What we can learn from a collector that bought his card back w/ Steven from @pokedreamer

Welcome to Season 3 of the Geeked out Collecting Podcast :) For this episode I brought on Steven from @pokedreamer. Yes, that PokeDreamer ;) Steven is an architect by day and Pokemon collector and PSA/CGC/BGS display maker by night. He's an OG collector and what really drew me to his account was his amazing collection of Southern Island cards. Specifically his two complete PSA 10 sets (he used to have 3). We definitely had a great chat and of course he tells us the story of when he sold one of his slabs to then turn around and by it back, enjoy!

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one second and let me just 
confirm everything looks good

cool so um where are you based out of i am 
in connecticut oh okay yeah i moved here  

almost three years ago from uh new york so me 
and my wife decided to raise our boy someplace  

a little bit more chill quiet but uh still 
a drive away from you know back where we're  

from so oh nice nice that's awesome that's 
awesome yeah so you're you're east coast yeah

yeah that's cool it's you know it's been really 
nice to um like just talk to people in the hobby  

meet people in the hobby because there's people 
from like everywhere that i've been meeting which  

is really cool and you know i i kind of like too 
having having those connections because you know  

like with the convention coming up with charlie 
and with uh eric like that's gonna be so much fun  

i didn't think the hobby would take me places 
you know like literally physically yeah that's  

awesome i i travel a lot for my regular job and 
uh this is my first like collecting trip the last  

uh collecticon in texas so that was really cool um 
i'm actually not going to be able to go to the uh  

the florida show i had to i had to back out yeah 
so yeah personal reasons with um uh wife's having  

a surgery uh very close to that that weekend so 
i had to back out but you know there will be more  

for sure there will be yeah i'll be sad but 
wife is more important absolutely i hope she  

she's good thank you yeah it should be fine 
but um yeah collecting is uh it's really fun  

it could take you places like i never you know 
pictured i'd be doing something like this you know  

you know yeah few months ago rather 
so yeah you know it's really fun  

how was a collecticon while you were there 
because that was in dallas right no that was  

in frisco yeah it's like texas yeah it's right 
yeah it was really good it was really hot um

it was it's what i expected and i also didn't 
expect it to be like that like high octane  

at you know 10 in the morning with the dudes 
singing i think i posted like this is way too  

lit for a sunday morning you know it was just 
it it was cool it was cool a good experience uh  

i got to meet some you know people that i talk 
to on instagram all the time and um like some of  

the affiliates that i have with the displays and 
all that it was just really cool to finally like  

shake somebody's hand and and uh meet face to face 
so similar to this but you know like reach out  

yeah yeah i can definitely agree uh with you 
on that because uh rock pokemon connor he was  

in town i'm i'm based out of chicago 
the chicago area and uh we met around  

uh the fourth of july weekend because he 
happened to be in town and you know we had  

been talking back and forth for like i don't 
know maybe six months or something like it  

felt like i had already known him because we had 
been on zooms and stuff like that so it was like  

it wasn't weird to meet in person but i already i 
felt like i already met him in person it's weird  

that was a strange like but yeah anyways it's 
so cool to meet people absolutely um in real  

life but um yeah i mean i'm glad you had a 
good time it looked like it was a lot of fun  

and i agree with you like 10 a.m rocking out 
like let me drink some coffee first like hold up  

oh yeah totally totally sometimes you know i 
forgot to eat my wife had to go run out and  

my my kid who's three and a half you know who's 
just hanging out we got him this really intricate  

car that he could like build and take apart just 
to keep him occupied and um he's not really super  

into pokemon or or power rangers yet like i i 
made him sit and watch like the original power  

rangers movie with me and he got scared with ivan 
news he's like no there's a purple guy in there so  

so um you know one day this stuff will be his and 
i hope by then i could get him to appreciate it  

but uh it was definitely fun i'm excited for the 
the next one i think they're gonna become more  

of like a circuit where they go and um you know i 
think i think they mentioned something about vegas  

so that would make sense like gary's out there 
so that'll be pretty cool yeah i i agree with  

you i didn't i didn't think was that the first 
time they'd ever done it no no um so i think  

again i i wasn't really following the whole scene 
like in depth with an account and all this stuff  

like i was basically a closet collector i wasn't 
very social but um i think it was called poke con  

before uh like after a couple years however long 
they've been doing it might have been the same  

people and then they started to combine it and 
you know there were some sports guys at the show  

i think they're trying to make it more like dallas 
card show but um a pokemon you know centered so uh  

yeah that was definitely definitely a good 
experience i'm excited to to go to the next  

one they're like a really tight tight knit um you 
know they run they run on a tight ship there so  

it was very well organized any questions you had 
leading up they were just really really attentive  

and it was well put together yeah that's awesome 
well anyways let's get started talking about  

you because i think because that's that's what 
everyone is here for they want to get to know  

you better um and get to know more collectors in 
the hobby so if you could tell us about you and  

kind of uh how you are as a collector what you 
collect just your collecting journey let us know  

sure well i'm steve i go by the 
name pokey dreamer on instagram  

uh i make and sell those displays back there 
that's a new venture i started in october um  

and i've been collecting on and off ever 
since i was a kid basically it started with  

basketball cards back in the early 90s 
um power rangers and just toys and then  

obviously when pokemon came out you know the 
video games the first thing like the the craze  

of the video games my first memory was i was 
12 years old and i rollerbladed from my house  

three miles on a rainy day in the street 
alone with a backpack full of quarters to buy  

a game shark so i could catch mew in the game and 
be like the cool kid in school so so like that's  

that's like my first memory in you know like when 
you're a kid and you're passionate about something  

i guess that that sticks with you and you tend to 
forget it when things don't you know things aren't  

cool like in high school some people stayed with 
it i you know in high school i definitely did not  

it wasn't the cool thing i was skateboarding 
playing basketball like whatever that was  

that was my thing then and then um it just i 
don't know it came back to me around college uh 20  

2008 actually i bought four sealed boxes of 
the japanese southern islands which is like  

my favorite thing if you haven't realized by now 
like there's there's a psa 10 set back there on my  

wall i just it's just for me as a kid like that 
was the like most interesting thing at the time  

these these new pokemon like pika blue who was 
that you know i knew for i knew from numbers 1  

to 151 and then i never really got into the gen 
2 stuff that's when i started like just kind of  

you know inching away from from the hobby um that 
was around i guess that would be like eighth grade  

ninth grade that's when i kind of just stopped 
and uh picked up the skateboard like i said but  

um yeah 2008 uh ebay was like you know totally 
just open season whatever you want you could go on  

there um you know i wasn't really looking at first 
edition base then it was just like i was looking  

at things that i didn't really get as a kid that 
i wanted so i was picking up from where i left off  

and i would just you know buy something here and 
there i mainly stuck to like southern islands team  

rocket um and then started buying again some loose 
singles like i stopped in 2008 maybe for like  

two months i bought some stuff on and off 
stopped it away in a rubbermaid bin you know  

i protected myself i didn't just throw it in 
there um and then i guess it would be 2012 2013  

when i was uh graduating college i went to 
school for a long time i worked through college  

i'm an architect in in the real world so i worked 
my way through school um you know and then uh  

when i finally started making some adult money i 
started buying some children's toys again so which  

is pretty funny but uh yeah it was just it was 
just a totally different time then you could buy  

cards like sight on the scene i remember going on 
this one website um professor oak cards it's still  

around but there's like nothing available now 
he used to just have pictures of cards you could  

click and everything was near mint so i remember 
buying a first edition base zapdos for like 85  

without seeing a picture of the actual card it 
was just like a stock image and i graded it like  

that was in 2012. i graded it last year and it 
was a psa 9. like that right that's that's crazy  

um and then same thing with like my my shining 
uh mewtwo first edition from neo destiny i think  

i paid like it was under a hundred bucks sight 
unseen you know it was one of those things where  

like you could uh get on get on his email list 
and he'll notify you when there's something in  

stock so i remember watching um the first edition 
dining charizard and the shining mewtwo and when  

i got the link the email with the links for both 
of them i clicked the charizard first it was gone  

that was selling for 250 dollars at the time 
um you know i probably would have graded a nine  

the like i said the mewtwo was about a hundred 
and that also graded a nine so you know nowadays  

it's it's not as easy and uh like i'd say the 
trust isn't there there's a lot of there's a lot  

of bad actors and stuff you know where there's 
money to be made back then it wasn't really  

it wasn't really like that so um for me kind of 
just you know waking up from like my hobby coma  

you know almost two years ago and just looking 
at prices of things um it and to hear the word  

like investing with pokemon i was like really 
you're not just like buying it it just so happens  

to cost a little more like that was totally 
that was a totally different concept for me  

i still have a hard time like almost cringing 
when i hear it but it makes sense um but yeah  

it's whenever i buy something i don't really call 
it investing really i'm buying what makes me happy  

with or without the value being there just so 
happens that some of the things are valuable  

um you know like with like all my recent power 
rangers uh purchases like they're totally not like  

i wouldn't say maybe like one or two of the old 
comics i consider investments because i'm like all  

right you know what maybe you know this is like 
the first appearance of them in an english comic  

and you know uh maybe in a few years from now 
but you know the pops are so low the books are  

so hard to find yes it will probably you know 
increase in value but like i'm not expecting  

stonks you know what's the same definitely oh no 
no to the moons no no i'm not no definitely not um  

kind of just chill i'm just happy with you know 
but my my collection right now is pretty much  

um it's thinned out for the most part um i have 
some sealed product but nothing like crazy vintage  

except for my uh like southern ireland's boxes 
which i i took some stuff out some goodies to  

play i mean i mean that's that okay so other 
than i'm trying to remember how i came across  

your account and i think it was because i actually 
bought your three by three frame you didn't have  

i love it fortnight i remember yes yes 
and i do i do want to get custom ones made

and i guess when we talk about it later 
um i'm positioning myself to be able to do  

um just really quick turnaround times on custom 
items so just the way that my my whole operation  

is assembled right now put together um i'm in the 
process of actually leasing a space dedicated for  

for this little side project of mine which is 
fun and you know with like the laser cutter  

and everything that i'll uh be getting i'll 
be able to do so much more with it wall art  

