girl, Jess.

And I wanted to just take some time today
to give you some news about the podcast.

I know it's been a little while since
I've posted an episode or published

an episode, whatever you say.

And I wanna explain that because,
and this goes to the news.

I'm putting this podcast on hiatus.

So I'm gonna be ending season
four and putting it on hiatus.

I don't.

Know, when it will come back and I'll
explain in a second, but I'm sure, like

I said, it's probably not surprising
to you because, I haven't really

been engaging that much on Instagram.

And like I said, I haven't published
anything in a while essentially

putting this podcast on hiatus,
it comes down to a few things.

There's a few things that are going on.

I'm doing it partially because.

Partially because I have a few projects
that I like to focus and put my time on.

And really I had to sit down
with myself and say, Hey, okay, I

cannot juggle all of these plates.

Can I let go.

And one of the things that I decided to
let go was this podcast, just because

it's been of difficult for me lately.

I've pretty much had this content
block, writer's block, but content

block I've been in this writer's block
for creating content for this podcast.

Just because I don't know I've
not really had any good ideas

that I like that feel right.

For me that are a good blend of,
trying to be a responsible creator

with also making interesting content
with also being informational.

I've looked at the Pokemon space when
it comes to different influencers

and there's a few different kinds of
content, honestly, that I see come out.

And for me personally, as a creator,
I don't connect with creating

any of those kinds of content.

Not that there's anything wrong with that
content, of course, but for me, if I'm

looking for something that I think will.

Be successful and grow.

I've not really been able to
find one that works for me yet.

And nor am I trying to copy
anyone per se, but I don't know.

I just haven't found something
that really moves me and

something that, that inspires me.

So I decided, okay instead of, trying
to chew glass to figure out how to

create new content I figured, let me
go ahead and just put this on pause.

And I think there's a lot of good
things that can come from putting

it on pause, cuz what I'm hoping
is that with this time, and I

don't know how much time it'll be.

I'm hoping that I start to become
inspired to put out content.

That makes sense for me.

That plays to my strengths
that are interesting to me and

also interesting to you all.

I'm hoping that inspiration
comes at some point.

But also what'll be really nice too,
is I'm actually also during this time

I'm working on a separate project that
I'm hoping I can grow from a, one

person, me to potentially a team of
two or more people that can help me


Higher production value content.

I'm hoping that, once I start to get
that inspiration and whatnot, if it does

come, then I can use those resources to
also, increase and better the production

value in the quality of content.

For this podcast and, the UT
channel and all that stuff.

So anyways but yeah, it just really
comes down to not having enough time

and it can be a little stressful
when you try to stick to a consistent

content schedule, but it's really hard.

Because you just don't feel the same
about the content that you're putting out.

And I wanna put out something that I'm
proud of and I wanna be better about that.

I figured, this might be the time to
just walk away for a little bit and

then hopefully in the future, come back.

So with that said, I'm
sure you might be asking.

Okay What about your card app?

And to be honest for the short term,
I won't be continuing it, but for the

long term, I'm, I can't say whether or
not I won't pursue it in the future.

I've dealt some personal.

Setbacks that haven't made it
easy to work on the project.

And it made me realize too, that the idea
of managing and marketing an app is work

that I don't want to take on right now.

I'm not feeling pulled in that direction.

I'm feeling pulled in a
completely different direction.

But I do still love the concept and
I'd like to, at some point pursue it

as a fun personal side project, but
for now I'm setting that aside as well.

With that said, I have seen at least
one app in the Pokemon's space popup.

That seems to be very helpful.

So I would say, try that out.

I believe it's called collector
and I think there is no second O.

They seem to be doing pretty well.

I don't know how many users they
have, but I'm sure it's in the

thousands of users probably more.

And I hope that they can continue to
serve card collectors into the future.

So we will see how that goes.

Other than that, let me see
another housekeeping note.

I've been giving this some thought
and I think I'm going to still

leave this podcast feed up.

Because I'm hoping it can provide
some value to others in the future

looking for collecting content.

So if there are any episodes
that you'd like to revisit for

info, please just feel free.

It will still be up.

So I do hope this content
ages well, but we will see

I could not leave without saying how
much I really do appreciate everyone.

Who's found my podcast and gotten
something positive out of it.

I think if there's anything
if I could have ever set.

A meaningful goal for this podcast.

The only thing I could think
of would be to just help people

collect the things that they love.

And it makes me happy knowing that
there are people out there who have

found the podcast helpful for that.

So thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you for being here, listening and
just being a damn good community between.

My guests and my listeners, I found an
amazing group of positive collectors.

And I think this social group
is really what I will cherish

the most out of this experience.

I cannot thank you guys enough.

All of my hobby friends,
you've been so good to me.

So welcoming and I've learned,
honestly, I've learned so much.

I really have.

So I really appreciate that.

I'd also be very remiss to not
thank my wonderful patrons who liked

me enough to financially back me.

That honestly means a hell of a lot.

I really do appreciate it
from the bottom of my heart.

So with all of that said, if
you're still here, I appreciate.

Please stay in touch.

You can still DM me on IG.

I'm going to try to still
stay active on there.

And I hope that this episode
finds you well until next time.


2021 Geeked Out Collecting