Expanding Your Investment Portfolio into Vintage Video Game Collecting

Hello and welcome to season 3 of the Geeked Out Collecting Podcast :) For this episode I wanted to bring on a Pokemon and vintage video game collector and fellow podcaster Ryan from @0gretro. It was very fun to have him on because we talked about the ins and outs collecting video games and how he's expanded his collection over the years. Very knowledgable collector!

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uh my girlfriend and i just got engaged now my 
fiance congratulations thank you um so that's  

crazy so then also planning a wedding trying to 
find a house to buy because we just moved out  

of our least places because we figured not signed 
another lease we just got married that'd be silly  

let's try and find a house to buy so that's kind 
of stressful but it's exciting so just a lot of  

um temporary move temporary office that's why it 
looks shame i'm in shambles i got like i don't  

know it's fine though it is what it is yeah no 
gosh i mean like i i love that you guys are you  

know planning the wedding stuff um are you guys 
planned for next year did you guys pick a date  

yet yeah uh uh april 30th april 30th so april 
thursday i don't know it gives me some time but  

that's awesome are you guys gonna get uh married 
in new york in in russia yeah uh no no no um so  

we're actually from jersey um we lived in 
ithaca new york uh because katrina my fiance  

uh went to school there then got a job 
there right after college it's like deep  

into her job now there and doing really well 
which is cool but now they went fully remote  

so we can pretty much move anywhere which 
is awesome yeah yeah seriously fantastic so  

that's that but yeah no wedding will be in 
jersey where our families are from um be in  

the in a church she's deep in the catholic 
church what's cool we'll do a church wedding  

then uh reception backyard uh big backyard and uh 
it'll be nice oh hell yeah that'll be nice yeah  

yeah are you are you looking for a house then in 
jersey to move back closer no actually no so we're  

coming home we're coming home only to hopefully 
move further away um we're looking at either  

houses in vermont which we have a lot of friends 
in uh i went to school up in vermont uh which  

was awesome so i have a bunch of friends up 
there but then also uh around portland maine  

which oh okay cool wow really really cool yeah i 
love that area i've never been there but i always  

think of like forest open spaces really cool chill 
people and seafood which is like i love seafood i  

can get some seafood here because i'm in chicago 
but it's a little harder right so yeah you know  

and it's more expensive i don't 
know it's just not as fresh like  

i'll eat a raw oyster you 
know that's how much i love  

yeah oh yeah oh yeah um i have um some friends 
that live down in houston and we go to this place  

i can't remember what it's called i think 
it's called like the boat or something and  

and i love going there because they'll make it 
like like we do it real mexican style oysters i  

don't know how you do it but what we do is we 
get valentino sauce have you had that before  

probably it's a red sauce or yeah yeah it's a red 
hot sauce yeah yeah 100 yeah so what we'll do is  

we'll order um like oysters and we'll put you know 
valentina sauce and salt on it and then what we'll  

order is a michelada which is like a red beer 
right okay but just with like modelo so so you  

put modelo in it and you put like you know your 
uh crap your tomato sauce crap what do you call it  

um like bloody mary miss yeah like a bloody 
mary mix and then what they do is they put an  

oyster inside of it so they put it at the bottom 
it's so good i love it it's probably delicious  

oh yeah i suggested if you haven't had 
it um so absolutely if and when you move

but um but yeah you know anyways i appreciate 
you know you being on today i figured you'd be  

uh a really awesome person to have on because i 
love your collection like i i don't know whether  

or not your instagram does it justice but 
because of the fact that you like video games  

yeah right you like the video games you like 
pokemon i did also see that you collect some comic  

books right so so tell us about your collection no 
okay so yeah comic books not so much i have uh i  

like the nintendo power magazines so like some of 
the original nintendo power stuff i'm really into  

not too many i've never really been a big 
comic book guy but in terms of my collection  

uh so i guess i've always been collecting 
pokemon cards right like i grew up on like  

jungle i'm for anyone listening i'm 25 so i'm kind 
of young but i'm turning 26 this year but anyways  

i remember getting my first pack of pokemon 
cards jungler base set i think it was jungle  

to be honest um when i was like five years 
old and then from that moment that was it  

that was it i was hooked on pokemon had to get 
and with the cards like i had to get the games  

too i got a game boy color when i was a kid 
like that was the first handheld system i had  

and my aunt she got me pokemon red and it was 
that was it again hooked like and it coincided  

perfectly the cards in the in the game and so 
since then i mean i i collected pokemon cards  

heavily as a kid just remember trading and stuff 
and all like i never played the tcg as a kid um  

interestingly enough like this is just another 
aspect i got into magic the gathering when i was  