like just just crazy things um like acoustic 
panels for streamers like a whole bunch of i  

i have a whole bunch of ideas i'm a creator 
you know i was an artist uh you know high  

school i'm a licensed architect in the real 
world i like to build things and tinker so  

um yeah we'll see what happens with that yeah i'm 
i'm really excited for that and i'm really excited  

to see your business grow because i did you come 
on the scene in october last year no no i remember  

um it was when i started my instagram account i 
believe it was either the end of december uh 2019  

or only yeah it was like right like right before 
the pandemic that's when i had the uh dedicated  

instagram account and i think i just started 
posting pictures of like a couple of raw cards or  

whatever and just following accounts that i liked 
like you know some of the youtubers i had known  

at the time uh rusty uh sm pratt like that's i 
wasn't really into the hype channels i'm still not  

but just something where you know like what you're 
doing you get collectors on and you talk you're  

you're you're kind of bringing value to the space 
i'm not like i'm i don't really i'm not really  

excited about you know screaming when somebody 
pulls a charizard that's that's not my five um but  

i but i respect it like that's cool i get excited 
too like with the shaky hands that that's really  

fun i just you know i i it's not for me i wouldn't 
probably have a channel uh doing that i would  

love to do something where i bring value um i just 
my wife's been telling me oh you should start a  

channel and and you know talk about collecting 
i'm like well i don't know what i would talk  

about that's not being spoken about already what 
what new am i bringing you know so i don't know  

some people been telling me you know i have all 
these power rangers cards why don't you do some  

openings of them because i have duplicates of 
like every single set in english ever made so  

you know that could be something i do i have a few 
people on here that ask me about that uh togepi  

jones the guy juggling josh like he's asked me to 
do it so i don't know i might do that eventually  

but um like i said i'm not really into freaking 
out on camera um oh i understand yeah yeah  

yeah well um i mean so so other than the fact that 
i love the frames because obviously i have one um  

but the other thing that really drew me to your 
ig was because you have southern islands that's my  

favorite set and and right when i had found your 
account i had just recently like gotten sealed  

japanese and then i got let me see how many full 
sets i have i have one full set of the japanese  

cards and then two full english sets and and you 
know obviously i say sealed japanese because i  

actually can't tell whether or not it was 
opened you know because how those you know  

i could tell i could tell you right now how 
they're open because i've opened in order to  

get the three psa 10 sets that i actually had at 
one point now i have two um this uh guy on here  

pokemon josh he actually bought my third set from 
me with the displays to go with it the black ones  

yeah that was last year kind of regret selling 
it but um i also sold last year between 30 and 40  

of my of my sealed sets um that i had from back 
in oh wait i just kept them over the years i  

would sell a couple um i had opened a bunch to 
get to grade my my sets that you see here and uh  

yeah i'm just down to two but yeah if you look 
on the back of of the packs there's a glue strip  

that should be on the back left side and and 
if you see stripes it's been opened if the  

glue strip is solid it's it's sealed so it's 
i check ebay listings now and i notice that  

most of them and a lot of people message me too 
on like in dms on instagram asking if i have any  

for sale or or can you check if this is sealed 
or not um and yeah most of them are searched  

and yeah and i feel like they don't have to be 
you could you could look there's the window on  

the front of the packs so like you could kind of 
look at the centering without opening the packs  

you know you can see the borders of the cards 
and for the most part you know the one in the  

middle will will give you a hint as to what 
the other two look like so you don't have to  

open it i don't know why people do that yeah and 
then and then they say that it's sealed you know  

not been opened when in fact it probably is you 
know they haven't surged right i'll show you what  

the seal looks like hang on one second okay yeah 
let's do it see this is what i'm here for because  

this kind of information is hard to find out 
hard to find out in the wild yeah okay so  

so there's two you know there's the rainbow 
island and then there's a tropical island so this  

is the inside of here there's 60 packs and 
this is the one that has the um it's basically  

the merrell the slow king and the 
vile plume in here there's 20 of each  

what so in one box it has 20 of those each 
so there's six there's 60 packs in here this  

is again this is the one it's kind of hard to 
see hanging the ones the ones that are in there  

and then i actually have to get a case for 
these i'll probably have to get one custom made  

um and then this is the the the big one with the 
muse in there yeah so there's 20 mews in there  

20 uh togepi and 20 ladybugs so yeah these 
these are super hard to come by i've seen these  

on ebay like twice in the last two years um so 
that's like a big centerpiece of my collection  

um i i don't know i'm contemplating just 
you know to to help fund my business like  

the laser cutter is not cheap and um i'm trying 
to use my my collectibles funds to help fund that  

just to kind of keep everything in the same realm 
so um i don't know i might i might post it up on  

ebay and see if there's any advice definitely no 
auctions for sure um yeah um i you know what's  

funny you say that because i've been thinking of 
doing the same thing i actually have some cards  

up on ebay right now that you know are cards 
that are not like i'm not super emotional about  

um that i i want to take you know those funds and 
then probably put them back into my business or  

you know put them into sealed i haven't fully 
decided yet but i can understand you know trying  

to find a little bit of capital to bootstrap your 
own business right for sure and i've been you know  

it it's hard to part with something especially 
that doesn't come up too often like i you know  

back in the day sure but now like i don't see 
that pop up and i know that hasn't gotten the hype  

treatment yet you know uh my posts are sure like 
i i don't mean to hype the set because i want to  

buy more uh it's just that like you know this time 
last oh yeah i'd say like march 2020 i bought like  

one guy from california on ebay he had about 15 of 
the mew packs and i think i got them for like i i  

want to say no more than 30 each and right now 
they're so right now they're selling for like  

i don't know between like high 100s and to mid 
200s just alone and last year the full sealed  

sets that i was selling was the range of those is 
probably 150 to when i when i sold like my last  

sealed set besides the one that i'm keeping for 
myself and then my boxes i think the highest  

i ever sold that set for was like 250 and now 
the mew pack alone is going for that much and  

i'm like ah darn it you know but um yeah i've 
had people laughing you learn yeah yeah you you  

don't you don't sell the whole uh the whole 
collection but now like i said i'm down to  

what i'm happy with i do have some modern product 
that i bought uh with the intention of hanging on  

to for a while like uh just shining legends 
hidden fates all at retail like way before  

you know the whole logan paul thing and everybody 
like just just came in that had nothing to do with  

pokemon and just saw it as like a quick flip i 
was genuinely into the sets i love shining like  

my favorite card is is um like the korokoro mew 
and yeah so i funny story about this i bought  

two of these for about 30 dollars each back 
in 2012 raw you know near mint from from japan  

they arrived i graded them last year that's when 
i started grading my cards it's just last year i  

you know i just kept everything good and um you 
know before prices started going up i just sent in  

everything with a grading special and one came 
back at nine one came back at ten i sold the nine  

i kept the ten so i don't know where this yeah 
i don't know where this is like the price of  

it doesn't matter to me like it was a thirty 
dollar card back then but it's like if you  

had to ask me what my favorite card is favorite 
pokemon it's definitely mew um this is the real  

shining mew not that new one that just came out 
that's uh that everyone's talking about right  

it's all over everybody's instagram feed that's 
pretty cool i i might you know if if it's not as  

uh uh rare as a card as it's being made out to 
be right now because it's just it's just not  

released yet uh hopefully it'll be attainable 
and you know i i don't like that you know  

the whole vibe of people just you know releasing 
a card early like special delivery pikachu or even  

i don't know if that charizard was real or not 
but like you know give people a chance to actually  

like just go and get it because i feel like you 
know 20 years ago we had the opportunity to and  

that's why we're back now um if if people are just 
scalping for the sake of making money uh you know  

little kids that can't really afford it are gonna 
miss out on it so i'm not yeah i'm happy about  

that but yeah it's been definitely i think i mean 
you know i don't even know how you balance that  

um because you know like scalpers coming in or 
you know flippers coming in money but not to like  

you know take advantage to the point where it's i 
don't like the term gatekeeping but that's kind of  

what it is at least with the brand new stuff you 
know like yeah vintage makes sense like it's it's  

look at vintage sports or even like some of the 
crazy cards in sports though like one of ones  

selling for hundreds of thousands millions of 
dollars like that that stuff makes sense but not  

like champion's path or something like that you 
know yeah yeah i mean because i i agree with you  

you know um people flipping doesn't necessarily 
make me mad but when you look at everything from  

a short-term perspective like what you 
were just saying you rob yourself from  

you know long-term potential when you steal 
potentially steal the memories from kids  

i don't know how prevalent it actually is or 
how much impact it's actually making on children  

getting cards in their hands i don't know that 
we'll ever know i mean i i know a few anecdotal  

experiences of you know co-workers just going to 
mcdonald's to you know get the cards for the girls  

and they had none and you know uh you know 
her kids not being able to enjoy that i mean  

obviously those moments aren't the end of the 
world but um it's like it's it's one of those  

things that you kind of have to i mean i don't 
know i i hope that it doesn't have a lasting  

impact for children a because pokemon is very cool 
and very fun but b you know in order for a market  

like pokemon or any collectible to sustain itself 
it needs to have new demand periodically come in  

i mean because i you know recently i just got on 
to guys like reserved investments and harry rinker  

who are really knowledgeable on collectibles 
and antiques and you know they're comparing and  

seeing the history of markets that have 
been become established and are stable  

like coins uh currency um you know we're talking 
about established collectible categories uh and  

then when you compare those to like pokemon yugioh 
you know all the stuff that we're into right now  

you know our our market you know according to them 
is considered you know like mass speculation we  

are speculating if you're not buying because you 
love the things and you're speculating this is a  

speculative market so anything can happen yeah you 
know anything can happen i still think it's early  

uh believe it or not because it's you know it's 
only 20 years old um you know i i i i side with  

uh that dude jeremy the guy you know he has 
like the crazy collection the the action figure  

jeremy padaur yeah yeah yeah he's awesome yeah 
yeah you had him on your show before i think  

right yeah i did i did he was amazing yeah so you 
know super humble dude too right i haven't had the  

pleasure of like speaking with him on these terms 
but i think we chatted a couple of times on ig  

um but i do see this as like if you 
want to talk about investing it's  

i still think we're early as people our age uh 
make more money you know even like i'm talking  

