Collecting and Spec'ing Pokemon Cards w/ Jay from Noscotchtape

Welcome to Season 3 of the Geeked out Collecting Podcast :) For this episode I brought on Jay from Noscotchtape. I wanted him on because I love his collection - he has a great mix English and amazing Japanese cards. He's also into collecting Legends Star Wars comics like myself so we absolutely nerd out! Anyways, we talk about a number of things including the current state of the hobby as we see it, collecting and speculating. I hope you enjoy ;)

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hello hello

welcome everyone

hey jay hey how are you i'm doing good how are 
you good good good that's good that's good awesome  

let me make sure really quick that 
we've got all the streams going  

and cool awesome well hey you know i really 
appreciate you being on today um because we've had  

you know a few conversations on um instagram 
and honestly some of the takes that you put on  

your story have been really entertaining 
i definitely agree with a lot of them  

yeah which is why i wanted to bring you on because 
i felt like your perspective would be really  

interesting so first off i guess what i wanted 
to do for everyone who isn't uh you know aware  

of you or maybe you know know you from instagram 
but if you could really quickly just kind of give  

us a little bit about you when how you are as a 
collector what you collect then we can get started  

uh okay so uh first off thank you for having me on 
the show um i really appreciate it and um actually  

i i think i i'd so i uh travel out my car a lot 
and um i've discovered your podcast uh i think i'm  

on one road trip and like time just seemed to fly 
by whenever i listened to it just because you know  

it had all this useful information um so thank you 
again i really appreciate being on the show um and  

in terms of myself again as you said before my 
name is jay uh to those of you who are listening  

um and i've i have my ig is uh no scotch tape 
uh i they could see that right on the on the  

screen yeah they they should be able to see your 
handle right there so my ig is no scotch tape and  

i've been collecting for quite a while i think 
in the mid 90s uh and in terms of collecting  

i've collected quite a bit of sort of every 
other category um i started out back then in  

mainly sports cards and then over the past few 
years um video games uh pokemon cards yu-gi-oh  

um comics which has been a big thing of mine 
over the past couple months uh and then um  

i think i think that about because 
of it oh yeah and uh some toy figures  

um so in terms of my background i have um that's 
the collecting background professionally i uh  

work in finance uh within the bay area in 
california um so yeah as you said before  

a lot of the things that you had seen on my 
page um i just sort of you know i've saw that  

big boom over the past year or so and being a 
collector first and foremost and also someone who  

who has seen sort of the finance side of 
things it was interesting just because you have  

i guess so many different uh factors playing into 
the year that was 2020 for the collecting side  

so yeah that's just a brief intro um about myself 
um i love pokemon uh i love like a lot of like uh  

really niche items um as you've probably seen 
like for my ige so yeah i yeah that's pretty  

much it that's awesome yeah i mean that's really 
awesome i like how you started with sports cards  

in the 90s when it was kind of like the worst time 
to collect sports cards in the 90s um that that's  

really cool were you only collecting like baseball 
or or basketball or football it was kind of  

uh just a mixture i remember like getting packs 
with my brother and my dad at uh like the local  

walmart and there would be like rows and rows of 
or uh sort of peggings of like sports card packs  

and then um i think as that started it down down 
in like the mid 2000s i sort of phased out of  

that and sort of you know focus on pokemon 
and yu-gi-oh um and so yeah it was it was  

it was i think it was more of the the thrill of 
opening packs rather than what it is today of  

like oh let's keep them sealed let's let's spec on 
them um let's sort of quote unquote invest in it  

uh so yeah it's definitely about time a lot of 
junk backs i still have actually i was on a road  

trip uh this past week because i was having my 
parents move out here and i was actually able to  

get like uh look through my old things in my room 
and we have like tons and tons of 90s sports cards  

i'm like sorting through right now and i'm like 
wow you know it definitely lends a perspective on  

on back then to today um which is is always 
interesting when you look at it in the long term  

yeah yeah absolutely do you think um you know 
because you remember collecting around that time  

does a little bit of modern remind you 
of that time where we see so many so  

much printing so much reprinting and now with 
these new sets i think because they have more  

printers now that that the print sizes will 
be even bigger than what they were before  

i think um um so uh when i was hoping 
my parents move this is actually an  

interesting question because when i saw 
my parents move we drove all the way from  

the south uh through texas through arizona 
and i was thinking about that because  

the modern day sports card uh environment it's 
like the perfect storm because you literally have  

uh hundreds of thousands of people unfortunately 
losing their jobs in 2020 you have um i would  

say influencers sort of speaking about 
it on youtube or their other mediums  

and then you have uh sort of this this this fear 
of you know how are we going to produce income  

and then that's when sports cards sort of and 
pokemon and other collectibles starts to take  

the forefront um in terms of today i think it's 
much different because the power of social media  

because you can like like obviously back then 
there was dial up internet you know yeah you  

lost your internet connection but now today it's 
like uh at the tweet or whatever the price of  

a card can go up or down uh astronomically or 
exponentially um and so today i think there's  

there's a lot more uh focus and attention on 
collectibles in general which is a good thing  

um but in terms of today compared to 90s sports 
cards i think it's a little bit different  

just because you have that role of social media 
um you have that role of you know there there is  

a demand uh of it but i think the main question 
is whether or not that demand holds you know yeah  

yeah that that's something that i've talked to a 
number of people about and so i know everyone has  

a little bit of differing opinions just because 
you know like what what years we've said with  

covid it's kind of um triggered a you know a chain 
reaction of things where people are losing their  

jobs losing their homes you know very unfortunate 
things and so with the secondary market and people  

you know kind of inserting themselves in between 
you know like the primary customer and the brand  

or you know the retail product you know 
kind of inserting themselves in between  

and you know us seeing those prices go up and now 
even seeing those prices on um sealed product go  

up even on the distributor's side now i mean 
there's there's new msrps that are kind of  

hitting the market now because you know everywhere 
down the chain the price is kind of starting to  

go up so it's been really interesting to 
watch all of that just happen in real time  

really is is what we're seeing um and it's really 
interesting too and really not surprising what  

we're seeing right now with the market um 
and and the activity the the the activity  

level right now would you say that right now 
we're in a little bit of a bearish market  

i would feel uh that that is the case 
based off of what i've seen um i think  

and it's funny because you know i i work uh remote 
right now and for the past year actually since the  

pandemic started and so sometimes i'll have like 
alpha investments like playing in the background  

or like bakery or uh or um sweets game world like 
playing a background i'll always get their takes  

and i feel like like it's it's when you're paying 
like four hundred dollars for a psa 10 bowl bowl  

rookie uh for basketball um i feel like that's a 
little bit of bubble um in its sense so there's  

all these little bubbles over the past year but 
i think overall we're entering a bearish market  

just because i'm not going to repeat like what 
other youtubers have said we're we're going into  

almost the end of the pandemic hopefully a 
lot of people they need that disposable that  

disposable income um they're going to turn to 
their collectibles that they saw as more of a  

spec rather than they would truly love it and 
like if you'd rather have a card or food on  

the table they're going to choose obviously so i 
think in some respects we are in a bearish market

but in terms of like how how long that will last 
i'm not sure um like if i if i could say that just  

because i didn't predict 20 how 2020 would end 
up in terms of collectibles um but i feel like  

like the true collectible items will always hold 
long-term value um and they'll experience a dip  

now but in the long term it's it's kind of like 
the s p 500 it will generally go up over time  

which is you know i don't think a lot of people 
can see that or have that ability to zoom out and  