uh i was probably in like second grade so i was 
like 10 or i don't know how old you are in second  

grade but however how are i was pretty young and 
so i played that and i thought that tcg was like  

so much cooler than pokemon but i loved playing 
the pokemon video games so yeah so i don't know  

but that's where my collection comes from 
yeah yeah do you still have your magic cards  

sucks so there's so many so many things i 
wish i kept from when i was a kid i had such  

an incredible magic gathering collection which 
i sold for a lot of money at the time like my i  

was i was really excited and i was like whoa and 
that honestly could have been a really like good  

mental mindset important moment like it sounds 
cheesy saying it but like like now i look at  

pokemon cards and stuff is you know an investment 
stuff it really has like crazy monetary  

value monetary value a lot of it which 
is just insane to me but i think that  

first time where i sold my magic cards for 
like four figures i was like whoa like this  

these cardboard you know this cardboard can 
be worth a lot of money and not only did i  

like get so much enjoyment out of it but it 
felt like it was like worthwhile in a way  

so i i think that like showed me the potential 
of it almost and i was i was like young i think i  

sold them i know exactly when i sold them actually 
i sold them right before i became right before i  

was a freshman in high school so like right 
before was not cool anymore yeah i was young  

and if i had waited just even five years it would 
they probably would have been worth you know 5x  

like those cards now or just what did you have 
did you have like alpha beta set i had a bit of  

i had no like of the power stuff another crazy 
like alpha beta stuff but like i definitely had  

old cards and like a lot like i mean i remember 
selling my rare binder which was just like just  

insane like i don't even want to talk about it 
but i since then i've gotten back into magic  

like a couple of times and now i've i've 
not sold any of the physical cards i bought  

since selling those so i i have a couple of decks 
that i still like will play sometimes if i if i  

meet someone that likes to play and like it's 
like a very it's it never i never planned to  

play magic you know it's always like oh you you 
play like next time we get together let's let's  

get a game or something so yeah i like it i 
like it because of that and i still play the the  

online i'll hop on magic the gathering yeah and um 
and play that because it's super easy to get some  

games and i like seeing the new card sets it's 
easy to see like what they're doing in the game  

so i don't have to spend that much money honestly 
because i i spend too much money on other stuff  

so well did did your uh original pokemon 
collection survive as well also no and that one's  

a sadder story i didn't even benefit from this 
in any way except maybe a hard lesson i guess uh  

i unfortunately were moving uh and this was in 
second grade same time maybe i picked up magic  

because of this i didn't even think of this 
but we were moving and i had like an idiot  

i mean this maybe i deserved to lose my pokemon 
cards i stored them i had like nice cards and i  

stored them maybe in sleeves maybe not in sleeves 
but in like a gallon ziploc bag and i thought no  

yeah yeah that was i don't know and i uh there 
were definitely some that i probably thought  

were like really special and i kept them separate 
but most of my cards were in a gallon ziplock pack  

whatever form of fashion it was cute it 
was like a cute kid thing but then they got  

they they were lost during a move 
or stolen during a move and i lost  

all my cards and i have one i've won it was 
dev saying but i have one card that survived  

uh somehow and i don't know how but it's a 
shadowless chansey uh hollow from bayset and it's  

it survived like i remember it surviving through 
the family junk drawer and like it was in the junk  

drawer forever like was in the junk tour of our 
childhood home forever and i always just thought  

it was like oh like that's cool this is a pokemon 
car they're just chilling whatever and that's like  

when i wasn't that and i was like going through 
high school and i went to where you know these  

like phases of my life where you're not that into 
it and then like we moved out of that house and  

i i was like i have to take this i can't take i 
can't let this this is like part of my childhood  

i'm definitely keeping it and now it's like it's 
in my basement binder like that is the that's the  

you know i have that set complete now because i'm 
a nerd and everything but it's that is like easily  

one of my favorite cards in the collection because 
it's sort of it survives somehow and the chansey  

like a chancy is like known for survival it's 
like it went it took a rest it got some sleepy  

eggs or whatever that move is called annoying 
move is called when you play it in the video game  

never dies yeah yeah oh man so then what do you 
think it would grade if you ever decided to get  

it great if i decided i couldn't see it getting 
higher than like a three or a four oh it was raw  

and unscened in a junk drawer yeah it's gonna 
take a pretty card like it's also a binder yeah  

but i couldn't see i i reached five like and i 
i should make maybe i will grade it eventually  

that'd be cool and i feel like i say that every 
time and then i just forget when i send in  

subs and because it's in the binder because it's 
in the binder and it doesn't like but yeah it's a  

it's a cool card you know no that that's a that's 
a card with a great story behind it so you gotta  

you gotta love those cards and those are probably 
some of the more precious ones i would say you  