20 30 years down the line like where my kid is 
grown up and now i'm like okay now we have some  

money to play with what do we want to get you know 
where's where is first edition charizard now is he  

still at 300 for the 10 and you know floating 
around 30 for the psa 9 or is it back to the  

you know uh 2016 prices where you could buy a psa 
9 for like 2 000 or less and a psa 10 was like 15  

you know i don't i don't know i don't see it 
going back down to that because there's such a  

thing as price memory and more people know about 
it now so you know there's people now that wanted  

to buy a psa 9 first edition charizard um during 
the logan hall pipe and we're happy to pay you  

know 45 50 000 for it and say oh if it went back 
down to 30 i would buy like 10 of these but like  

it's funny how human psychology works that you 
know when something's going down you don't you  

know are you sure where the floor is and do you do 
you even want to touch it or um you know i think  

everything happens in cycles i don't know if this 
is a floor for cards period because there's some  

things that cut through the noise like again like 
like southern islands like for me that's just like  

you know i i don't care what it does on the charts 
i don't i know there's like accounts on here that  

show price movement from one week to the next 
and you know you gotta zoom out you're gonna give  

yourself a heart attack it's like i you know i i 
stopped watching some sports for that reason i'm  

like you know what someone's gonna win someone's 
gonna lose i can't be emotionally attached my  

life is too crazy right now i i got to focus on 
my stuff like let them play if they went great  

you know so if it's going to go up it's going to 
go down just just zoom out chill out you know um  

and then some things get the high treatment and 
then you know it'll it'll go up you know 10x and  

you know some people play cards like the the stock 
market and that's always gonna happen when there's  

money to be made you know to to each their own 
right so yeah yeah i i definitely agree i'm the  

kind of person that won't tell someone that you're 
collecting wrong because you know it's like wrong  

yeah exactly exactly and i mean you know going 
back to you know southern islands like a really  

lovely set there are so many things to like 
about it and it's like a drug into the back  

into the hobby like i i spoke to a few collectors 
i know like sm pratt that was what got him back  

into collecting now look at the behemoth of the 
collection he has now it's and i still go back to  

it like every time if i find a good set i'll still 
i'll still buy it at a decent price like no matter  

what i don't know it's just you go back to the 
things that made you happy as a kid or like what  

intrigued you and like what your interests were 
so like hence yeah you found my newfound passion  

in the the original power rangers um who two of 
which happened to be at collecticon which was  

which is really awesome yeah jason yeah oh my god 
i don't even remember all of their names i only  

know jason and jennifer because they both started 
with j's but i don't remember any of the other  

okay original power ranger yeah it was jason 
zach billy trini uh kimberly and um oh yeah yeah  

jennifer is her real name but kimberly was hers 
oh i feel like an idiot right amy joe johnson  

amy joe johnson who's the pink ranger every every 
every um 33 34 year olds first crush probably yes  

if my wife watches this she'll she won't kill me 
she knows the deal but um she already knows yeah  

yeah i actually got their autographs two of them 
it was uh is the red ranger and the original black  

ranger at collect-a-con so i was like super happy 
about that i managed to awesome yeah my poor wife  

was sweating at our booth because i ran off i'm 
like if somebody wants to order something just  

just stall them i'll be right back you know um but 
yeah that was awesome i actually have the cards up  

on my up on my wall i'll show them to you yeah i 
want to see them i don't know that i've seen the  

power ranger cards uh sure did these come back did 
these come out back in the day when yeah from 1994  

yeah okay yeah i have a box nearby too so this 
is like i made this display for yeah there we go  

oh that's awesome yeah so it's kind of hard 
to see but these are called power foils  

um they're like super duper shiny you can see 
them oh and those are one touches huh okay cool  

yeah yeah i'm not gonna get these graded probably 
maybe authenticated down the road so i got the  

uh the red ranger there and where is he on the 
end here hang on there we go black ranger okay  

custom pegs for the uh you know the different the 
different animals i got this guy on the wall here  

that's that's awesome um man what an experience to 
have those signed i mean are there any companies  

that even authenticate those cards do they anyone 
create them bgs i mean no they're they're psa  

graded power rangers cards they're just okay the 
pops are really low i don't think there's many psa  

tens i don't think any psa tens uh in the series 
one powerful maybe like one or two but none of  

like the or the rangers in their suits which is 
like considered the chase cards um i could show  

you if anybody's interested i'm not pushing these 
at all because i'm still buying them but like  

this is the box that they come in this is the 
series one what are those what are those go for  

um they've been ranging like probably around 
the hundred dollar mark they had a little spike  

possibly due to me posting about them a couple 
of months ago you know last year they were  

like between 50 and like 90 and then and then 
they shot up to close to two a little over two  

right now they're hovering around the 100 mark i 
just actually sold a couple to a friend in canada  

um the other day for that price so i i'd say 
that's about market um but yeah there's definitely  

a few of us on in the instagram realm that that 
uh that love our power rangers so i'm hoping it  

still stays under the radar for a while um i 
don't know it wasn't a trading card game like  

where you battle they actually came out with one 
of those in 2013 um when i recently discovered and  

i scooped up a couple of those boxes and it was 
short-lived it was it only lasted for like a year  

and it had everything from the original 
mighty morphin all the way up until i don't  

even know like what the new ones are called 
i'm just strictly you know season one and two  

like after the white ranger that was it you 
know so i you know die hard fans will probably  

be cursing me here but i i buy what i know what 
made me happy as a kid and and that's what i stick  

to like you said you know that it depends what 
uh you can't tell people how to collect right  

yeah yeah absolutely um you know who who printed 
those cards it was it's called collect the card  

which you know it's the print quality um the cards 
stick together now they're so old you know they're  

20 they're 26 27 years old now right 93 94. so um 
i've discovered a trick of like putting the packs  

in the freezer for a few minutes and then taking 
them out uh grab it grab some ice cream grab my  

pack of cards and then just sit there and wipe 
my hands wow and then and that helps you kind of  

peel the cards away from each other without 
ruining them they tend not to stick as much  

i've seen some sports cards collectors do that 
as well with like the old fleer basketball  

from like the early 90s um but yeah it's still 
like some of them have i think the series one  

they have like a little it's basically like a 
pog on it and there's i think there's eight or 12  

different ones you could get in the packs 
and that's always on the first card and uh  

it always just leaves a ring around that first 
card luckily the the foil ones are in the back so  

um yeah it doesn't hurt them but yeah yeah 
they're they're they're not really worth a lot  

uh but they're sentimental to me and uh i 
like them that's good i mean yeah you got  

to get what you like and if something happens 
something pops with them then then cool i mean  

uh what's what's really funny is because like you 
i'm a collector first i cannot speculate i'm still  

learning there's a lot of things that i don't know 
uh so i would not call myself an investor honestly  

um but it just so happens that sometimes i have a 
thing that i get lucky with like take for example  

um i have some comic books i bought maybe about 
a two and a half two years ago-ish i bought a 9.5  

cgc graded miss marvel one and this is the reboot 
marvel with pamela khan as miss marvel so it's the  

first print um it's a 9.8 you know so out of 10 
that's the max so this is super minty this comic  

right and it just and i got that for i don't know 
maybe 135 i want to say 135 not bad i have it you  

know posted it up it's very cool um and like when 
around the time when marvel started or you know  

disney started um talking about how they were 
gonna do a miss marvel tv show that comics shot  

up like probably probably last sold it's about 
2 3x from what it was previously yeah so i mean  

that's really exciting to see because it's like 
oh [ __ ] i didn't buy that to you know flip it  

and sell it i i might i might consider it you know 
just because um because then i could just you know  

realize those paper gains because the one thing 
with those comics is you know i can always get  

you know another non-graded one like i don't need 
to have the grade i just it just happened to be  

a good opportunity to buy one i'm like okay 
well i'll go ahead and get it you know right  

um but i'm not sold on it i can always get that 
comic and to be honest i i haven't even read it so  

uh you know for me i probably want to just go 
ahead and buy another one so that i that i can  

actually read and get the story but yeah that was 
a really cool experience i mean even with like  

southern islands as well because i started buying 
you know some of the english said i bought a  

japanese set and you know the psa tends for those 
for those hollows now i mean even just recently  

i want to say halfway through july you 
know i don't have any psa tens actually  

of those cards i'm waiting for them to come back 
from cdc because i decided to go ahead and get  

them graded um but i mean those hollows like 
the viola plume went for around you know 1400  

like the slowpoke went around for 2300 and 
then the the lid above um the ladybug is  

was over a thousand i want to say so yeah i mean 
i mean i don't know about the mew or the merrell  

which those seem to be like yeah the heavy 
hitters the heaviest hitters from that set  

um you know so i don't know what those are valued 
for but new togepi and merrell actually those  

are the three heavy those are the three okay 
yeah yeah you being the first i haven't seen  

a recent sale of a 10 uh i do know somebody like 
i think he's from australia back like last year  

i want to say this time he sold pretty much a 
whole psa 10 set just shy of either togepi or  

he was like maybe one or two hollows shy of 
the full set and i think he sold it for around  

nine grand back then i know the mew at one 
point i think the mew at one point on a pwcc  

auction probably on its own went close to i i want 
to say it was well over five uh i don't quote me  

on this but like definitely somewhere between 
five and ten maybe it was like eight i don't  

know if it got paid um but that card is like you 
know super hard to grade it's one of the prettiest  

i prefer just i'm i'm biased again i just like 
the way the japanese cards glow like they had  

that satin kind of hollow vibe to it it 
was like the first reverse hollows that  

i i think the first reverse hollows 
period um uh i i want to say in a set  

yes i i believe so so yeah that might make sense 
because i think after the promo came out then  

we got like the aquapolis and then the expeditions 
right because that whole gen 2 i think was neil  

i think after was it neo after that okay because 
because in the sealed english binder were um  

the neogenesis and the neo discovery packs 
as like the promotion leading up to those so  

interesting yeah yeah because because i i recently 
bought on ebay it was like a partially sealed set  

of southern islands um so the the outer wrapper 
was removed um and this person had like four of  