see that perspective yeah yeah absolutely and and 
i i definitely agree with you i think collectibles  

have the opportunity to grow over time 100 
percent you know especially as you know younger  

generations age up and then they start to have 
incomes just what happened with our generation  

you know we've kind of driven the market to go 
up um in a lot of the sense because now we're  

able to afford the things that we couldn't when 
we were kids yeah so that totally makes sense  

the one thing that kind of worries me and 
i don't know whether you agree or disagree  

um you know but i love your perspective on it 
uh one of the things that kind of worries me  

and and of course it's hard to do it's hard 
to find like the cap on a particular item like  

for a particular card for example right um so 
you know finding where you might be overpaying  

versus like underpaying for something 
because you know of course you don't want to  

you know especially with some of the prices last 
year i mean a lot of slabs are only going to get  

so high over time you know and so if you you know 
if people buy too high like for example i mean i  

did that before i mean i've done that i've done 
that so so you know learning from those mistakes  

and in trying to be you know and read the market 
in a more full way so that you don't get caught in  

those kinds of situations i i feel like a lot of 
people with fomo and with you know following these  

trends they kind of get themselves caught in these 
situations where they may not actually roi or even  

break even on items you know yeah that's that's 
actually a big discussion point um just because  

uh i've i've actually uh i was out with friends 
yesterday we watched the uh the oakland a's versus  

uh giants game uh down in uh san francisco 
and they were talking about the housing market  

and they're saying how obviously this real estate 
is is stable but a lot of people are overpaying  

on homes um and i feel like that's the 
same thing where like if we look at the  

collectibles market in 2020 um a lot of people 
were overpaying because they were buying into this  

emotion of you know fomo fear missing out 
and so that's a dangerous game because  

when you like 2020 was an emotional year for a 
majority of the world um and so when you have a  

motion and then you also have like money that's 
a that's a bad thing you know um so when uh  

when you're talking about like oh i'm trying to 
find out like am i overpaying for something or  

am i underpaying usually what i do is i look at 
um the auction prices uh for that specific item  

because unless like it's unless there's like 
a fraudulent activity like shield bidding  

auction prices usually tell like the 
best uh demand true demand for an item um  

and overall though like i'll i'll also look at 
populations like psa populations for a card or  

i think just in general their rarity like how 
hard it is to pull um the specific condition  

of the card like if it's a psa 5 compared to 
a psa 10 um like i i feel like anything that's  

like for a specific example any current pokemon 
set um i'm sort of unless i truly love the card  

i'll hold off on purchasing um just because you 
know you don't know whether or not that psa flood  

uh it's gonna like it's i think i think 
it's slowly being released right now  

but you don't know whether or not like somebody's 
just gonna dump all their inventory on on ebay  

or another marketplace um so it's it's just a 
matter of taking all those factors into account  

um you know the auction prices uh was it just 
based off of the tweet that some influencer  

uh tweeted out um just a couple of things 
yeah i i couldn't agree more because i mean  

you know one thing that you mentioned that 
that stands out to me is that psa flood  

and and what's funny about that is that psa isn't 
the only one that's going to flood the market cdc  

as well i mean um i i believe squeaks uh was the 
one that mentioned that the reason why we saw that  

kind of drop you know in november uh for for some 
sectors of the market uh last year was because  

cgc card started hitting the market and i know 
that there are collectors out there that are just  

sitting on hundreds of slabs that they that they 
literally don't even have time to put up on ebay  

it would be on ebay but but they just haven't had 
time to put those slabs up so you know it's it's  

definitely coming and i mean not to mention bgs 
as well i you know i don't know how much of their  

um you know how much tcg wise was actually sent 
to bgs versus like sports and stuff like that but  

but yeah i mean i mean in my opinion you know 
slabs and single cards are crazy risky right now  

yeah that's the thing because um i see a lot 
too on a lot of i follow a lot of ig accounts um  

and you could tell like they're 
solely they're either doing like a a  

raffle um where they're dumping off their 
first edition psa six or seven or eight cards  

um you rarely see like a psa 10 
unless it's like in a high raffle  

but it's it's like monitoring that little market 
it's sort of interesting because sooner or later  

um everything's gonna be graded 
and so the only thing that's  

valuable is um psa 10 cars are basically nine 
cards depending on a and then obviously if if uh  

if it's like an extremely old card then obviously 
if it's just graded psa one two to eight like  

it'll hold value um so yeah i definitely agree 
there's there's definitely a flood but i feel like  

i feel like we're not going to receive it in 
like a massive like unleashing of a gate i  

feel like it's already occurring but it's like 
a slow like uh but you just turn the faucet on  

you know and it's running um and it's just slowly 
getting eaten up by the market but sooner or  

later like uh i'm probably gonna throw out so many 
analogies at you uh just let you know i have like  

on analogies but sooner or later like the 
sink's starting to get like slowly rise  

with all those psa cards and graded cards 
um and all the other i guess other grading  

card companies that have appeared within the 
past like six months which is really funny  

yeah yeah yeah um you know you've said and kind 
of alluded to uh so so i have a question for you  

and you've kind of alluded to the answer already 
but i was wondering if you could um you know just  

give us your opinion on it but but with the 
risk that's coming with you know slab cards  

and and investing in those cards or collecting in 
those cards what do collectors have to do in order  

to mitigate that risk so that they can hopefully 
you know grow their collection in the future  

what do new collectors have to do in terms of like 
collecting slabs in particular yeah yeah just uh  

you know what what should they do to mitigate 
their risk if they want to collect the things  

that they want but also they want to make 
sure that they see that growth over time  

um i feel like uh you have to take into account 
i saw it somewhere where you have to take into  

account obviously the the rarity of the card 
which is number one the condition of the card  

um and know that uh even way before that you have 
to set sort of a goals like write it down on terms  

of like what card do you want to collect what 
set do you want to collect um and then what's  

your overarching goal if your overarching goal 
is i like pikachu and i want to collect say for  

example uh mind if i pull out one of the cards 
hell yeah um you know if we're gonna do like a  

demo of this but like one of my favorite cards uh 
that i was glad i was able to pick up before 2020  

was uh if you see it the oh can you even see that 
uh yeah yeah oh this is the scream pikachu yeah um  

but like such a good guy yeah i knew that i loved 
this card um i picked it up it was well worth it  

obviously the practice skyrocketed but you have 
to set that end goal because with the amount of  

cards that are out there for pokemon or any other 
genre and the amount of sets that are released  

almost every for pokemon it's every quarter 
for sports cards it's almost like every two  

three weeks uh i'd say um you have to set that end 
goal because if you don't what you're end up gonna  

what's end up gonna be happening is you're gonna 
go in all these different directions so number one  

set a goal of you know what do you want to 
collect because what i see is a lot of like uh new  

collectors i don't know if they're even collectors 
or not or if they're like going to a retail store  

and like just wanting to flip but they're going 
out and they're just trying to buy everything  

which is like the wrong thing to do you have to 
mainly treat it as as sort of um an extension of  

yourself um if your own goal is to make money off 
of it like but that's fine uh but if you want to  

sort of build something over the long term 
which all collections all great collections are  

um you really have to set those goals and of 
what set and what cards you want to collect  

that's the important thing prices will come later 
but the end goal of where you're trying to get  

to that's the most important yeah i couldn't i 
couldn't agree more with you because especially  

if you do have a little bit of disposable income 
um and and i've fallen this into this as well when  

i first started getting back into collecting 
and like having all of this adult money and  