know the ones that have a really cool story i mean 
would you say that's your like most beloved card

i would say it's definitely like it's gotta be 
like top three or top five maybe like there's a  

there's a couple other ones like i've last year 
on my birthday i was streaming and i got a i was  

streaming champion's path opening i pulled the 
charizard and that that was a fun that card means  

a lot because it was like one of the first live 
card openings i was doing it was on my birthday  

it was super hype it was like maybe a couple 
days after champions path released two so like  

it wasn't overplayed yet it wasn't it wasn't a set 
that's been just absolutely opened into oblivion  

so opening down my birthday i got created a 9.5 
at bgs which is cool oh oh okay i hyped on that  

um that was awesome yeah and i i pulled like 
three of those rainbow charizards and sold  

out sold two of them i sold i pulled one the first 
day the set came out sold it the same day because  

you got to take advantage of that uh those early 
early sales when sets released people paying crazy  

premiums on release day it's a little silly if you 
ask me but oh yes it is what it is especially with  

modern and how many there are even though it's 
really tough pull rates don't get me wrong like  

it's insane you've got some hot hands like connor 
sheesh he's always pulling he always wants myself  

and it's interesting it's interesting because i've 
i've felt that way a lot with modern recently like  

how it doesn't really make sense uh you know 
how how much is printed and what people are  

paying but i feel like they're starting to adjust 
with the with the most recent set chilling rain  

and seeing some of the poll rates that are coming 
out about it i feel as though they're starting  

to adjust and trying to find the balance between 
like the the amount they're printing it the supply  

and like the the uh the actual amount 
of like awesome special cards pulled  

and which is cool like i'm all about that like 
people are really complaining i think about  

how hard it is to pull some of these cards 
but like make cards hard to pull again like  

i think there's a good transition from like 
the the champions patch charizard it's like  

that card was i pulled three of them and ever 
so did everybody else there's like ten thousand  

psa tens already yeah i'm literally looking 
at it right now the full art uh charizard v  

is fifty there's fifty three hundred and then 
for the remax yeah it's 5700 and i'm like  

it kind of reminds me of the mba uh nba cards like 
like i don't know if it's hype and people feeling  

fomo and there's just they don't realize the 
supply and that they you know and that demand is  

is like i don't feel like demand is really i don't 
know i don't know it kind of makes me feel like i  

don't actually know the demand out there like for 
nba cards well just i guess for modern in general  

because like because nba there's so much 
supply how is there that much demand  

you know meeting that crazy supply and i kind 
of think of the same thing similarly with modern  

yeah uh with some of the chase cards you know 
i don't know yeah and i i was talking like  

i don't think we'll ever s or it's gonna take 
a really no you know what i might double down  

i don't think we'll ever see the prices on the 
modern psa 10 charizards like the v-max or the  

rainbow i don't think we're gonna see them like 
really bright above what yeah this is this this  

is the ceiling at this point and it's only gonna 
drop lower like i don't i don't see the demand  

ever catching up to the supply because think about 
like like the base unlimited charizard i don't  

even think that that unlimited card i don't think 
that even has the demand there's going to be i'm  

out because i'm i'm watching ebay auctions kind of 
closely now of that card because i'm just curious  

and the they're not able to sell like those cards 
just don't sell well now which is just they sit  

they sit they sit so i you can see the demand 
for that car was super popular and it popped and  

it's gonna have a maybe a couple more pops but 
i don't think i just don't see it uh especially  

for modern i don't see it lasting yeah yeah i can 
definitely get with you i think that maybe maybe  

a few decades from now we might see a 
resurgence you know because like the kids  

growing up and having income you know and that's 
what i'm thinking that's how it happened but to  

what extent or yeah it's like yeah is it 10 000 
kids are 10 000 kids gonna want psa 10 charizards  

in 20 years i it may be maybe you know it sounds 
crazy it really does and the other thing too with  

the charizard and i was literally so i was talking 
to charlie i don't know if you know him charlie  

he he runs an account called luca pokemon on 
ig and he's got a a really awesome collection  

um he wouldn't call himself a whale but to me he 
is yeah yeah but anyways we we were talking about  

and we were talking about you know how pikachu 
is definitely super popular like it's the face  

pikachu's the face of a brand and then charizard 
and we were kind of comparing you know if we had  

to choose between buying a charizard versus 
buying a pikachu you know where will we put  

our money and we were kind of thinking that 
okay well we'd probably put our money in a  

pikachu because the charizard is the flex card 
you know that's the flex but the pikachu is like  

everyone really loves pikachu like how can you not 
love the cute one you know yeah i think so too for

yeah however however there are a lot more you 
have to pick the right pikachu they're a lot more  