them i think rusty from tca got like the other the 
other binders because it was they were selling it  

for a little bit under what they were going for 
at the time i guess just to liquidate them so  

like i said i'm still buying that set whenever i 
find a good deal so um i was able to to acquire  

that and i think on a live i opened the the uh 
the inner seal and took out the pack which i still  

i still have here sealed this is still sealed um 
i don't have the heart to like rip it open but  

i've i've inspected the you know what i could see 
from it the uh the merrell obviously and then the  

back of i forget what the last card is but the 
merrell is like super clean well centered i don't  

see any chipping from from what i could tell 
there's like a slight tear it's gonna be really  

difficult to see here but the the the cellophane 
wrap on it there's like a slight tear in it but um  

i don't know i i had the intent of just cracking 
this and and just sending them off to grade i have  

a full set um everything is a psa 10 uh not the 
hollows i just have the ladybug hollow and a 10  

that i graded myself from a set that i bought 
back again and when i was in college in 2012  

and uh i paid 85 for the seal it wasn't a sealed 
binder it was again it was it was just this just  

this pack back then i opened it um every card 
came back uh all the long hauls were tens um  

some of them were eights i think the mu and the 
toga p were eights the lettabo was a ten and then  

the other hollows were nine so throughout the 
course of this last year i i replaced the eights  

with the nines um i ended up trading my 10 lediba 
to to rusty tca gaming uh when i was building my  

psa 9 first edition jungle uh just hollow set um 
because i never i never had the first edition as  

a kid so before it kind of popped off i was 
just chipping away and um i think i was i got  

like a handful of cards like an electrode like 
just the not the big heavy hitter ones but uh  

the just to say i had the set i got the other 
nines from him and uh i was kind of regretting  

it and i saw he had put up eventually he had put 
up my card for auction the ladybug and i was like  

that's my card like that's my cert you know i i 
need it back so i ended up winning that auction  

and just just to get it back you know 
like you get attached to these things  

it's you you know it's it's pretty funny right 
so i still have the nine and i still have the ten  

so um a long term collecting goal would 
be to eventually get the holo 10 set of  

that in english because i have enough of the 
japanese already um yeah that's like a long-term  

pokemon go i don't really have like a clear 
direction as to where i'm going it's like i'm i'm  

i'm not really interested in buying new 
sealed product as i am you know if i find  

a card that i like so like that new shining 
mew uh the gold one that's really cool um  

i was into amazing rares you know it i hope they 
bring them back and like do legendaries like  

i don't know if they ever will but like 
a mew or mewtwo in that in that style  

would be ridiculous like i would love to see 
that um but what about you what uh you know  

what you're collecting journey right now do you 
have you have a clear direction as to like are  

you buying anything are you do you have any gaps 
you're trying to fill in your collection or what  

oh man i wish i could say i had a direction but i 
really don't uh just stuff that kind of comes up  

i mean so so i've had to i've tried to really pull 
back on on buying because right now i'm putting my  

money towards you know other things um trying to 
like rebalance stuff in general and so i'm like uh  

i don't really want to buy collectibles right now 
or at least you know set myself a budget so i'm  

not buying too much um so i'm not really chasing 
anything right now just really interesting stuff  

uh like for example actually recently i bought 
a vending series sheet the number 15 with the  

mewtwo um yeah i haven't i haven't unpeeled it yet 
i think i might i'm just waiting for um some card  

savers to come in so once i have you know those 
card savers i'll go ahead and pop it in or unpeel  

and then go ahead and go card savers those are 
like the the hottest investment of 2021 right then  

yeah i bought a case of them and i think i 
paid like 300 or something and then the actual  

i forget like people were selling them for 
crazy amounts of money so now all these  

all these guys are making their own and it does 
the same thing so good on them now people have  

you know i i don't know if they can send their 
cards in but they're in card savers so that's  

cool yeah no no definitely and i prefer to keep my 
cards in card savers anyway like how i that's how  

i store them i just get one of those bigger size 
uh meant for uh you know graded cards uh those  

uh shoe boxes uh from bcw yeah normally normally 
that's where i order all my supplies i remember  

ordering some card savers back in december and i 
think i finally had gotten them in like february  

just because everything was all in back order and 
right and whatnot um so i i regret not buying more  

um but i figured i'd go ahead and give the um the 
card savers from kanto shark a try because they're  

supposed to be a little bit higher quality and 
whatnot and so i'm thinking you know maybe i might  

use those to display cards you know i don't know 
i don't know we'll see we'll see how how they look  

when they come in but um i i mean it's so funny 
you know so so pokemon last year just explodes  

right just kind of out of nowhere it pokemon pulls 
a rug under all of us right and then so we're like  

oh [ __ ] you know kind of trying to catch up 
and then we need supplies and you know stuff is  

overpriced on amazon like i'm not paying 25 30 40 
450 card savers come on get out of here you got  

to be crazy right yeah um but getting anything 
was tough getting one touches was tough getting  

um i mean sleaze wasn't really that tough 
but i guess maybe it was just card savers  

and yeah you had to you had to get up uh you had 
to sign up for like the the notifications through  

cardboard gold and like they're like they'll send 
an email it's it's gonna go on sale 8am this time  

this day you know like i remember that's how i 
was able to get a case of them and i'm glad you  

did yeah i didn't scalp them i ended up using most 
of them i still have some because i have i have uh  

it's kind of hard to see but uh hang on where are 
we there i have like two boxes full one is pokemon  

one's power range it's just sitting like i think 
there's like 200 cards in each of them oh my god  

yeah or or 100 i forget how many fitting there 
there's a lot uh but yeah that who would have  

thought that those those would those would take 
off last year right in price just plastic yeah i  

know i know um i mean i guess you know you can 
never time the market so you probably should  

just in general kind of have things like that this 
is me talking to myself like girl just keep like  

a little bit of that stuff just tucked away you 
know just so that you have it when you need it um  

but i mean you know i guess you know one of 
the things that i kind of wanted to talk about  

um because okay so it seems to me your favorite 
pokemon is mew yeah that's just a guess well i  

told you uh i i i i think maybe this was before 
we started recording but did i say the story about  

when i rollerbladed i'm not sure if i said that 
already i forget i'm losing my i'm getting old  

yeah so so you did mention i do remember you 
saying that you skateboarded but rollerblading  

sounds new to me oh well i was 12 years 
old uh this is before i learned how to  

how to add a skateboard and um you know i had to 
be the cool kid in school right so i got i got  

my roller blades a backpack full of quarters yeah 
like two and a half miles to to get the game shark  

to get me you so i forgot yes sorry i already 
said this uh i'm tired no it's okay the the  

audience needs the story it's really cool mu is 
definitely my favorite it was so intriguing as a  

kid like wait a minute there's a secret character 
in the game you know and um there wasn't really

there wasn't youtube back then so you couldn't 
really follow like one to one how to get to it in  

the game so i was like all right i just know i can 
just do it on game shark so i went and i bought it  

in quarters i remember falling down because it was 
raining uh to go again from the video game yeah  

yeah vacation though right so oh yeah yeah you and 
mewtwo um definitely as a kid you know charizard  

like the big three right like any any typical uh 
personality age it was the gen one just the big  

you know the big five really the starters me 
too and mew for me yeah yeah no those are such  

great cards and it's so funny because it makes 
me really nostalgic thinking about that time  

because that was back in the day when 
you couldn't look up walkthroughs online  

you had to go and buy the thick ass books at your 
local stores or whatever to get through zelda  

to get through pokemon to get whatever whatever i 
remember those books gosh yeah i had the one with  

charizard on it uh i don't know if they made one 
with the blue you know for blastoise on there but  

um yeah crazy how how times change now you could 
just go on youtube and watch somebody else play  

the game you don't need to play it you know you 
don't need to play it for yourself but uh yeah  

funny you know yeah no it's it's funny to kind 
of think about how we had to do things when we  

were kids god you know what i everything i'm 
saying i just feel like a boomer um so i'm just  

gonna stop talking because i just feel more and 
more i'm just thinking of myself it's okay we're  

both boomers whoever's watching yeah we're all 
we're all you know it's it's kind of funny like  

it's funny to to start to realize that you 
are now like the adult and the children are  

the actual children do you know what i'm saying 
we never really throw up all right we're just  

we just we we're just bigger kids you know um 
but yeah you're right i noticed that i don't  

i don't know if you have children i have a son 
like i said uh you know he he's he's a three  

and a half year old he's bouncing around i feel 
old because he's it's just boundless energy and  

you know somewhat active but he's like you know 
sometimes i just need to you know you need a break  

no it's great it it it breathes new life into you 
but um like i said we're all just kids after all  

right i mean kids now with money like i remember 
back in the day when you would go to toys r us  

or you'd go to walmart and you go to target 
and you'd be like when i grow up and you buy  

all these things and you're like yeah i'm 
gonna buy these legos and buy this one buy that  

and now you have money to buy the things and 
you're like okay that's cool i could buy that lego  

star wars whatever but where the [ __ ] am i gonna 
put it when i'm done you know like am i gonna  

break it up and just like put it back in the box 
no right right i don't i don't have space for that  

right keep it keep it sealed and you know it's 
meant to be built but but yeah for sure i'm not  

super huge into lego although this is gonna sound 
silly i'm going to uh lego land tomorrow which  

opened up about an hour and a half from where i 
live up here in the northeast so uh i'm pretty  

excited yeah i hope it doesn't rain um but yeah 
we're going off on a tangent uh lego yeah i don't  

collect lego um but last year for my birthday 
i'm very much into space so my wife bought me the  

saturn v rocket which is like this huge three foot 
long lego thing i'm just i'm saving that for when  

my son's older and we'll probably build it and 
i'll get it encased or maybe i'll make the display  

to put it in you know then um but yeah that'll be 
fine yeah yeah yeah um i i'm sure there is like  

lego investors i'm sure i'm sure there are i 
actually never thought about you know i just buy  

a lego box to just keep it sealed i never really 
thought of it like that but when i do think of  

legos i think of those big gosh darn like replicas 
of things that people make like those those like  

uh safes those mechanical safes that they make 
have you seen those do you know what i'm talking  

