The Trade Secrets of Card Collecting Everyone Should Know w/ Kurt from Kurt's Card Care

Hello and welcome to the Geeked Out Collecting Podcast where collect Pokemon cards, and other nerdy stuff, like damn adults. Today's episode I had the pleasure of having on Kurt who has been a lifelong collector and recently has been on a mission to help collectors "improve" the quality of their cards with the skill of card cleaning. No this is NOT card altering! Kurt and I talk about ways you can turn your 8 or 8.5 into a 9, 9.5 or even a 10 depending. But you don't need to be a card grader to get value out of this because who doesn't like a collection full of sharp minty raw cards? We spend some time talking about Fortnite, but don't let that keep you from listening because we do talk about TCG's as well. Enjoy!
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