common true as well like there's so many good rare 
people because i'm like a pikachu and a charizard  

collector that's like definitely hell yeah the 
predominant amount of my slabs are either of those  

two for sure so for me it's both of them like 
they answer that questions for sure both of them  

but they're like the lebron and the jordan 100 
of pokemon so it doesn't hurt it doesn't it  

doesn't you're right you do have to be careful 
with the pikachu because there's a ton of just  

i think for instance the first edition you know 
bass pikachu that was crazy high for a while and  

now it's a common card it's there's got to be a 
lot of them out there you know it's impossible oh  

yeah absolutely and and you know one of the things 
that charlie and i were talking about as well is  

the retrace that we're seeing and it and it 
mostly seems that it's only hitting base set  

and some of it you know the retrace is kind of 
justified honestly because some of that was just  

you know just a little bit overpriced especially 
for the unlimited cards like i mean i like  

i i have some unlimited cards like i have some 
unlimited holos but the prices that some of these  

cards are getting i'm just like even graded it 
just seems way too much you know people maybe  

people you know who knows maybe the market wasn't 
as educated and they just you know went out and  

got it because they had the money for which you 
know it's fine it is what it is you know hopefully  

i hope people do a little bit of their research 
sometimes i'm guilty of that where i buy something  

yeah me too 100 i i think you're right in saying 
that people might it was a lot of impulse buying  

uh we were people were bored during a pandemic 
people there it was it was like a perfect storm  

for this to happen you know and no market can 
just can sustain that type of like perfect storm  

um for forever it had to end so i think we're 
seeing we're seeing the end of the perfect snow  

the storm and um it's nothing to be uh i don't 
think it's anything to be alarmed of like it's  

normal and it's good it'll allow a lot more 
people to enter the hobby that actually want to  

be here you know who aren't just in it for like 
the quick flip i think people who've like saw  

seen the hype and have like gotten interested 
in it the last year but just haven't been able  

to be a part of it you can finally like buy the 
cards they want to buy which is cool that makes me  

yeah yeah this is definitely a buying time 
right now um definitely a buying time and i mean  

you know these things like like what you 
were saying it's healthy for the market to  

you know go through these ebbs and flows and and 
you know we'll we'll see we'll see what happens  

but i think a lot of people are gonna still you 
know enjoy the hobby and if they you know if  

and if they're coming back to the hobby because 
you know they left it for a while and then as  

adults now they have you know a little bit extra 
income to spend on luxury goods you know this is  

this would be a great time to do that so i'm 
hoping that we have more people in the hobby that  

stay yeah i mean you know when it comes to pokemon 
content compared to you know even six months ago  

maybe maybe seven months or eight months you know 
there's not as much pokemon content out there  

uh i don't know if you noticed that but you 
know not as many people are doing openings  

like compared so it's kind of going through a 
lull like you know there was a wave and people  

wrote it and it's all good um but but you know now 
now we're getting into the more it seems like more  

of the quiet phase and so we'll we'll probably 
see a resurgence at some point and we'll be here  

exactly here i'm it's going to be interesting to 
see how much the like the 25th anniversary fall  

sets kind of do if there will be another 
like quick pop or but we'll see but uh  

like you said we'll be here and i'm still like 
actively kind of buying and trying to grab cards  

that i think are gonna like good deals and just 
stuff i wanted to add to collection like while  

i while i can do that while planning a wedding and 
also trying to buy a house like yeah seriously you  

know you might have cards you can you know sell 
for a down payment you know who knows honestly  

that'd probably be the only reason i would 
sell cards yeah like sell pc is for that that's  

probably serious yeah a serious purchase like that 
i agree there's yeah and i'm waiting so i have um  

uh the entire reverse holo legendary collection 
set at beckett right now so 109 cards  

at bgs well the charizard i already have and 
the pikachu i actually already have graded but  

the rest of the set is there which is insane so is 
that the only thing you have that you're waiting  

on right now no i have like i probably i have 
nothing at psa at this point but i have another  

i think like 20 cards sub it because separate 
from the legendary collection so like just like  

different cards uh and i think that's it yeah i 
don't have it sometimes i'll have stuff at cgc2  

but nothing there yeah just beck it right now just 
waiting on and it's kind of a black hole but uh  

it'll be like i saw him we were talking about 
down payment and like the legendary collection  

is something i'd consider piecing out like pieces 
of it like because each of those cards is like  

they're expensive it's crazy yeah and i it's one 
of the things i i like paddy like i don't bra i  

try to humble brag but i don't like bragging 
often but that is the one thing i that was such  

a good investment for investment play in terms of 
pokemon like i bought that a couple months before  