about i i i want to say yes but maybe you'll show 
me after and i'll be like oh yeah i know but right  

now i can't picture it no i'm sorry well well 
well so so there's like really there's really  

big things that people will make out of the legos 
so they'll make replica like uh death stars that  

you can open up and see your apartment yeah yeah 
um and they'll do crazy stuff like i saw this was  

years ago uh some engineers literally created a 
car a life-size moving vehicle i saw that it was a  

bugatti i think yeah yes it was blue yeah and then 
and then they made the actual smaller version that  

cost like three or 500 bucks maybe even more some 
of these things are wicked like i have a buddy  

that he collects like all the the lego um 
harry potter uh you know releases and all that  

and his his goal is to build them all and make 
you know like hogwarts yeah yeah hogs mean hug  

hogwarts all that stuff so yeah that's really cool 
you need space for that space time patience and  

no small children around that is what i'm saying 
like the space is the lacking part for me i don't  

i would love to buy legos but i just 
don't have a place to put them right  

but um but i mean you know switching switching 
gears a little bit back into pokemon um you know  

with with kind of like the slowdown in the market 
you know i know a lot of people talking about how  

this will probably continue a little bit um the 
slowdown will probably continue a little bit and  

get a little worse for certain sectors of the 
market you know even into december absolutely  

how many cards are at psa right now i don't 
think the the tip of the iceberg has been  

uncovered yet there's like so many cards were 
sent in i know people that sent in in september  

like before the first logan paul box break 
that their their their um bulk subs are still  

like just now getting into the grading phase so 
you know pretty sure some people had psa nines  

and below like in that condition um but the way 
psa has been grading now i don't know how many  

will come back in line they were throwing out 
half grades recently like like i don't know  

just yeah free candy really um and it was 
never like that so i wonder if they're just  

utilizing their full spectrum of of the of 
the grading scale um look i've seen old certs  

that are nines and tens that are actually 
nines and tens and i've seen some that  

it looks like they were just shuffling through and 
they're like okay this gets a nine this gets a ten  

like whatever so um i agree with you i feel like 
in some sectors it could still go down certain set  

cards i don't know how many people back in the 
day you know or throughout this whole you know  

the 20 something years it's been had mint 
binders of first edition base or you know first  

edition anything complete sets i don't know um 
i don't have you know the ability to answer that  

precisely but i i do know that this was a recent 
like hype phase so with that there's going to come  

a lot of people submitting to grade and then um 
you know if everybody's doing something it isn't  

special anymore um i feel like the last few 
months a lot of people just sent in cards to  

get graded so some people probably sent in cards 
that i i don't want to say should not be graded  

but um are definitely clogging the the system 
in terms of like the backlog at the grading  

companies and stuff like that so i think 
i think the cards that weren't meant to be  

graded and and flipped if you want to say that 
um you know that might slowly diminish and maybe  

the uh the cards that are a little bit more rare 
and scarce so as i said like continue to cut  

through the noise whether they be just you know i 
don't have any trophy cards but trophy cards like  

set cards that are really difficult to grade 
um and just things that are kind of hard to  

hard to obtain i think yeah yeah i definitely 
agree because you know on the one hand it's a  

little scary to think about the potential volume 
that could come back into the market but also  

too to your point i mean it seems like a lot of 
potentially newer comers that maybe have never  

graded before you know now for the last 12 months 
or so had been sending things in to get graded  

or you know went through a middleman however they 
did it and they think oh you know my card surely  

this is a psa night oh surely this is the psa ten 
and probably come back as a six the mind the mind  

is a terrible uh you know it it works wonders 
but you could convince yourself anything and  

you know i've done it before like why is this car 
to six this is pac fresh or you know something um  

and if you look at it in the right light 
there's like a slight wave to it and that's  

a crease right in their eyes so um or if you 
touch it with your your hand and it's oily and  

you get a fingerprint like they're looking at 
these you know not just in a little led light  

like sometimes they hit it with the uv and you 
know from a certain angle you see things and  

the people submitting cards maybe they don't 
have the proper lighting set up and all that  

so um yeah it's hard there's so many factors of 
the there's there's different levels to this so  

people pull a card you know people buy a box to to 
open up packs to pull a card hopefully that card  

is in the pack and then they send it off to get 
graded hopefully the condition of that card was  

you know worthy of whatever grade they're hoping 
it'll get and then you have the grader that might  

be having a bad day so like there's just so many 
levels to this you know i don't want to call  

gambling but it's like it's it's a game of chance 
right i guess that's the exciting part about it  

too um yeah yeah i i can i can agree with you um 
you know on that because you know as much as you  

i mean even experienced graders can sometimes get 
things wrong and i mean you know with the with  

the with the hume the human portion of it uh you 
know you might even disagree with the grade and  

and potentially get that sent back in you know i 
mean because like to your point you know was the  

greater having a good day a bad day you know maybe 
they let a 10 slip into the nine category and that  

happens and and and part of it too i mean i've 
had this conversation before with a few people  

but it's going to be even more important now and 
into the future to don't buy the grade by the card  

you want to really look at the card because i 
mean you know are we looking at an old psa cert  

are we looking at like a week you know a week ten 
are we looking at a week nine here right um um  

i mean even with cgc and and bgs you know 
for for right now we're seeing psa kind  

of hold the value a little bit more then than 
those other brands but i mean in the future a  

things could change but b if you have a solid 
solid strong card a strong mint card you know  

i think you could command obviously a higher price 
point in the market regardless of the brand right  

exactly the label doesn't matter i would say that 
those are the strongest three though psa bgs cgc  

for cards i'm just i'm old school it was for me 
it was always you know psa and pokemon it goes  

together like lamb and tuna fish right now yeah 
but yeah it goes together and that i like those  

slabs it's it's it's the sets that i have so 
um i've submitted to bgs in the past for like  

amazing rares when they first came out and you 
know i feel i feel like that was like the that's  

like the modern like the the newer people that 
are into the hobby that are like oh it has to be  

a pristine 10 or a black label or something like 
that's cool if you submit to to beckett but like  

if the card's 10 and it's in a psa slab or even a 
nine i i have a model nines are fine because the  

i i can't afford my collection that i have today 
if i were to buy my cards today right so like  

if you look at a nine you look at a ten the one 
little tiny microscopic white dot on the back left  

corner is not going to make or break a card for me 
you know i got lucky with the tens that i have um  

i personally would not like go out and and 
try to get them at market value right now  

just given my position it's not in it's not in 
my interest to do so i was lucky enough to to  

have enough raw cards to to submit and and 
and build those sets myself but um yeah i i  

i guess it's up to it's up to the collector you 
know cgc slabs are pretty cool i like how clear  

they are i just recently over the last couple of 
weeks you know i i don't own any i bought one to  

just test with my displays uh and it happened to 
be the older cgc slab which are thinner which are  

basically the same dimensions as a psa slab so 
i don't know if you noticed on my website but  

the psa slabs tab would say psa cgc slab so 
people would buy them with the intent that they  

could fit their cgc cards but the newer slabs 
are slightly thicker so the magnets weren't uh  

you know the clear cover would pop out a little 
bit because the slabs were thicker so um i'm  

in the process now of uh you know if somebody 
wants something cgc i'll i'll have made another  

another layer to to basically thicken 
the slots for the slabs to fit in  

that'll be nice yeah so i'll i'll have for all 
all three and then the ability to somebody wants  

um you know i have an array of sizes on the 
website but you know i have what one two three um  

eight nine and sixteen slots but if somebody 
wants you know a five slot like that's that's  

fine i could quote it right there because i'm 
the one uh cutting it i'm not outsourcing it  

to the local shop um or a few shops that i have 
make the parts and then i assemble everything so  

uh sorry i'm talking about the displays again but 
yeah um about cgc i i had a a little bit of a hard  

time you know getting having to do remakes you 
know and eating that so um yeah yeah it's it's  

we're all learning together and everybody's like 
really cool and i get a lot of good feedback from  

from customers and and stuff so i'm growing um 
you know organically and and uh luckily like  

the the pokemon community people are really cool 
i've noticed a lot of people um you know you just  

have to be open and honest right like you know hey 
i'm learning too let's get this right uh and then  

there's some people that have just it's really sad 
to see people have gotten burned a lot before in  

the past and like i noticed this like on my ebay 
i was selling um like last year i was selling uh  

uh legendary heartbeat packs right like i bought 
a whole bunch i'd open a whole bunch uh to build  

you know to have enough of the uh amazing 
rares to like send in and build you know  

psa 10 set which i ended up selling but i still 
have like a ton of cards waiting to be graded  

but uh you know the remaining boxes that i had 
i opened them and i just sold the packs at like  

whatever it was uh three dollars a pack at the 
time and somebody bought like two or three packs  

off of me and they didn't get like a crazy card 
in there and they were like oh these are searched  

i see you have uh amazing rares in psa 10 on your 
ebay store and you're selling these packs their  

search i'm like i'm not searching a three dollar 
pack like you know i ended up giving him like more  

packs just because i i don't like negative i've 
never gotten a negative you know uh feedback on my  

ebay but i'm like you know i'm sorry that you're 
having a you know you're gambling when you buy  

packs right not everything is gonna be a winner 
um but just to hear like the hurt that people are  

you know like what happened in the past of that 
person did they buy something that you know  

was was really searched uh when i was buying 
stuff in like 2012 you know i paid 284 dollars  

for my first edition team rocket box sealed back 
then right i sold a charmander a couple of months  

ago for more than that like that that doesn't 
make sense to me but but that that happened um  

the weighing wasn't really a thing like i yeah 
maybe it was but i wasn't like deep enough into  

the forums to to know that that was a thing um and 
it makes sense now looking at it i guess you know  

if you knew to to get that but like um nowadays 
i guess you have to do that because it you know  

there's a premium with a heavy pack and all 
that but uh yeah yeah i'm not i'm not cracking  

packs um in fact the that southern islands semi 
sealed binder that i bought i ended up selling  

the packs because i just i i'd rather somebody 
else enjoy the pack openings i'm just more  

of a if i'm gonna buy if i want a certain 
card i'll just go out and get it you know  

yeah i mean i i don't blame you with being with 
having that strategy because i mean at least for  

me you know it's if if you're trying to get 
a particular card and you want to do that by  

opening packs it is a gamble i mean especially 
depending on which packs you're opening right  

like if you're trying to get a first you know a 
first edition you know base that jungle fossil  

any of that like that's if you're trying to chase 
a card you know in open packs like that that's  

going to be really expensive venture you might 
as well just buy buy the card single and i mean  

you know one of the things too that seems 
to be holding true at least right now is  

is you know buying sealed product vintage 
sealed products and you know depending on  

your entry point right because entry point is is 
the the biggest name of the game i mean it's the  

one of the most important things you know buying 
sealed product is um it can be really advantageous  

for the future right because as people open you 
know the population gets smaller so versus buying  

individual cards you know if if there are boxes or 
sealed you know items to be opened the populations  

of cards will go up so so if you're trying to 
i guess mitigate your risk buying more vintage  

sealed isn't necessarily a bad choice you know 
again you just have to manage the entry point but  

but i mean you know so for me if like like to you 
i am just going to buy the card if there's a car  

that i want i'm just going to buy it i'm not going 
to buy packs to possibly open it and honestly with  

my experience of fortnite cards fortnite cards 
has got me so jaded because the series one like  

the first set that came out with fortnite cards 
like the poll rates were so bad they were worse  

than sports cards like i am telling you they were 
so bad like they were terrible it was tough to  

get good cards and i didn't really get that many 
good cards like i didn't like i opened up about  