not knowing what to do with it with you know with 
these cards and these collectibles just in general  

but you know sometimes you can really fall into um 
you know like um just you know spontaneous buying  

yeah yeah and you're just like i gotta get 
it right now um you know you know because  

that's that's trouble for me oh oh yeah 
oh yeah absolutely i mean if you can find  

if you could find boxes there i mean definitely 
easier a few years ago like i remember seeing  

hidden fates everywhere sun and moon everywhere 
you know steam siege uh all of those sets and  

now you can't freaking find them anywhere yeah 
i remember like when i first um like moved into  

the the bay area like there would be like hidden 
fates like tins or the super premium quasi-figure  

on the shelf and i'm just like oh that that's 
kind of cool and all that yeah i'd like slowly  

start to collect the the set and then i think 
about four months five months later it was like  

it's gone like a barren shelf you know 
oh yeah i remember you know the stuff  

was sitting on the shelf not moving not going 
anywhere and target was putting [ __ ] on sale  

you know 34.99 i think i got my sun and 
moon uh etb for 34.99 or 24.99 and now  

the thing is up to like a hundred and twenty or 
something i can't remember it's been a few weeks  

since i've looked down i remember the shining 
legends etb was 34.99 at target and i remember  

i placed an order for three of them and i was like 
it it's probably one of the most underrated sets  

i was like why it's like it was like sitting 
on the shelf at target whatever and uh like  

collecting dust yeah now it's like uh probably one 
of the the uh best sets to to get at the moment  

yeah it it's so crazy because you know even for 
me even someone who's not really into modern  

cards not that they're not cool not that they're 
not awesome i mean i think they've done a lot of  

very impressive things when it comes to the design 
and the texture of the cards you know i love it i  

think it's really cool i just i just don't have 
that heart behind it because you know these um  

you know the i didn't play these games i didn't 
grow up with these pokemon so they're kind of  

not very interesting to me but but even still 
i honestly got really lucky with that because  

i'm like okay well it's on sale i can buy one and 
it won't hurt me come on it's 35 dollars let's go  

you know it won't hurt me you know i don't 
have them with the lawn anymore to fund my  

my cards and all that um but yeah i mean those 
were the good old days late 2019 i was right  

before it picked up and then 2020 happened and uh 
almost it was like a gold rush you know seriously  

oh my gosh totally i mean i i feel like like i 
was at target uh last week and there was like uh  

you know chilling rain was on the shelf 
which seems to be the the flavor of the day  

there's like a new flavor of the month uh for 
pokemon now um it was battle styles now chilly  

rain now evolving skies and it's kind of funny 
with with that whole battle styles chilling rain  

effect on modern pokemon cards you know how like 
you could find those on the shelf just because of  

of the management of of people uh there's 
like they can't keep up it's like uh that  

show i don't know if you've seen that clip i love 
lucy where she's trying to do the cupcake stuff  

and then the factory yeah yeah 
the cupcake that famous clip  

there's like a new set every every week or every 
month and like people who are either collectors or  

they're they're scalpers they can't 
like they can't control it all and  

it's just gonna end in chaos you know and that's 
why i've stayed away from yu-gi-oh because i i  

never really watched this show never really got 
into it but knowing how often those sets come out  

holy crap and then knowing which ones to put money 
behind and knowing which cards to put money behind  

and keeping up with that i know people people 
have warned me against uh yu-gi-oh i'm sure it's  

fun and and hey if you collect you yo go you 
but i'm not ready to put in all that work yeah  

i i think i don't collect yu-gi-oh as much as 
i did before um just because like that's just  

a personal thing i immediately have the cards 
and collect the cards from when i was younger  

um but yeah the amount of reprints that they 
have in the sets and then i guess the game has  

changed so much since i last played um it was 
just i can't keep up with everything you know  

but but yeah it's it's it's to teach their own oh 
yeah oh yeah agreed i'm not about to i've always  

been the kind of person i'm not about to tell 
anyone like oh you're collecting wrong i mean  

maybe they're overspending on their collection you 
know but what people collect is their business so  

so that definitely for sure but um so we we've 
already covered a lot of really great topics um  

are there other things you're kind of seeing in 
the market that you that you find interesting  

that you find shocking um unexpected that 
you think people should be aware about

that's that's like the the loaded question of 
my weekend um no i i definitely feel like um  

like we've already touched about the bear market 
people are wanting to sell um and i'm it's  

actually funny that you mentioned that because 
i'm planning on attending two shows in the area  

uh two car shows mainly sports and pokemon because 
i i'm not looking to buy but mainly looking to see  

how many people are actually selling you know 
dumping because that's a big market um but in  

terms of that i feel like i feel like as predicted 
uh there is going to be sort of a lag in people  

um sort of paying exorbitant prices for items but 
still like things that that are rare that hold  

value that have high demand they are going to hold 
and i get that a lot of people have lost money  

on like say for example uh i heard about like 
uh somebody paying a lot of money on a mj rookie  

michael jordan and then it takes in value or 
like a lebron james rookie and it takes the value  

over time a lot of people what will help you 
is you have to realize the long-term picture um  

you know yeah if if you've lost all that value in 
purchasing the card to where uh its value today  

um that hurts but it's ultimately sort of like 
a small dip within a large time frame um so yeah  

that's number one we're in a bearish market but 
number two uh sort of you have to strategize on on  

what to do in in that sense um basically you know 
sort of i guess trimming your collection um that's  

always a good thing your collection isn't always 
uh static you know it can be dynamic based off of  

you know how you feel about a certain item and 
all that make it can be hard to let go of things  

uh but i've found that it's it's like it's an 
extension of yourself your collection which is  

uh the most important thing you know because if 
you don't like something you're if you're holding  

on to something just because uh an influencer 
said oh it may or may not i love this it may or  

may not go up in value i don't i don't know well 
then you know maybe put that into something else  

and i think one big factor is if if you have 
an item that you paid a lot of money for and  

then you're debating on whether or not to sell 
it uh just ask yourself if you had the money  

from that sale right now would you buy that 
item uh for that price or would you put it into  

something else that's like the one of the big 
questions um because i i think a lot of people  

wouldn't keep most of the stuff they have uh 
insert that they picked up over the past past year  

which is kind of frightening over the 
amount of graded cards and sealed items  

there are but it's also you know you have to you 
have to ask like the big big picture questions  

because a lot of people are reacting to really 
small small uh small uh chain of events so to  

speak agreed agreed um yeah honestly in in and for 
me i can't even think or manage on a short term i  

mean there's just too many moving pieces you know 
like like for me personally i don't think i could  

be like a flipper flipper where they're just 
short-term gain short-term game structure game  

you know here here or there like i don't think i 
can handle the stress it feels like day trading  

it sounds like day trading to me and and yeah and 
i mean in all honesty you know i just don't think  

it's it's worth it like you know for me when i 
buy stuff i really cannot buy to speculate yeah  

i will consider speculation but at the end 
of the day it still has to be something that  

i actually want that i actually care about i 
i i can't i don't know i don't know if you're  

that kind of collector as well or not but um 
like for me i have to have something behind it  

yeah i feel like um there's some things where i 
buy it and it has no value whatsoever to anybody  

else um like there's there's a show on my page 
um that i like i'll post every once in a while  

it's called uh i don't know if you've seen 
it metabots um it's like this really really  

old show back in the early 2000s and like i have 
like uh the sealed video games on gameboy advance  

oh yeah i saw those i nearly have like the 
completes let me see uh i don't think i have it  