the pandemic kind of took off so so like maybe 
like early early 2020 right so like uh and for  

just way too cheap like way too cheap and 
and the cards are near mint every single card  

near mint sleeve top loader perfect the guy 
was like super collector um and so i had to  

i had to send them in for granted i sent him in 
bulk whatever so now it's just a waiting game  

but that's something i would keep a ton of those 
cards and just kind of peace out little bits here  

and there because just it's worth too much like 
right simply but it's worth too much especially  

graded it's not many people there aren't many 
complete sets created i don't even think like i  

maybe three or something i think i was looking 
i was looking at the pop report just seeing like  

there's some like only pop three or so you just 
look for the card with the lowest pop and that's  

that's the only that's the only that's the 
most amount of possible complete sets is the  

lowest pop card in the legendary collection 
in the yeah that that that makes sense um  

so i have i don't have much from the legendary 
collection i don't think i definitely don't have  

any of the reverse foils but um so i don't have 
any experience with it but is it similar to like  

the chansey and the clefairy and the base set 
where it's just you know very easy to scratch  

it kind of reminds me of uh southern islands 
too 100 southern ireland oh my god like i  

might be i have i have three sets right now 
with cgc two english one japanese and i'm  

i'll be lucky if maybe i'll get like something 
near mint you know for for like cgc is tough too  

yeah i love those sets though gorgeous 
cards i connor loves those sets too  

yeah yeah we're waiting on the conversations 
because yeah he's he's great he's definitely  

great he's taught me a lot about like collecting 
from a financial perspective um so he's been yeah  

seriously seriously and and like and we've had a 
lot of conversations about the southern islands  

too because um i think he's got both now at least 
one japanese and at least one english but for a  

long time he was having he was having trouble like 
closing deals uh for some of the southern island  

sets i know like god i don't know like deals 
cancelled and [ __ ] stupid [ __ ] on ebay but  

but i think he finally has his sets but yeah it's 
crazy it's it's probably like my favorite set  

okay because it's easy to complete not gonna 
lie and like that was attainable for me but  

those are great i love the art on those 
those are so cool i don't know fantastic  

i mean is it technically considered a promo set 
or like an actual actual set is it i think it's  

considered a promo set it's a southern ireland's 
promise that they released it i don't know when  

it was between the jungle and the fossil sets 
i believe i could be wrong sometime in that era

but it was released as a promo and yeah beautiful 
cards i love i love the art oh yeah oh yeah have  

you seen what the uh what the sealed english 
was at least trying to go for like eight ten  

months ago like sealed english for that was 
trying to go like eight eight four thousand  

it was listed at four thousand for a while 
yeah i sold a couple of complete english sets  

for not sealed but i sold a couple uh like near 
mint sets and a light place that i think i got  

maybe four or six hundred something like that 
does that sound like i don't know i think it was  

something like that for a complete set and 
kind of the kind of the middle of the hype  

oh really see that that's that's a 
pretty good that's a pretty good price  

uh price range that you got them because i think 
i probably spent no more than 450 on on uh each  

english set that i got so so i was paying a 
little bit lower but i mean [ __ ] you know  

whatever you can get uh you know squeeze out yeah 
whatever you can but but i know i i know like so  

i was looking at this is a long time ago this 
is last year but the psa 10 merrell and mew  

they were on ebay and and the dude was trying to 
sell them for like 10 000 plus each like these  

cards and i'm like are you serious dude yeah uh 
so so i i hit him i hit up the seller on ebay and  

i was trying to talk to him to see if like he 
could you know like what would he offer me if i  

you know was trying to get the whole set right 
right his whole entire psa southern islands and  

he said you know he couldn't even calculate it 
he couldn't even do it he couldn't even give me  

a number and i'm like what that doesn't make sense 
dude i'm gonna i'm gonna go now i know i know he i  

know exactly exactly so so but but what i like 
what's i like that like with your collection  

because not only do you have pokemon cards and 
that cool stuff like that but you also have some  

video games and specifically you have graded 
video games too yeah i got a couple of those  

yeah when did you start when did you start 
getting into all that side of collecting hmm so  

i guess i degraded video games came just 
i feel like it was a natural progression  

right so i started getting into just like physical 
collecting kind of my childhood retro video games  

uh like getting that stuff back i had as 
a kid maybe like three four years ago now  

i think i still i think no i started og retro 
it's gonna be like the three year anniversary  

in august so it's still only two point something 
years old which is pretty cool um dude and it's  

and it's big it's huge it's yeah it's uh we're 
having fun with it we're having fun with it  

and so i started then got in the retro collecting 
thing and i think the i saw like rated video games  

kind of i think the first time i saw it maybe at 
a convention and i was like whoa that's pretty  