24 boxes and i still didn't get like the holy 
grail card out of opening 24 boxes i couldn't get  

anything close to the holy grail so would 
it have been advantageous to you just to buy  

that card out right versus crack all those yes 
boxes yeah like you would save save money yeah  

yeah you know maybe the other ones over time will 
appreciate you and you can sell those and you know  

there's there's different ways to do it right 
so yeah i mean there's still value in opening  

you know the boxes i don't regret it because 
it was i mean well first off i i took it as a  

learning experience right you know i i don't have 
the luck so i'm just not going to open any sealed  

product if i required it you know i'm just going 
to pop it put it away right i don't open anything  

anymore um you know but but it was still a good 
experience to have i i got to learn the sets  

a little bit better and i got to understand 
how bad the pull rate was and it was a good  

experience i mean the boxes were only 20 bucks 
you know so we're talking like msrp 20 bucks now  

i mean back in march i want to say back in march 
there was a sealed box for for those boxes that i  

was opening um that went for like three thousand i 
don't know if that price holds true but it really  

hurts um but you know what it like is what it 
is it's just the lesson it's just a lesson and  

so you just apply it and you know take it yeah 
yeah it's not like you bought 24 3 000 boxes  

opened them and got nothing it was it was much 
less so look at it you know hindsight's 20 20.  

i beat myself up all the time i'm like oh man i 
knew about bitcoin and you know 2011 2012 whatever  

i knew about you know i remember base set boxes i 
checked my ebay from 2008 base set boxes were 105  

all day like you know i i would have been able to 
do that too but i just you know at the time that  

was a lot it was like okay can i pay rent or can 
i pick up like four southern islands sealed boxes  

for 89 i'm gonna do that you know and then that 
was like that was like all i could do back then  

living off of ramen and all that fun stuff but 
oh back in the day yeah yeah did you know that  

there are cookbooks out there where you can 
like like ways to spruce up your basic ramen  

like put an egg in it yeah yeah yeah it's 
so salty but like it's it's good too right  

i usually pour out the like whatever was loose on 
the top just like pour that out and just put hot  

water in there but yeah time to sleep you would 
eat it without without like the the onions the  

green onion yeah it was just like too much yeah 
yeah back then i haven't touched it since you know  

i'm trying to trying to stay around for my little 
boy a little bit more um yeah you know you know  

it's funny that you say that you know the ramen 
diet because at this this day and age i cannot  

eat pb j sandwiches i can't do it i had way 
too many you know on that pb j diet like i just  

you know college college was a thing um 
college had you doing things anyways yeah  

ramen and pb and j so i i will definitely 
indulge on some good ramen i don't i don't  

think i haven't bought like the cup of ramen i 
i go to like the um like the hmart or you know  

an asian grocery store to get like the different 
packs or whatever but um oh man memories yeah yeah  

raw good memories yeah i used to go to go 
to ramen joints in in the city like before  

before i moved up here so i'm mainly remotely 
i mainly on you know my day job i work remote  

like i said i travel a lot um but yeah there's 
some good ramen joints in the city and pizza is  

my go-to i could eat pizza like all day really 
i shouldn't but i could oh my god yeah pizza  

is definitely a weakness of mine too but some 
good ramen like finding a good ramen spot that  

you can get you know a bowl for like 12 15 bucks 
something good right you can't go wrong you can't  

can't go wrong see and one thing one thing that i 
want to do eventually in my life i don't i don't  

know if you watch any netflix or cook shows on 
netflix but there's a a show called in the mind of  

a chef and i can't remember the name of the chef 
but the season season one was all about ramen and  

what he would do is he would travel around japan 
and try all the different ramens and then what  

he would do is he would take like instant ramen 
noodles and make things out of them like making  

gnocchi and stuff like that out of ramen and 
doing like all the all the taboos of ramen he was  

committing all the taboos of ramen so that 
was so so cool so i want to do that i want  

to just go to japan and eat like that's what i 
want to do i want to travel all the way around  

like like try their whiskey try all their food 
all their ramen i'm here for it once once it's  

a little safer and everything opens up truly right 
that's that's the first thing i'm doing yeah do it  

it's awesome like vlog the whole thing you know 
just eating ramen here yeah do it oh yeah see  

and i'll send you pictures of all the different 
ramens yeah not to make you jealous but you know  

great great yeah it'll be fun times you know if 
and when if and when that happens but um but i  

mean you know like like as far as the market goes 
i mean honestly like you know going back to what  

we've kind of been seeing and i definitely 
agree with you i you know it's definitely  

been low you know i don't even 
know if we've really hit the bottom  

i a lot of people think i i a few people smarter 
than me think that we haven't hit the bottom yet  

so you know you got to kind of snipe for those 
deals of cards that you kind of always wanted  

um but i mean would you agree do you think that 
it's hit the bottom or is it kind of approaching  

um like i said before i think certain cards maybe 
look at the end of the day uh it depends how the  

card is being sold if it's being sold at an 
auction it depends how much somebody wants  

to spend on it uh if it's being sold by someone or 
if it's like you know like a box that's not really  

common it depends a if the person wants to sell it 
or what's their their listing price right and if  

so the support like somebody has to want to 
pay as much as the item is being listed for so  

i guess it really it really all depends 
i i i try not to speculate on it um  

a lot of people care about it uh i i still 
think just if you wanna if you want an answer  

i think that there's still definitely some 
downward movement that's gonna happen like  

i said the common cards still haven't come 
back yet from psa like how many first edition  

you know bulbasaurs uh squirtles charmanders 
pikachus are at psa right now um you know like  

i said the logan paul box break that brought a 
lot of attention and you know people said oh well  

submit cards to psa gets a psa 10 i'll make a ton 
of money so i i still think that there's a lot of  

those submissions that are still not 
even in the hands of the graders just yet  

so um it really all depends you know i i don't 
know like like how many sale boxes are there  

out there i don't know um some people have nine 
you know of uh first edition base you know um  

some people just you know have their binders 
their childhood binders that they sent in and  

never knew of what card grading was before 
and they just want to have it slabbed up  

and uh and protected and preserved so um yeah i 
think i think that there's definitely going to be  

some sideways movement with some hiccups up and 
down like if it's a car that's like like a really  

nice clean 10 or like a like a strong nine 
like maybe the price might spike a little bit  

and um it depends on what time an auction ends 
who's auctioning it uh the price could be a little  

bit lower but like i said me personally i try to 
just zoom out and it's a couple of percent here  

and there sometimes there's an anomaly of like 
the card um you know like i i do keep track of  

like psa nine first edition base charts but i have 
one um that's like the i don't want to say the  

centerpiece of my collection but that's like the 
most expensive item like a single card that i have  

um so i occasionally check in on the price 
i'll watch like the i think there's like three  

on pwcc right now one's a one's a new cert 
and it's like double the price as the others  

um and it really all depends like especially when 
there's multiples of things being auctioned all at  

the same time i personally don't feel like that's 
a smart decision on the auction house to do that  

like it should it should be spread out um 
you know for the sake of the seller i think  

but um yeah it really all depends right so 
we'll see there's a lot more nines there's a  

lot more nines out there uh but not that many 
like people compared to the the jordan rookie  

uh in basketball but if you look at those numbers 
look at those numbers on the jordan rookie of  

the flear uh there's like thousands of psa nines 
there's only like 600 and change for the for the  

base charizard so um and the price for the 
jordan i think recently sold for between like  