with me um or out in front of me but like the seal 
like four inch figures whatever like stuff oh yeah  

nice they probably don't have any value to any of 
the the wider community uh in terms of the hobby  

but uh just to me like that that show has value to 
me just because uh like like i i grew up like it's  

probably one of the greatest animes of all time 
in my opinion um but everybody else feels that way  

which is fine um but i don't i don't really like 
i all spec on a few things um but i don't take  

it to the extreme that i see a lot of people uh 
do like like oh i wouldn't want to say spec what  

i'll say is i'll collect something uh and i have 
this this theory that you know it's going to be  

very hard to find or very uh in demand in in the 
future and that's that's how i always see things  

i try to look for things that are undervalued um 
just because obviously nobody wants to pay over  

price for an item um and nobody wants to pay like 
at the the prices that are being quoted on ebay  

oh yeah so i'll look at a few things but i 
won't spec heavily on like everything that i own  

because most of what i own is like 
i'm taking it with me to the grave  

um oh yeah yeah but uh in terms of specking 
like it i don't look down upon it like that's  

that's been the norm in the hobby for quite a 
while and that's that's another piece too a lot  

of people say oh like cards aren't about prices 
cards aren't about um it's about playing the game  

and i i definitely understand that uh i i've i 
play the tcg online and all that but like when you  

when people when people say oh it's it's not 
about card values and all that it's uh like you  

have to be realistic with your audience and 
you have to be realistic with yourself like  

yeah some of the stuff i'll i have do have 
value um and it's it's okay to talk about  

prices and yeah i but i won't expect to 
like pump and dump that's that's that's uh

yeah yeah i i can definitely relate to that i 
think i think i'm the same way um as a collector  

um you know just because that that's not 
what we're in it for i mean now it's okay if  

someone is in it for that i mean like you know 
can't stop people doing what they're doing so  

you know it is what it is but what i really 
like so what i really love about your collection  

first off you have an amazing vintage japanese 
collection in my opinion i love all of those  

tops on cards all of those really cool hollow 
foils and and and honestly i wish i was able  

to get a hold of more before the pandemic i do 
have some i don't have any tops on uh but i do  

have some of the the bond the the bondi cards but 
but what i also really love about your collection  

as well that i i have too are all of the um 
independent star wars legends comics yeah

i love those though um so that's actually funny 
because uh i started collecting them and i  

i don't mean offense to anyone who's listening 
the main offense to to you yourself but um  

another big thing that i love is uh like film 
um and so when i watched the rise of skywalker  

and the last jedi with my parents i don't think i 
felt more offended at like the plot and like the  

the direction and like the like everything so 
i think out of like and this is actually this  

has actually been a goal from uh way back when 
i was like in high school i've always loved the  

star wars universe but i love the dark horse 
uh star wars comics just because and and i  

hopefully will reach a point where i can talk 
about this on on today's show was like there's  

uh obviously there there's been like a pent up 
demand for it just because people are speccing  

on the star wars star wars comics i don't really 
spec on comics just because i feel like they have  

an added value and that you can actually read them 
you can actually like get lost in those stories um  

and yeah i i absolutely adore the dark horse one 
of my goals right now is to collect every series  

of the dark horse star wars comics um which is 
a difficult feat with how many there were how  

many series yeah when i started reading some of 
the stories it's like yeah why didn't disney had  

all this all this great creative creative uh uh 
creative arcs and creative stories and they just  

they kind of pick up pick up to use it in their 
in their uh that last trilogy that they they had

yeah i don't know

that's the little side

that's kind of why i brought it 
up because i really do love star  

wars um i definitely have head canon 
the new trilogy does not exist to me  

like i didn't enjoy a single one of the movies 
uh for one reason or another not a fan of them  

or a fan of some of the characters 
though don't get me wrong but um  

not of the fan of the of the direction um but i 
i do i'm the same way i love collecting the dark  

horse comics you know i haven't been keeping up 
with the speculation on those comics so actually  

i might at some point look to see what i have i i 
don't have that many keys um but but um you know  

maybe maybe i'll get luckier they're here too it 
but they're just really nice like i try to collect  

a lot of the um like i've been trying to find 
some of the key appearances like for reven for  

malik you know you've got to get like darth 
maul yeah yeah yeah you know get from that  

era um get uh quillin vos i i love quinlan boss 
he's such a cool one so i tried to pick up his  

comics yeah um i've been trying to collect some of 
the caden uh kanan last padawan um and then also  

uh clone wars because i love the 
show that was such a good show  

um it was so great it actually watching that show 
ruined um in the anakin character in the prequels  

because it was it was such a fleshed out anakin 
that i couldn't go you know like like i didn't  

mind anakin before and then i watched clone wars 
and i'm like oh my god this anakin is awesome

yeah i mean i know those are all hot takes but  

yeah they they had like um this is now a star 
wars podcast um private hardware is listening  

it's now no but uh yeah i mean i i could talk 
for like three hours or countless hours on

they had the material like they lit and for 
those of you who have not watched it sorry to  

spoil it but they had the material like like of 
of anakin he's torn from his mother um you know  

his mother dies uh and like that leads him towards 
the dark side but they had like all the pieces  

it's just the the direction and 
then ultimately the end um i just  

wow i can't even speak about the the prequels 
or or the news it's just [ __ ] yeah yeah  

it's it's it's funny it's funny because my cousins 
they make fun of me because well first off i will  

say my cousins aren't like star wars fans like 
i am i've liked it ever since i was like four  

they got into it as they got older and like 
star wars became more mainstream but they only  

star they call me a boomer because the only 
things i enjoy are like the originals um  

but and so they're like ah you don't like 
anything that's new and and i said well hold  

up timeout that's not true because i liked 
rebels that was very good i liked clone wars  

y'all won't watch that because it's cartoons so 
tell me tell me tell me how i'm a boomer you know  

like i loved it i i didn't care too much uh for 
mandalorian um personally just because i thought  

oh man people are gonna hate me for this uh i 
thought uh the mandalorian character was very  

like boring i just i just thought it was 
incredibly boring there were some very interesting  

moments you know uh when you saw um boba like 
when oh spoilers when boba made his appearance  

spoilers but but um you know i i don't know 
i don't know i i don't know the mandalorian  

for its simplicity compared to like the rise 
of skywalker where it's literally like a new  

scene every every minute new scene every 
five minutes you know so i i definitely i  

definitely uh enjoyed it for the simplicity of 
the whole plot development and all that so um  

yeah i mean honestly they did a lot of good 
things i i mean you know it's not something  

that i can completely trash because there were a 
lot of good things uh enjoyable things you know  

to it um really curious so with the so with the 
dark horse comics which is your favorite series

uh i'd have to say

i would say twice the the twilight with quinlan 
boss oh okay i haven't read it but yeah let's  

i don't have number one because it's so 
expensive in my opinion um but i've read  

like two to four of that miniseries but i think 
um the knights of the old republic is probably  

probably my favorite i just got heir to the empire 
uh the complete set um which is probably like one  

of the biggest keys because it has like thrawn 
and margie oh yeah okay that'll be a good one but  

yeah like that's the old republic like i uh grew 
up reading some of those stories and like like  

watching like uh or playing uh star wars knights 
of the old republic on xbox mm-hmm kotor swore

um but yeah like uh that's a little old republic 
is probably one of my favorites uh tied it with  

uh twilight and uh i actually wanna it leads me 
to another thing i wish pokemon would do the same  

with their anime series you know you have great 
characters but it's still ash um going through  