cool like because it's just in my opinion a lot of 
people it's like a hot topic it's controversial i  

feel like people sometimes hate the idea of like 
great video games encapsulating something that's  

meant to be played um but i don't know i see it 
as like if you have something that's sealed and  

i actually i agree with those people when they're 
talking about like games that aren't sealed like  

i don't really fully believe in grading a 
complete and box game like i think that is  

meant to be it's like ready to be played like you 
should maybe preserving is one thing and you can  

preserve it in other ways than like fully 
encapsulating in a box you can't take out  

but anyways sealed collecting is a little 
bit different and i think like if you  

have something sealed that's like a moment in 
time that it's just captured that's it's just  

for me that's cool like knowing that this has not 
been tampered with or touched with since it came  

out of you know that factory box is is a pretty 
cool idea and so i think that's what got me into  

it i just like the idea of it i think because i 
bought and sold great again i only have two in my  

collection right now because it's kind of a buying 
and selling uh you know niche as well there's a  

couple that these two i'll never get rid of um and 
i'm adding another permanent one to the collection  

soon can you announce like yeah it's already or 
do you want to keep it quiet no i've i don't know  

the grade yet but i've already kind of announced 
what it was it's got a war 2 on the playstation 2.  

oh yeah yeah oh man such a good one yeah black 
label uh first print sealed beautiful seal so it  

should be coming back from water pretty soon and 
i expect a pretty high grade on that and that's  

that's another one of those games that like 
that was a defining moment of my childhood  

first rated m video game i ever had begged 
my parents for me to get it like i remember  

the game stop that i got it in it's closed now 
which kind of sucks but like our it's so that  

game means a lot to me and getting it sealed 
that's like that memory in time right like it  

that game never change it it was like that when 
it first came out so like knowing that is cool  

and then it elevates it to like another tier of 
collectible when it's it like if you've ever held  

a greater game like it feels different like it's 
it's archival it's like it's kind of you know  

it's like it's serious like it's not just a game 
anymore it's more like an art piece or you know  

something else and i think i i just like the 
idea of it i really like the idea of it so i got  

uh i have pokemon silver sealed graded 
which is like that's that's the holy grail  

uh that was it i mean that is the holy grail 
in the collections what i started i would say  

that's what i started og retro like if i had any 
intentions of ever getting anything like cool and  

that's probably it like sealed copy of silver 
like silver was the game for me in my childhood  

so it just had my my collection is i'd say 90 
based on nostalgia and what i enjoyed as a kid  

like maybe ten percent based on like cool stuff 
now there's stuff i've picked up along the way  

like maybe stuff i've gotten into now that i'm 
super deep into the retro gaming community super  

deep into pokemon that kind of stuff but most of 
it's just based on you know what i loved as a kid  

and so the sealed games the sealed graded 
games are all like that too i have pikmin  

uh which the commun community a bunch of people 
that you know watch the claim sales that we do  

listen to podcasts that i do shout out cards 
and cartridges podcast shameless plug uh but  

they uh they came together and bought me a graded 
copy of pikmin or not a great copy a sealed copy  

of pikmin which i then got graded so like that's 
a game that has multiple meanings like pikmin is  

the one of the first games that i ever beat i 
think it was the first game i ever beat and it  

was only with the help of my babysitter that i 
could beat it because it was so hard but it was  

so hard for to figure out how to save omar from 
certain death before you know time ran out and  

he was eaten alive by the pigment monsters and so 
i i just love that game so that's another great  

game i have it all the graded stuff i have is like 
for the personal collection at least is stuff that  

means that's how i go that's how i see graded 
stuff it's like i'm i'm archiving it i'm  

protecting it forever i don't want the condition 
of this to change because like it's this memory if  

it's a if it's a cib games and like i have plenty 
of cib games that are in beautiful condition  

and plenty that would grade like super high 
like my copy of pokemon emerald that's like  

perfect like literally looks like it's been 
on yo peg city what's going on i just saw  

the chat i was like that's funny i didn't know 
there was yeah yeah it just popped up no yeah  

yeah it's right there yeah cool so um what was i 
saying that distracted me oh the yeah the cib copy  

emerald would grade high but i just never would 
i'll i'll put that in a plastic case and that's it  

yeah i mean you know i can definitely understand 
your your feeling of like archiving a thing  

i kind of feel that way about comic books but 
i feel like it's it's different still even with  

video games because this is a moment and to your 
point you know that if you're looking at a sealed  

graded thing like that is literally a moment in 
time you know what are the chances of that even  

existing now yeah like it's so low i mean i mean 
so do you think you know i'm just i'm curious  

to know do you think it's worth buying graded 
product like video games if they're not sealed