30 and 40. i feel like that's about the right 
range for for a nine um maybe not right now  

maybe in a couple of years it was that price 
a few months ago you know but like i said uh  

that was with the hype so everything returns back 
to the mean right you're gonna have some spikes  

you're gonna have some dips but if you 
zoom out everything for the most part  

continues to go up so yeah you know yeah i i can 
definitely agree with you on that and i i i mean  

i was looking at the p pwcc block uh last week 
or earlier sunday i want to say and yeah it was  

super heavy charizard heavy for sure um that'll be 
interesting to see where those prices kind of go  

um i don't i think on sunday when i was looking at 
it it had nine days to go so i might check back in  

to see how how it's going with that but 
yeah and and i mean you know honestly um

yeah i mean i i definitely agree with you i think 
some things are absolutely going to go sideways  

but it'll be really curious to see you know what 
happens once everything is is just a little bit  

more stable because i think i think for the most 
part though with a lot of things that's probably  

the more accurate price um you know for for 
a lot of things considering population and  

things like that yeah and and gosh you know i 
really wish there was more transparency within  

populations in general because i mean honestly 
even with with psa you know the only reliable  

pop number is the psa 10 because you know people 
are cracking psa 9s to send it in again to see if  

they can get that 10. that's that's historical and 
they're not sending in the label to get it removed  

from the report so yeah absolutely yeah absolutely 
um and and maybe a lot of those times that  

psa 9 that they crack to get a 10 comes back in 
eight you know what i mean especially especially  

like i would i wouldn't do that now with 
with anything new label or old label or  

anything because like it's all subjective there's 
there's you know the human factor to it right so  

um i i'm just i'm happy with what i have what 
i was able to get when i got it and uh you know  

that's that that's that's my perspective on it 
right so i wanted to get it graded i wasn't like  

i have to have tens of everything except for 
the southern islands i had to have tensorflows  

and many many copies of those um yeah but 
like like we said you buy what you love and  

yeah and getting back to the price like talk um i 
i think we spoke about before about price memory  

so there's more people now in the hobby 
that are aware of it and where it could go  

in terms of price so people that came in 
in october november or december when things  

were like really high like you would think that as 
prices are going lower now there's there's a as we  

were discussing before about your entry point that 
this is a possible entry point for them and it's  

there's the price memory of wait it could go this 
high um they don't have the price memory of when  

you know a card that was it that's now thirty 
thousand dollars was two thousand dollars because  

two thousand dollars is a lot more attainable 
to to more people than thirty so there would be  

way more demand for that card at two grand versus 
thirty so like eventually it would just the market  

would eat it up so i think it's going to be a 
combination of cards being graded returned back  

either to collectors wanting to just hang onto 
their cards that are encapsulated and put them in  

one of my frames or or um you know just sell it on 
the market and uh have somebody else buy it like  

eventually that supply will be absorbed because 
it's not being those cars not being reprinted now  

right so you know whether it takes a couple of 
years a couple of months you know some will to  

come in and just you know spend their you know you 
know a couple million dollars that they have just  

sitting around right i don't know it happens right 
so and that's all it takes and then we're right  

back to where we started in october with um you 
know just with cards yeah with how high they were  

because because in five years from now we're 
gonna have the 30-year anniversary for pokemon  

and then you know maybe they'll do uh the the neo 
sets as like uh like an evolution style like the  

reprint yeah yeah that would be really interesting 
that'd be really interesting to see i i have a few  

hobby buddies that would be really excited 
if there was a southern island reprint  

they're kind of like not a reprint you know 
i want them to do so like i think scott has  

said this before southern islands too um where 
they take the actual like like for the mu card  

the jars of the charizard is in front muse and 
back so do the reverse oh that would be cool yeah  

so it's like a different angle on that you look at 
the postcards that come in the actual in the packs  

and just like take the opposite of that and make 
that the card i think that would be super cool  

that that would be i'd buy it sign 
me up pokemon come on pokemon company  

um you know and and you know i've had you here for 
a while so i want to be respectful of your time  

i'm gonna end this with one last question i got 
this is the most important question i got for you  

sure so with the newer cgc cards being a little 
bit thicker um and my cdc subs with my southern  

island cards they'll probably come back sometime 
next year you know probably 12 months from now  

12 16 months from now is that really is that is 
that a real estimate on the time frame for them  

honestly i don't know what their estimates 
are now but in all reality probably so  

um you know i mean one of my uh i put in a 
submission put wanted submission one submission in  

april one submission in may by april submission 
finally got like checked in about a month ago  

and i'm still waiting to even even for 
my may submission just to get started  

so it hasn't even really been checked 
in um but but but with that being said  

those cards are probably going to come back 12 
months from now probably in all reality so will  

your cases be able to handle the new cgc 
slabs because i do need to get i like  

like i need my southern islands um all up in a 
display so yeah that's the most important thing  

for me absolutely like like like i said before i'm 
not sure if it was on the on the actual uh live or  

before we started but um i'm in the process of 
actually setting up a workshop space with my own  

equipment to just to turn around custom orders you 
know within hours really if i'm there or you know  

set certain days of the week aside to to fabricate 
and then assemble so uh the answer will be yes  

and um custom logos and all that stuff will 
be like instant for the most part you know  

still got to work on the design files but 
um no more outsourcing to the us-based uh  

shops that have the laser cutters my goals and 
i'm working on it i was in i was in florida on  

tuesday for work i have a project in tampa 
i'm working on and i drove over to orlando  

on wednesday to uh the laser cutting um actual 
company to pick out the machine i wanted so uh  

all these instagram posts of me selling cards it's 
it it there's um there's a reason behind it so  

i'm i'm funding i'm funding the laser the laser 
printer you said art did you say laser laser  

cutter yeah yeah it's a big behemoth of a machine 
that comes on a like a thousand pound pallet and  

i mean currently uh in leasing negotiations 
right now for a space close to the house so  

just to get it out of the house exciting yeah yeah 
so it's good um it makes sense it's the right time  

um and my wife will be happy that we get our you 
know part of our home back instead of having uh  

acrylic everywhere and all that stuff but that's 
how you have to start right humble beginnings and  

um it it feels like the right time to to make that 
move um for the sake of also like the customer  

base too so might be able to potentially bring 
prices down to a little bit more of a competitive  

range to you know so i'm excited 
about that and have more volume  

and comic displays are in the works too and 
just the ability to create um you know at my  

fingertips whenever i want instead of prototyping 
and and having like really expensive uh you know  

parts cut and then i have to mark that up to to 
recoup something right so uh i have the the end  

customer in mind here so that that's the goal 
um it's hard when you're you know you're doing  

everything us-based too my whole thing was i just 
wanted to keep everything in my control especially  

the uh the design and the patents that i that are 
currently in review right now um once you send it  

once you send it you know overseas it could be 
made by anybody and sold to anybody so i'm just  

trying to keep that control and the ability to 
uh to just just to keep that on my end so um  

i'm friends with all the other guys out there and 
and uh stay in my lane they stay in their lane  

so there's there's enough market share out there 
for everybody to pick their poison and uh and be  

friends so yeah yeah that's what i said i think if 
this were any other community there would be like  

like you know bad feelings but everybody's 
surprisingly really really cool so  

i mean that that's really good to hear and 
honestly i'm really excited to um like to see  

honestly everyone grow because you know i have 
my case from you but then i also have cases from  

from kanto shark that fit you know what 
i needed at the time when i got them so  

yeah like like i completely agree i think i 
think there's enough space for everyone and  

and especially especially now that 
you're about to get a laser printer so  

this is just requests from me i love watching 
those cnc videos oh where they do okay you want  

to see like i'm gonna do a lot of behind the 
scenes stuff yes and uh just like content videos  

not giving away like designs that aren't out 
yet but just like kind of like like how it's  

made and and uh like a little bit of the process 
and maybe a tour of the space once it's ready so  

um that might be sooner than than we think um 
but yeah i i met canto shark at collect the con  

shook his hand you know i shook his hand he's 
pretty tall um and then uh i'm friends with a dude  

from total empire and uh we've spoken about doing 
possibly like a joint project and all that like  

it's kind of hard to do um without you know uh 
being able to produce something myself in-house  

so well a lot of things that we're discussing 
in the works and you know we'll see what happens  

we're all in this together there's so many slabs 
out there there's so many people out there like  

you know there's there's definitely room um 
there's room to grow for everybody so yeah i  

i completely agree with you um that'll be really 
nice i'm really excited that you're gonna have  

like a least space that that's gonna be awesome 
not gonna know what everything goes well so yeah  

yeah it should it should i'm not biting off more 
than i could shoot i don't operate that way so uh  

you know numbers are right it feels right 
um you know and we'll see so we're just you  

know i might sell some of my modern sealed 
product to help but uh yeah yeah hopefully  

i can hang on to my southern ireland stuff 
for oh forever yeah no i i wouldn't do that i  

would not as much as i want it i don't want 
you to sell it yeah no no i couldn't i i could  

not now i i might use it like throw it up on my 
ebay store to get some attention for the stuff  

that i'm willing to sell just because it's like 
like what uh like like what scott does with his  

illustrator or what gary does with his charizard 
collection which um it's pretty epic but yeah so  

yeah we'll see a lot of good stuff in in the 
works for the future and um yeah too bad i  

won't see you in florida next month but um yeah 
you know if that goes well you know maybe you  

come to the next one i should definitely 
go to collect a con whenever that happens  

uh again which it sounded like they might try 
to do one before the end of the year they said  

at the closing of the last uh show so if they do 
that that would be really cool i don't know when  

maybe september maybe november who knows but 
yeah i would definitely consider it because um  

uh i so i'm still i'm still working on on my app 
and i don't have anything to like really put in  

people's hands i didn't ask you i meant i have 
some notes but i'm trying to be like polite and  

not look at my phone but i did make i i did make 
some notes and i wanted to ask you about that  

are you are you coding that are you doing that 
yourself yeah yeah i'm a dev that's what that's  

what i do that that's that's like my trait awesome 
yeah yeah so um yeah so i work as a data analyst  

and as a dev so i do have experience with data 
and it's been a really really cool project because  

you know pretty much with with everything that it 
is like i'm the first thing that i'm trying to do  

is i'm trying to replicate my spreadsheet right 
yeah because some of us we've got our spreadsheet  

with our prices and what we got things at and what 
they are now and that's just too much damn work  

yeah so i'm like okay well let me replicate that 
in an app and then you know to myself i'm thinking  

about it um because i have i know a lot of people 
in the hobby collectibles that you know is looking  

at data from here from here from here from here 
trying to get an idea of what the market's doing  

where it's moving where it's going what are the 
trends right now and so with the app there are  

so many data things that i can do i am so excited 
because even looking at to the side competitors  

and i call them to the side competitors because 
there's like sports card investor right yeah yeah  

they do sports card ladder another one that does 
sports with some pokemon cards in there so i kind  

of consider them competitors because they have 
the infrastructure to easily just move into the  

pokemon space um you know and and directly 
compete with what i'm planning to build um  

but but even those apps that i have seen so far um 
i want to do things a little bit more like i want  

to chart things a little bit differently than how 
they're doing it don't give it away here but yeah

it's going to be so awesome um it's i'm so 
excited it's a fun project it is like um  

it is so tough it is so tough to to work on it and 
and and make progress and do all the things for it  

when you're one person and and and there's 
one app in particular that will be that's  

in the sports card space that will be moving 
to the pokemon space and they have vc backing  