the series and then team rocket spoils like an 
episode and then it's like just repeats uh and so  

i think i posted it like a while back like i wish 
they had a mini series on sabrina or a miniseries  

or like brock like taking care of his family and 
all that like i feel like that it there's like  

so much potential that's untapped um so but just 
don't make it like the star wars prequels or the

yeah yeah i mean the one thing i really love 
about those brands and i think probably one of the  

reasons why we really like them is because they 
feel so lived in those worlds feel so you know  

real so i mean for all the criticisms that we can 
give the prequels which i'd probably agree with  

uh one of the great things that george lucas 
did do was really grow that universe i mean  

you could just picture so much within that 
universe and especially too with seeing you  

know the final season of clone wars and you 
could actually go to um oh my god coruscant  

and kind of see the underbelly of that like i 
want to see those other really interesting stories  

um and so and so taking that back to pokemon 
gosh there are so many like trainers that  

everyone loves like sabrina top one you know 
giovanni top one misty i mean koga all of them  

they're so they're they're so interesting and 
i'm sure that they have uh really interesting  

stories to tell because we've we've seen them and 
we we we've experienced those characters in a lot  

of different ways like you know you know many 
appearances in the shows we played against them  

when we were playing the games we collected the 
cards um i think there's absolutely opportunity um  

it's just a thought so if pokemon is listening 
right now please please for the 25th anniversary  

uh just create another show just any of those you 
know yeah yeah i'm with you on that you know what  

i need to do is and i i saved them all to my list 
i just haven't watched them yet um but you know  

on netflix with all the pokemon anime shows i 
just need to watch them i just it's been so long  

and there's so many that i probably didn't watch 
when i was a kid so i need to i need to get on it  

i could say the same just because there's 
like i don't know how many episodes i feel  

like there's over 500 now um more than that uh 
but yeah it's it's just the from the episodes  

that i have watched that are like the recent ones 
it's always the same concept over and over again  

it gets kind of stale after 
a while for for me personally  

obviously it's made for children but like to add 
that more element because uh i feel like a lot of  

the concepts that that are more uh adultish like 
brock taking care of all his family members like  

i feel like definitely feel like kids understand 
that like especially the ten nine years old age  

yeah you know i don't i don't think that pokemon 
slash nintendo would ever do this but i would find  

it to be really interesting if they made content 
or like a piece of content like some kind of show  

where was actually geared towards the older 
audience i don't want to say adult you know  

because like that that might be too far too far 
that way for them but you know just something  

maybe catered more towards two um that that would 
be really interesting to see well i doubt that  

they would do it like let's be real but but i 
don't know i think i think it would be really  

interesting to see that kind of content just 
because you know i mean we're such a big market  

even though you know like it's made for children 
like i already see it like it's a pokemon pikachu  

detective pikachu show whatever but it's 
like the like like it's really gritty and  

it premieres on like adult swim or something 
like that oh that would be so cool i love  

that yeah it would be like a continuation 
of the show ryan reynolds would be still

yeah man i'm buzzing with ideas right now 
you know i'm not gonna lie i haven't seen  

the protective pikachu i haven't i know i 
know i know don't kill me in the comments

yeah it's a great movie i i feel uh yeah i enjoyed 
it when i saw it you know i still got the promos  

you know when they oh nice yeah i remember 
seeing the detected uh pikachu uh promos the  

the big uh you know those sealed boxes i mean 
they weren't actually boxes there was those  

those big rectangular displays um but i 
remember seeing a whole bunch of those at target  

you know detective pikachu always seemed 
to me kind of like a silly kids movie so in  

your opinion it wasn't like a silly little 
kid's movie was still enjoyable for adults  

yeah well i it was it was because i went 
with a friend and then uh when we went  

there's like a bunch of kids watching it i 
was like oh i guess we're the only ones here  

but i mean like i i had uh you know i'd played 
the game when when i was younger and it was it  

was like it was just enjoyable like i knew it was 
for kids and i feel like that um and it also had  

its funny parts too but i feel like having that 
expectation of oh it's you know they probably  

made this for kids treated as such that made it 
enjoyable because my expectation you know somebody  

else will probably say oh the plot doesn't make 
sense so this doesn't make sense where like i  

saw he's like oh it's enjoyment just enjoy it and 
i did right they took me back uh i loved how they  

created this this whole little live action world 
for pokemon which is really really really clever  

yeah i think i think the live action part of it 
is is really interesting i'm curious to see if  

they'll continue upon that aren't they doing a 
detective pikachu too i'm am i i hope so i feel  

like it's in development but then obviously 
kobe happened so all movies are pushed back  

but yeah i feel like it they they should have 
another live-action movie um there's literally  

you could you could go the sky's the limit for the 
franchise um as can be seen from the past 25 years  

but i feel like there's like there's always that 
that uh that extra step that they can always take  

which means even higher oh for sure for sure 
no doubt um yeah and and you know as far as  

so as far as your collection goes let's go back to 
your collection because i you have like a lot of  

really cool [ __ ] you've collected a lot of cool 
stuff throughout the years i mean anyone everyone  

okay go follow him and then look at his cards 
because they're so cool but you know i guess uh  

so so this is up to you how you want to answer 
this question um either what is your like most  

valuable card in your collection or your most 
cherished card either one or both if you'd like  

oh my god this is like the hot seat um let's 
see the most cherished card i have that is tough

i'll i'll circle back to that um dang

i'm trying to look there's church card let me see 
uh i think i think the most valuable one and i'll  

i'll show it right now um let's see if i have 
it on here the most valuable one i have is uh  

you were talking about the bandai card ass 
uh so this is one that i picked up way back  

um this is the charizard the psa 10. can you 
even say that god such a good pickup yeah  

that was funny because when i first found out 
about the set um like i saw the art and i was  

like this art is absolutely amazing you know 
for those of you who are listening the 1997  

bandai kardas was a set that was designed 
exclusively by ken tsujimori which is  

synonymous with pokemon um he's a brilliant artist  

uh so there's the psa i'm sorry i haven't 
done this with a camera but this is the psa 10  

charizard and there's a route i think there's 
the pop hasn't changed it's 55 in the world  

but when i saw this card and i saw that it was 
available for pickup i purchased it and then  

2020 happened and then it just skyrocketed 
so this is probably my most valuable card  

um in my collection to date uh and then 
probably the most cherished card i have is

huh i think i think one that if mind if i 
pull it real quick of course um where is it

so the most cherished card i have is probably this 
one um it's not worth much but i i still enjoy  

it it is the uh 2001 tops uh ichiro suzuki card 
if you can see oh okay yeah that's awesome um  

and just growing up uh back when he 
was playing like in the early 2000s um  

like like uh so i'm asian america identify as 
asian american and so seeing him play baseball  

in the us was like like it was it was insane um 
just because like he saw the skill he had playing  

for the mariners then through the other teams so 
this is probably one of my biggest cherished cards  

um just because of what he did for the sport what 
he did for a representation um and yeah like even  

though it's a psa seven i don't see it it's the 
first one first rookie card of his that i ever got  

um it's a beautiful card yeah so so 
yeah it's uh it's iconic and uh yeah  

i mean it's it's and that lends to back to 
sort of what we had before discussion on uh  

you know collecting what you want collecting 
what you what you appreciate um that will you  

know bring you more utility in the long run so 
yeah but yeah these are just uh some there's like  

uh to the left from of me or the right of me um 
i've like quite a few cards so yeah those are the  

other ones yeah do you have a full set of the 97 
card ass uh i do i do uh hey i remember purchasing  