for me no but there's also some like that question 
it does depend on a lot of things and i could be  

this is like i'm contradicting myself like right 
here as we speak but like for instance the game  

uh stadium events like super rare nintendo game 
on the nes and it's worth like i think it's like  

twenty five thousand dollars loose right like 
five figures loose um wow like sports games  

normally aren't like that i don't know anyways 
go ahead yeah it's a very bizarre title um very  

low print run and nes collectors are savages 
um they'll they'll go to the ends of earth  

to get their hands on the rare carts 
so i understand some people creating  

loose carts like that from a financial 
perspective and almost an archival perspective  

because they're they're a bit more delicate and 
like it's plastic's brittle the pcb is old like  

it's a little bit different than a disk based 
game like and the cartridge like or the like a  

gba box is i guess that's cardboard so that's 
frail too like so i don't know maybe i'm just  

maybe uh maybe i'm wrong like maybe people 
i just don't like uh it's not for me grading  

uh not sealed stuff unless it's crazy high value  

where it kind of makes sense like that that's 
your excuse it's crazy high value that's why  

it's created uh and not played with because it was 
played with maybe it would get broken i don't know  

yeah i mean i i can definitely understand that 
perspective you know when you're looking at  

something that rare especially even you know just 
raw going for that much you know i can understand  

it from an archival perspective as well because 
even for me i sent out you know some cards to cgc  

uh in april april may and you know some of the 
cards that i sent out i don't think that they'll  

necessarily grade high but i want to get them 
graded because at that point i'm just looking for  

the preservation of it you know at the very least 
it won't hopefully in theory you know be in worse  

condition when it comes back you know so so that i 
can at least keep it because that's the thing that  

i don't trust myself with i don't trust myself 
with keeping [ __ ] like i had i had david person  

on uh he's got an insane collection and he doesn't 
grade anything he's one of those guys that doesn't  

and i'm cool with that like i don't you know how 
you collect is how you collect right so i don't  

judge that at all but he is able to keep his cards 
in excellent conditions and binders and i forgot  

to ask him how the hell he does it because [ 
__ ] [ __ ] i i can't do it i can't do it like  

i don't even know i don't even know like like 
i i had some modern magic the gathering cards  

in a binder not even like a three-ring binder 
it was in one of those nicer binders that you  

you take the cards out on the side and i'm 
like yeah these cards are going to be good  

yeah exactly and and there's this one particular 
card that still got messed up on the sides it was  

a pack fresh card and and you know i it could have 
been that i maybe moved it in and out of binders  

too much you know there could have been many 
reasons that i didn't notice until like at the end  

you know but but like but to your point i i mean 
i i do think that it depends and it makes sense  

um you know it depends on the situation and 
you know what your goal is to because you know  

if if if the point is to roi right if you're only 
creating something roi well then obviously you  

want to only get the best [ __ ] graded you know 
it doesn't make sense to get anything you know  

not as much greater but but i mean there's other 
motivations to getting something graded so that  

that completely makes sense um is there like 
so so is there other than what you're waiting  

to get back from what from from upgraded is are 
there any games that you're kind of keeping an  

eye out on like trying to trying to add to the 
collection yeah i would say i mean like i said  

wedding and house plans are gonna put a little bit 
of a buffer before i probably go ahead with this  

but i sticking with kind of the nostalgia and 
stuff i would love to have from my childhood if  

i could get there's two games right at the top of 
my head i mean a sealed copy of pokemon red would  

be insane yeah that is going for crazy prices 
there was a point at which it was hitting like 80  

000 or something like heritage auctions 
going insane during the hype of everything  

um so that one i don't know how realistic 
that one will be unless i find like a sealed  

copy in the wild and get a grade myself 
which it's very possible i have before um  

or and more realistically a copy of kingdom hearts 
2 on the playstation 2 which is another childhood  

game that i absolutely loved and that one i feel 
like is i can i can make that happen like tomorrow  

if i wanted but i'll just i'll wait till the till 
it comes till the time still a good deal yeah  

yeah until a good deal yeah it's on the radar that 
makes sense yeah i know that that's awesome um so  

so you're willing to try to find something 
in the wild and then get it graded um versus  

like like going do you prefer going that route 
first before actually getting something sealed  

because there's a little bit of a premium there 
already yeah yeah definitely i definitely prefer  

if i can like getting i mean ultimately what i 
prefer is like coming into it organically like  

there are a couple times i mean so i found a copy 
of like fire emblem path of radiance sealed one  

time in a lot that was just insane like that was 
insane so like my cost basis for that was like  

i think like 30 or 40 dollars and i turned 
around graded it got a 9.6 or something  

a plus plus seal like sold it for i think close 
to a thousand or at that time and nowadays  