and i'm just like oh my god how do i 
expect to compete you know but but i think  

i think for myself i think my competitive 
edge is that i i don't know i really care  

about the data for this and and honestly 
for me i'm not even thinking about you know  

who who can get to market the quickest because i 
think who can get to market the best i think is  

really going to win out especially if i can have 
the data narrowed down by the 30th anniversary  

because i mean there's so much like little bits 
of data out there that's not aggregated and put  

together where you think 30th or 30th or 25th 
um the next anniversary so the 25th my bad i  

was like because that's five years there might be 
some somebody might listen to this and watch this  

and be like you know what that is a good idea wait 
hold up yeah yeah exactly so so i mean so i have  

plenty of time to really narrow in on the 
data you know having having population data um  

and not just for psa because beckett does as 
well it's just not as friendly to get that data  

and then and then hopefully soon cdc will have 
population data out there so being able to look at  

that from across the board like really being 
able to see populations i mean cgc does it for  

the comics so it's a little hard to navigate 
to get to but yeah like it makes sense to do  

it for the cards and then um like with the whole 
video game psa buying the the latta i think it was  

yeah yeah yeah they they bought they bought wada 
um so so that'll be really interesting to see  

how that goes and where their priorities kind of 
lie because um you know this was back in november  

when i was in a cgc forum and people were 
talking about oh i want card populations  

card populations and and cdc you know responded 
to that forum message it was like it's coming  

it's coming so you know i yeah so so i'm really 
hoping that they do follow through because they've  

got a lot of stuff that they're doing they've 
got a lot of stuff going on and i'm sure it's  

not easy to architect um especially if you don't 
have the infrastructure in place to kind of scale  

because because i mean the volume is insane 
but um but yeah it'll be really cool it'll  

be really interesting you know i mean there 
there will be costs that come with the app  

you know and hosting it so naturally like i 
can't make everything free but but it's just  

i don't know it's just really important to 
me to have like i want to get the data right  

because there's a lot of um information that 
maybe isn't necessarily quite data based  

out there that's kind of floating and i just want 
people to be informed um as informed as they can  

be and and make the hobby as transparent as it can 
be um and there's a lot of hurdles to that but you  

know i'm really hoping and and there's there's a 
lot of other um people that hobby hobby buddies  

that i've been meeting that are also in like the 
tech in the data space so i'm really hoping to to  

you know work with people who are better than me 
on these things that you know we can help bring  

a lot of those things to light because what i hate 
that happens and i mean this is this happens with  

everything but but i don't want you know newcomers 
into the hobby to you know be holding the bag  

because they didn't have the information that they 
needed to know oh actually that's a little bit  

overpriced because for example the population 
on that is a little bit too much um you know  

like like that shiny new that just so i saw it 
today sold for 2000 on mercari but you know maybe  

once it comes out maybe it's a three or four 
hundred dollar card like i think when the the  

whole general mills like the cereal promos came 
out they were selling for like hundreds but like  

you buy a box of cereal for five bucks and 
you got the card if you just waited a month  

you know things like that so um that's cool 
like protecting the the the newcomers in the  

hobby and giving them an insight to know like hey 
actually this card a month ago was you know one  

tenth the price so think about it is it you know 
is that it's just getting a height treatment right  

now or you know what or maybe it's just realizing 
it's it's actual value who knows right no one  

has a crystal ball but um yeah well like you 
were saying you definitely have to use your  

um your experience and your network to grow so 
like having a community on here is great you know  

um once once your app is out you know i'll sign up 
and use it um like i said i don't i don't really  

like track the daily like my portfolio but you 
know it'll be it'll be worth it'll be worth having  

and seeing and um because occasionally i'm like 
hey what's what's psa 10 curl chrome you at you  

know like i have this image in my head like should 
be worth more it's like one of the prettiest cards  

in the hobby there's only like a little over 200 
maybe close to three now psa tens but um you know  

how many of them are actually psa10s you know what 
i mean like like the old certs and all that so um  

yeah it would be totally worth it and just like 
like i was saying using your background your your  

past experience your your real world uh skill 
set like me i'm an architect i draw in autocad  

not as much these days i'm like i'm in a senior 
project management role and on site more but um  

you know my ability to draw on the computer 
i could you know easily turn around designs  

my my only um uh downside has been the the weight 
and then sometimes uh you know for for the custom  

things as well as um uh i've had a few instances 
where i placed a custom order for just the parts  

again like everything comes in pieces and i built 
it but um you know uh fedex damaged the package it  

took you know it was a four week order from some 
guy overseas and it's like crap you know actu now  

you know it's insured it'll get remade but there's 
a time you know there's time added to that and um  

i want that to go away so you're always trying 
to be better and uh even when your app comes out  

after it comes out you're gonna be like oh man i 
gotta add this feature and that feature in and um  

i mean competition is good too like you 
never want to feel like you have to play  

catch-up um but there will be this like unspoken 
competition of just trying to be relevant  

and and and constantly create and uh it really 
is just having more options for people you know  

so so i i think that's a good thing and 
i'm excited for for your venture and i  

hope i hope you finish it in time for 
the 25th uh keep me posted on that yeah  

it'll it'll be really great it's really nice when 
you can marry what you know skills that you know  

in the real world with the fun stuff so i think 
that's why it's like it's a hard project but it is  

easy in the sense that i don't have to motivate 
you know myself to do it which is probably similar  

to for you with with um you know with your 
project with your business i mean it's just  

it's just really easy when when you're working on 
something that you like and you're working within  

your skill set that you already have yeah so yeah 
it's you know it's it's it's the hobby that i love  

and it's the skills that i have but yeah i could 
build frames and have the tv on and like listen  

to alpha investments talk about top tacos and 
cardboard i i i love that guy i can just i could  

listen to him all day um i don't know if you watch 
awesome rudy is so awesome yeah yeah yeah totally  

yeah i'm actually i'm actually a patron uh you 
know getting getting those getting those cards  

he's so much fun he he he was like the first 
dude that was like hey so you can think of  

these things as assets by the way and i was like 
yeah i have no idea yeah yeah yeah i i signed up  

for uh i'm not i i missed the boat with his uh 
you know uh being on his patreon i think last  

year he announced that it's gonna be open for 
like a week and then he'd close it and i'm like  

you know i like the free videos i'm not like 
really like not enough for me to pay for it yet  

and then i i actually caved a couple of months 
ago when i signed up for sm pratt's um oh nice  

uh uh patreon and and that's been informative 
i i'm not like super up to date with it but uh  

you know when he when he does the in-depth videos 
it's really cool just to listen to and if you pay  

attention closely um you know you'll learn a thing 
or two and it might benefit you in the long run  

um yeah i i recently stumbled upon like one 
of the first videos the other day from 2016  

how to invest in in uh pokemon cards and like one 
of the first comments was it was like a comment  

from two weeks ago present day um you know if 
if you watch this video in 2016 and listen to  

everything this man said congratulations you've 
made it like i know right yeah that is funny i  

guess i would put it at around the time of like 
pokemon go when that came out so yeah yeah i i  

don't play that i i played it like when it first 
came out and then uh i was working in the city  

at the time and there was like a flock of people 
at the corner of 50 seconds like what are these  

people doing they're looking for snorlax is what 
they're doing they were looking for a damn snorlax

ain't that a thing that is so that is so 
funny yeah um it's it's gotten really good  

i i when i first started playing it i was 
really frustrated because the servers would  

always go down or it would be really slow 
and it became at times unplayable but man  

i'm wrecking on my walking miles or my kilometers 
and leveling up i'm i'm still like at a level 25  

but but now it's fun if you get into it let 
me know and then we can add each other um  

you know because because you got to bring 
buddies along so yeah that sounds good maybe  

uh you know soon right right now i'm i'm full 
of steam ahead with uh you know what one goal  

in mind just to set myself up here and and um you 
know with the laser cutter and all that stuff but  

yeah that's that sounds good sounds good awesome 
well you know i i appreciate you being on gosh you  

we've been on for almost almost two hours um and 
i don't feel like it it it doesn't it doesn't i i  

when i when i click your your twitch stream before 
just to check it you know from the email you'd  

sent so like when the last videos was like three 
hours long i'm like three hours what am i gonna  

talk about for three hours and like i didn't even 
i didn't even look at the little cheat sheet that  

you made me of just talking points it's like you 
know it sounds good on paper you know i might you  

know think what do i talk about but it's when 
it's about something you love and it just it  

just flows right so that's really cool so yeah i'm 
happy we did this and thank you for having me on  

yeah absolutely anytime and i mean you know 
of course you know as as things come you know  

as things in the market change i mean we should 
definitely do round two or you know if you've got  

cool you know things that are coming out we can do 
a round two for anything so you know i'm here for  

it um this was really great we had some people 
pop on and i didn't mention this earlier but uh  

gary gary haas was uh had popped into 
the chat i don't know if you noticed that  

i actually don't have the chat on 
i have i have it full screen here  

is there uh comments or anything or yeah 
yeah he said hey he's saying hey sweet  

cool yeah yeah so um but you know anyways before 
we before we um you know end this end this chat i  

mean can you just let everyone know where they 
can find you and reach you yeah sure it's uh  

instagram just at pokey dreamer uh pokey dreamer 
and then um the website is www.pokeydreamer.com uh  

all my displays are for sale there's a legit 
website you could pick out um you know which  

color you want and you could customize with the 
drop down menus of all the different peg designs  

and uh hopefully over the coming weeks that 
could change um you know with more options  

available and if you have any any uh custom 
inquiries you could always reach out to me on ig  

or my email which is on my website page there so 
yeah and you have uh you actually have a link to  

that you could share if you want i think we set 
up so i'm not sure how that works when you post  

this to youtube or something but you're more than 
welcome to include that um yeah you know yeah yeah  

yeah absolutely i i will definitely be adding 
that too so i mean you know it'll be fun it'll  

be good but um i'll this might be a week uh 
like a like a two or three weeks before this  

comes out but i'll let you know um once that 
happens no problem no problem awesome well  

thank you so much for having me this is great um 
how did i do you did good you did good anyways um

2021 Geeked Out Collecting