it back in the day for like ninety dollars um it 
was like a minor chapter you see me roll my eyes  

yeah i mean the art is it's definitely 
underappreciated especially the promo  

cards uh where it has like ash and then 
there's three starters or all that yeah  

him back to back with gary i i wish they created 
more uh arts similar to that simplistic yet  

it it definitely tells the story i love 
the ones with psyduck i love the snorlax  

getting his uh dream of chicken eaten by gengar 
that's probably one of my favorites from the set  

but yeah yeah i have a complete set and you 
and you also have some other uh japanese  

cards that i've actually not really seen so um 
like i've got your instagram pulled up the moltres  

for i guess it's i guess you put right here topson 
hollow set i've never seen those cards before  

um did that come out when did that come out let 
me see so i'm not the greatest on uh the history  

behind top sun but i i i've done like quite a bit 
of research and so the top sun for those who don't  

know it it comes with a blue back uh blue back 
with no number uh let me see if i can pull one up  

i don't know for press for time um here's 
one uh i'm actually looking at the sorry if  

if i'm doing this but i was actually looking at 
the pwcc auction uh just now because they have  

some top sun cards on there but oh yeah uh so 
this is a blue back gyarados ps810 um dude so  

you can see the glare sorry about that but yes 
so it's a blue back because it has a blue back  

and so the these were technically the second 
print um and if you can tell right here here's  

the i can't even do that the the yeah so the blue 
back no numbers were technically the first print  

uh the regular blue backs for the second print and 
then the green backs for the third print um and  

so they in the cases or in the packs of these 
uh they also have the hollow cards which are  

what i recently discovered were like uh 
variations on the holo prisms like there's or  

blocked ice um but yeah like i collect these as 
well i'm terrible at putting it on the camera  

uh there's the dragonite and a lot of the 
art you can tell it's like vintage japanese  

um and yeah i've i started collecting them just 
because i love the history behind something um  

and these cards have history just because 
you can only pull them from gum packs um  

back in japan when pokemon was first released or 
initially released and that was that's actually  

that was actually a big talking point um i think 
a month ago because sm pratt had made a video  

saying that they were it's unverified that whether 
or not they were the first cards um yeah and  

i did i didn't really care um just because i i 
like the cards um whether or not they're they're  

the first printing or not um it's just the history 
behind them it's like it reminds me of like the  

old baseball cards uh where you can only get them 
in gun packs or like the honest wagner was like  

cigarette cigarettes you can get them out yeah 
yeah um yeah that very first uh what is it  

18 did it come on 1885 allen ginter the 
very first baseball card that came up  

yeah or or trading cards yeah do you 
watch that show loki on disney plus  

so i don't know if you saw that but when he 
was looking at the uh hopefully i don't give  

anything away but this probably isn't a major plot 
point but when he's looking at the infinity stones  

um oh in the drawer yeah in the drawer it's an 
easter egg there's an honest wagner card in there  

and my friend told me about that yesterday and 
i was like i was like what and it's like yeah  

it's just it was hilarious when i saw that um 
because it was like oh okay that's pretty cool  

yeah that that show is so funny i i just caught 
up uh over the weekend i just started watching it  

on saturday uh god that show is so hilarious 
but i didn't notice that i didn't notice the  

hoeness wagner was in there crap geez the 
tba has got all the valuable [ __ ] you know  

green soul stones and and you know all that just 
sitting there in a drawer dang that's awesome  

yeah but yeah uh yeah i'm not the the 
best at the the top sunset in terms of  

knowing the history behind it um but yeah 
i just i love i love the history behind  

some of the cards the early japanese 
cards um i really appreciate that

um really this is sort of a random 
question not really but did you ever buy  

any of the strix haven boxes for those alternate 
japanese cards that so um i tend to dabble  

in magic the gathering not in playing because i'm 
definitely not as gifted as some of the players  

out there i i used to play way back in the day 
but now they've added all these new mechanics  

um and like as i said before early in the 
podcast i watch rudy a lot he's like one of  

the best in terms of you could you could 
pick uh the pieces you want to listen to  

from him but when he did that strix haven you 
know like a strict saving booster box opening  

yeah and some of the arts are gorgeous like 
i'm really big on aesthetics um and so like  

that's one of the sets that i i've wanted to 
get sort of like some collector booster boxes of  

um just because they have like gorgeous arts um 
regardless of the value um and that that's a big  

thing uh that i i tend to do like i'll go to a 
local card shop in the bay area and i'll just go  

to like the singles bin and then i'll just pick 
out uh mtg commons that i like the art for uh  

not knowing whether or not they're where rare or 
not or to spec um just because it's like it's it's  

cool to just get the artwork of of uh of mtg but 
stricthaven it's definitely one of those and uh  

i think modern horizons had some cards that was 
a recent set that came out oh modern horizon 2 is  

that honorable and then um is it vi vip uh the vip 
box ultimate masters yeah yeah it might have been  

yeah i haven't been able to pick up any of those 
collector boxes for any of those sets yeah it's  

been so hard i i'm i'm a i'm a patron on rudy and 
when that when that when strict saving came when  

modern horizons 2 came [ __ ] left like did not 
have a chance at all i was able to pick up some  

some boxes and some packs at target thank god like 
i i have a few here there and you know nothing  

nothing crazy but i do eventually want to open 
them up because i want to see what cool alternate  

art i'll get yeah i love some of the arts that 
are uh being done in magic the gathering yeah  

it's i feel like the artwork on those cards is 
probably better one of the best in any type of  

tcg or ccg um i'm probably going to get like a 
bunch of hate mail like hey what about this um  

but yeah like hands down mtg art yeah yeah i i 
couldn't agree with you more there's there's so  

they did a lot of interesting stuff i mean back 
in the day there were some questionable things  

um you know i don't know if there's been any 
controversy with with cards in recent sets but  

yeah the artistry has always been top-notch i mean 
i mean even the dual lands or you know the special  

lands but the vintage ones and then the more 
recent ones so interesting so very cool um it it's  

so easy to appreciate that brings up another point 
because like um this is one other idea i had was  

you know the energies in pokemon have been the 
same since the beginning of pokemon i get there  

is like there are a few energies where i guess 
there's like a silhouette of like a pokemon  

like there's that uh i think i saw hoho was like 
flying in the background and it was like a fire  

energy or something the energies in pokemon need 
to change just because it's literally the same  

and i feel like there's so much potential because 
they could literally have like um here's one idea  

i had was uh instead of just the regular water 
energy symbol it's like the squirrel squad is  

like shooting water oh that'd be cute that would 
be cute like you could have something from there  

like and like the the gold energies or the hollow 
energies they're super rare energies those are  

pretty cool but having some type of art similar to 
how imagine gathering does it for lands like even  

the lands are beautiful in magic yeah like like 
just something a little bit more because i did see  

and you know it was my first exposure to it so 
i don't know what sets those like gold energies  

came up but but i did see that chilean rain had 
some uh you know their energies were a little bit  

different which is cool but but they could do more 
they they could be more creative i agree with you  

on that um but yeah yeah the the art i mean i mean 
they've done well with the alternative alternate  

arts in chilling rain um but yeah like uh i'm a 
big fan of art and mtg definitely takes the cake

no doubt i mean like like i said before even 
though i don't really collect the modern cards  

these newer gens i don't really do that but i 
mean i can't i don't have anything bad to say  

when it comes to how they're designed you know 
the full arts are so cool um i mean the moltres  

from the um from chilling reigns is so cool 
um and and and what's you know i don't know  

if this is crazy hot take or not but honestly i 
actually prefer the japanese version something  

about that card looks just it hits different 
when you see the japanese version versus the  

the english version but even still the designs 
are so great i mean you know the the moltres is  

a card that sticks out to me a because because of 
the design but b because you know i know i know  

moltres like that's a great card like i have the 
the you know the card s card you know from 1997.  

but um but you know the other one's not so i 
i'm not super you know familiar with but i mean  

like as a full art actually hold up am 
i reading this wrong gallerian moltres  

um so are these like combos of pokemon because 
i'm sieglerian articuno i don't know what glarion  

means well it's gonna sound silly the region uh oh 
okay the regional variant similar to how they have  

i'm trying to think well 
like the alolan vote vulpex

so yeah i mean um all those alternate 
art cards it's so funny how like uh  

people were hyped up when chilling rain was 
announced and then they saw the cars released  

and so everybody like scampered and now it just 
sits on the shelf everybody's focused on evolving  

skies mm-hmm and then they're trying to get 
their pre-orders in and then celebrations was  

just announced so it's just like that information 
overload or i guess the book wants to overload but  

yeah i i definitely love the the arts for uh for 
uh chilling rain and alternate hearts um i don't  

pull as many packs or open as many packs anymore 
just because of how expensive it's gotten i  

usually focus on singles and then try to strike at 
the at the right time and in price um but uh but  

yeah that those three burger cards are definitely 
in my mind especially the gallerian zapdos  

that the roadrunner effect was was absolutely 
beautiful on that oh yeah um i i agree with you  

on that uh 100 those look very cool i i feel 
so silly about the gallerian fact but the gold  

snorlax that's that's the the biggest one it 
looks so cute it's such a cute card you know  

it reminds me of the video game when you have 
to you know use the flute to wake up relaxed  

yeah that took me like when i was younger 
it took me like a week to figure that out  

i have to get the flu there's no like internet 
whatever my friend told me yeah you get the flu  

didn't you get the flu he's like oh oh i you 
know i know they don't sell them anymore but  

back in the day you know in order to progress 
in a game that you've you know been stuck  

at you have to spend thirty dollars on the 
guide yeah the the prima strategy guide yeah  

and then and then the uh what was it gamespot 
and those other websites started coming out with  

uh walkthroughs you know when when we started to 
have internet god man we're just aging ourselves

the the next episode will be how old is uh 
scotch tape um oh but uh uh it was funny  

because when i was uh helping my my parents move 
i actually found like a box of old magazines and  

electronic gaming monthly tips and tricks um and 
it was like oh this is the cheat code in sonic  

uh for sega genesis and all that then um 
there's actually an ad for like uh pokemon  

cards from japan and there's like um sabrina's 
gym deck in japanese it was like for 19.99 so  

yeah it was it was crazy like they said loser 
packs are like 2.99 a piece and then you have to  

like cut out the thing and then pay for shipping 
you know it's like mail order um yeah yeah gosh  

crazy yeah you know i i know that he went through 
some difficulties but um i'm curious to see if  

leonhardt goes through with that project where um 
you can buy he's going to make available where you  

can buy i don't know if it's unlimited or going 
to be first edition but a base set pack at for the  

original price of 2.99 i sold that did that ever 
i i heard that there is some issues with that but  

what what ended up happening with that i don't 
know i haven't seen anything other than the last  

the most recent update where he was you know 
running into some difficulties so i mean if he's  

able to do that that's really cool um i don't i 
don't really have that many base set packs i only  

have one um shadow list so adding another one to 
the collection would be really cool actually but  

even if it is unlimited um yeah i could definitely 
see how that could um end up being sort of uh  

taking advantage of um but and also the logistics 
of like how do you make sure everybody gets a fair  

share true like collectors are able to get the 
pack and all that because there's like i'll be  

honest there's like a lot of gaming uh within the 
system of the modern hobby like 2020 so yeah on it

i know too um i you know and i haven't 
seen any updates for this either but his  

set auctioning platform rare candy i 
don't know if you're familiar with it  

he was supposed to come out with that as 
well um so it's like an auction platform i  

i want to say that's what it was i'm 
pretty sure it was a selling platform  

um i don't know how similar it is to whatnot um 
i haven't used whatnot i i've seen a little bit  

of those streams but not quite i mean i haven't 
really immersed myself into the platform yet but  

um you like i heard a rare candy before i heard 
of whatnot because all of a sudden what not just  

you know popped up on the scene one day and 
i was seeing influencers promote it but um  

it'll be really interesting to see like what new 
tech related stuff starts to come out now that  

i mean you know like pokemon is i mean it's 
always been here to stay but now people in  

sort of the mainstream are kind of taking it 
seriously i mean because there's been a ton  

of collectors that have taken it seriously 
from an investment perspective so it'll be  

really interesting to see what else pops up um 
to kind of compete with what's already existing  

yeah i know i i've definitely heard of onenots uh 
from my understanding i haven't used it personally  

um but i've seen a lot of people i follow who 
do um openings or packing openings on it i feel  

like it's sort of like a streaming service 
similar to twitch in which you're able to  

sort of run these sales or raffles or or i don't 
know if you can use the word raffle anymore um

that's true waffles waffles or rashes razzles 
yeah professionally um yeah i i'm not sure  

on the future of what in technology i know 
there uh there's like sports card investor  

he had that market movers or like track sales card 
ladder yeah i feel like it's not really a new app  

but i feel like there should be improvements 
to current things like uh say for example ebay  

like not um not allowing like your if 
it's an item that's going to be fitted on  

not allowing like uh the name or the username to 
be private like that's one thing for transparency  

prevent like shield bidding and all that um  

that's that's one improvement i could think of 
what's on my head so but in terms of like mass uh  

mass improvements or mass technology changes um 
i really can't think of anything you know yeah  

yeah i mean yeah i i definitely agree with 
you sports card investor has been around for  

a while i don't know if it's been a few years or 
not um you know that's obviously sports focused um  

and then you know there's card ladder is the 
next one that i can think of because they do  

sports of course but they also have some 
pokemon cards uh that that they're that they're  

charting with and whatnot so i could see them 
easily getting into the pokemon market um you know  

just because they already have the infrastructure 
um i know for myself because like in my day-to-day  

i'm actually a dev so i'm building my 
own version specifically for pokemon um

it's your uh one of your podcasts recently and 
uh you had you're developing a is it an app  

right or yeah yeah yeah i'm calling it cardfolio 
um and it's going to do something similar so you  

know be able to to uh manage a virtual binder of 
your cards you can set goals on for example create  

a wish list really these are the cards that i want 
this is how much approximately all those cards are  

going for right now in the market so this is 
at this moment in time how much it would take  

to you know complete those goals and then being 
able to um view it in in a portfolio type way  

so being able to see the different types and 
how much um exposure you have like in sealed  

versus raw cards versus slabs yeah that's that's 
a big one i feel like um having something like  

that would be important just because uh i don't 
feel like too many people keep track of their  

their collections in like excel and so they'll 
be like oh i have this oh but i have this  

but to be able to see it where 
you can see the big picture of it  

it's definitely important uh in the long run if 
you intend to stay in collecting in the long run  

too yeah i agree i think there's value in it and 
i mean you know um what's actually kind of funny  

is when i was doing some initial research i was 
i put out surveys uh for my instagram followers  

and i noticed it what's funny is i noticed 
uh when it comes to listeners to the podcast  

um a lot of them tend to be either some kind of 
dev some kind of data or some kind of finance  

you know in those kinds of sectors and like 90 
to 95 of them had some form of excel sheet so  

i'm like oh dang i'm not the only one that 
actually does that um you know because it's  

hard to keep that up to date which is part of 
the reason why i wanted to build this because  

i mean really i was doing it for myself you 
know something that i wouldn't have to go in  

and manually update and whatnot so so it's it's 
really kind of selfish because it started with me  

but but it's been really interesting to see the 
excitement around it because a lot of other people  

want the convenience that it can offer as well 
which is which is really nice um you know i don't  

know uh if this has been implemented in your app 
but like um you know how there's like the qr code  

at the back of like the the slot whatever i don't 
know if bgs doesn't do it i know cgs cgc does but  

i don't know if there's a way where um or if the 
the interface on your app if people have to type  

in or like enter the information but if they 
just take a picture of it and then it's added  

to their collection it's probably already done 
right so so um the like my very first versions  

of it won't have that functionality it'll be 
more of like like a like a a table of like a  

like let's say you're looking at a set page um you 
can click add buttons to make it easy to add items  

but it will it will be able to at some point uh 
once it's released uh be able to actually scan  

an item and be able to kind of see that because 
that was one of the things that i was thinking of  

because i have a i don't have a huge collection 
but i have a big enough of a one to where that  

process can be very very manually taxing so um in 
later iterations probably for an actual release  

um that that will be the functionality so 
it'll be cool it'll be it'll be very cool  

i i don't i haven't thought about the the cute 
the qr codes um but um right now i'm trying to  

figure out the face of it um so just being 
able to look at the front of a card and then  

having enough information from that scan to you 
know categorize it so yeah that that um yeah i  

look forward to probably i'll probably implement 
it in cardfolio version three version four

it'll it'll be down the line but it'll be good 
it'll be good it'll be fun yeah that one yeah  

that's that's a big thing too though like um i 
could i could definitely see the importance of it  

just because you know you have to keep track of 
how much you spend especially in today's hobby  

that's uh that's probably one of the biggest 
things yeah no i i completely agree and i mean  

because of the initial data that's being collected 
so your binder how much it cost you to acquire the  

item and then the sales information on the 
back end of the item all of that information  

there is so much you can do with that you know 
there's i mean obviously in the investment side  

of it so being able to manage it like an actual 
investment portfolio being able to see all that  

data see where your growth is see where you're 
overexposed um see where you may want to grow  

intentionally you know from maybe a spec perspec 
perspective you know what were your top movers  

what were your top losers things like that um 
are you able to compare it to like um like sales  

on ebay or sales like uh from another marketplace 
um so you can see here your cards compare or your  

collectible items compare yeah so the goal is to 
have ebay data that that will be kind of like the  

first iteration is to have ebay data but the goal 
is to aggregate as much market data as i can from  

other marketplaces as well so uh 
i think is one you know of course ebay  

uh of course uh you know other just other sales 
apps even though you think for video games to use  

uh um that could be one 
um i've been i've been trying to keep an eye on

video i don't know if i touched upon that no 
i i feel like i might have heard it but it's  

been a long time since i've probably spoken 
to anyone about it so to be honest i forgot  

about it completely but um but yeah so price 
chart uh is what you use for pricing video games  

yeah um they gather the sales data of uh let me 
look it up on my phone they gather sales data of  

video games that's that's the 
name so it's like current and historic prices for  

every video game um so when i'm trying to like 
purchase uh like a sealed video game i want to  

make sure that you know i have the correct 
valuation of it and then uh like either buy  

the game at that price or or uh make an offer 
for it if i feel like it's it's overpriced  

interesting yeah but yeah something like portfolio 
like if you have like price history of items  

that's most key because like a lot of people they 
they tend to overpay um without checking like sold  

listings in the past or trying to figure 
out whether or not a sale is legitimate so  

yeah more information with quality in it it's 
key to any collector yeah i i definitely agree  

with you um and and my kind of my my whole 
deal is is the data piece of it honestly and  

i've talked about this in other podcasts you know 
the data piece of it is going to be tough because  

you know um i'm not going to be able 
to validate show bidding yeah yeah  

i'm not going to be able to do that um so 
so that will kind of throw the data off um

data where like they did they didn't pay for 
the item yeah yeah exactly like like an actual  

completed successful listing that someone paid 
for you know that stuff that stuff is gonna be  

hard to kind of uh weed out so there's going to 
be a degree of inaccuracy so so what i'm trying  

to do is develop models data models where i can 
actually get it as accurate as i can and it'll  

take a lot of time it'll take a lot of work but 
i feel like if i have it by you know the 30th  

anniversary like i mean i'll definitely have an 
app by then yeah i will definitely have something  

out by then it will not take me five years 
to develop this but i mean to iterate on and  

really perfect will take a few years uh so so i'm 
hoping you know as long as i can get that really  

perfected and down by the 30th anniversary i think 
i'll be good no that's that's definitely key like  

like all great things they they definitely come 
with time whether it's a collection or whether  

it's like it's an app um you have to think of it 
in in the long term because uh you could end up  

like like uh you know like here's another 
analogy like uh like collecting it collecting  

and also like building something like an 
app um it's definitely like a marathon  

much of a sprint you know and uh yeah i 
mean it's it's it's great i i've noticed  

like quite a few like technology pieces come up 
in the in the collectibles within the past year  

um so i'm looking forward to seeing more 
of of this app from zip codfolio um like  

like if with the amount of investors or 
uh investor collectors out there like i  

definitely feel like they they gravitate towards 
that um and they'd find it like a use for it  

i really think they do um i i really think i 
really think that's the case um and what's nice is  

that there's enough features to kind of satisfy a 
lot of different users who who are really similar  

um and in the tools that they need are really 
similar so i think it'll really work out  

uh i'm really excited for it i also have another 
project that i haven't publicly talked about  

because i want to keep it real close to the 
chest but you know i've got i've got a lot of  

things working in the background which which 
are really fun um it's really fun i i like  

building things so it so more info to come soon of 
course but you know looking forward to it though  

for sure for sure so am i so am i so um but 
anyways you know i want to be respectful of your  

time because we've been on for about an hour and 
30 so far so i know like time just kind of flew um  

so so i want everyone to uh if you could let 
everyone know where they can find you on the  

internet um so um uh i basically have an ig 
um instagram it's no scotch tape all one word  

and yes it's exactly what it means uh i don't 
want any scotch tape near my collectibles um  

comics and cards especially uh and yeah i 
post there almost every other day and then um  

i also have a youtube channel which i haven't 
posted for the daily life for me in a while um  

just been pretty busy with stuff um but i'm pretty 
responsive to stuff um i love uh collectibles as  

talk about this podcast and i always like to learn 
about the hobby and yeah just find me on there and  

i post once my collection and offer tips to 
anyone who asks for it cool awesome thank you  

so much go follow him y'all and um i just want to 
say thank you so much for for coming on i mean i  

think this is really great it was really nice to 
get your perspective so maybe we can do a part two  

yeah yeah i'm definitely down and uh thank you for 
having me um you know i was a big fan uh so being  

able to come to your show or or go on to your 
show um it's not like you have a studio where  

i get like this game um but uh but yeah being 
able to be on this i i really do appreciate it  

it's always great to talk to a fellow hobbyist uh 
collector and uh yeah yeah feel free let me know  

again yeah yeah of course we'll do we'll do no 
doubt anyways take it easy all right take care bye


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