you'll probably get 10k because created 
games have really taken off since then but  

i i can't i don't regret anything it's cool 
when that stuff happens and i i truthfully  

hot take i hate fire emblem games i don't know why 
they're so expensive i don't understand the appeal  

shoot me is what it is but uh do you like fire 
emblem games you know what honestly i haven't  

played them and that's a that's a jrpg right yeah 
well it's a turn-based rpg based japanese rpg  

strategy very very strategy based yeah i don't 
have any strategy i don't i i don't either  

um i remember playing back in the day of 
final fantasy demo um it wasn't even like  

final fantasy vii it was one of the other ones 
but it was like as a kid it was too much for me  

and so i think like that sentiment is kind of 
held on even though probably as an adult i'd  

be fine like i love rpg games you know like one 
of my favorite games of all time is mass effect  

and that and that trilogy so yeah you know i 
i really enjoyed that but yeah not not super  

into fire emblem but i know that it's really big 
it's got this weird you know kind of cult huge  

following um yeah yeah so so so i know i know that 
one's got a little bit of a cult following but  

you know i'm kind of curious to get your thoughts 
on this because i had on rj who is one of conor's  

actual friends in real life who also does a lot of 
retro gaming collecting and one of the things that  

that one of the things that we had talked about 
is you know in the comic book world you you  

there there's a saying by one to read one to keep 
right so you have your one that you're just gonna  

let get messed up and then the other one that's 
gonna kind of go into the collection you know if  

it's a key issue right and we kind of uh we're 
thinking about that from a a game perspective  

you know because because the vintage sealed 
games are obviously very rare and it makes sense  

because you know there's a lot that goes against 
something being sealed but i was thinking you know  

when it comes to the modern games you know because 
they're you know their publishers are just gonna  

you know push out however many games they can 
that they think will sell right so there's a  

ton of supply but since now we're looking 
at generations of games where these might be  

the last physical copies of games that we'll 
get you know is it is the market going to react  

a little bit differently because of that you know 
so so like will there potentially be a little bit  

more demand considering that these are going to be 
the last few gents that we'll actually see i think  

so i think yeah there's already talks you know 
there's not even there's already talks but you  

already see like games that launches physical and 
digital sometimes they'll get de-listed digitally  

and then the only option to buy that game or 
play that game because the physical version then  

you get a decrease of supply because that game's 
getting bought out leading an increase in price  

or you have uh kind of like the more 
natural effect i think it happened with uh  

xenoblade chronicles definitive edition where they 
did print you know what they thought was a lot but  

then the demand completely blew their expectations 
out of the water and xenoblade's now like a pretty  

expensive game on the secondary market even for 
a switch game which is crazy um and what else  

i think yeah i i think as we see physical 
games start to go away you're gonna see  

even switch games become more valuable and we see 
3ds games already 3ds is insane right now yeah  

which is something i didn't even really expect 
i didn't i didn't think it would be this quickly  

uh after the life cycle of 3ds that we'd see 
this stuff become like really collectible and  

a lot of it really valuable um and i think it has 
to do with yes i mean the 3ds shop eshop getting  

uh d-list and some of the games coming down from 
that and the only way to play them is the physical  

stuff so yeah yeah and and you know because it 
seems like with nintendo and nintendo games in  

general and that brand it seems to hold a little 
bit more in the secondary market you know just  

i mean when you compare like the zelda games um 
compare that to some nes games like i know when i  

was kind of uh hunting for certain kinds of you 
know games kind of like early on in my process  

to learn things when i when i go to a secondhand 
store i would always just look at the games and i  

would see that the the sports games for the most 
part at least there at the stores i was seeing  

trash just complete trash right um you know no one 
no one was really buying those no one was really  

really buying the atari you know games the old 
school old school ones yeah i mean i know i'm  

sure that there are some exceptions to that 
of course but but um you know thinking about  

that though it kind of made me think that oh 
you know maybe i should grab a pokemon snap  

i don't plan on playing that game it doesn't seem 
like a game that i'd find fun but maybe something  

to buy and keep sealed yeah i mean the one thing 
too that that i've been trying to keep in mind  

of as well is there are more sealed collectors 
now in general like across the board so so you  

got to kind of keep you know expectations 
kind of low right i agree i don't think a  

lot of people think about that they're like they 
think of sealed product kind of being invincible  

in terms of value-wise and a lot honestly a lot 
of data backs that up i'll be on like in terms of  

what we've seen there's not many boxes i don't 
know if there are any boxes of pokemon that if you  

have bought then and still have now sealed i don't 
think there's any that haven't appreciated so

you know sealed product is is good yeah yeah i i 
definitely agree with you i kind of feel like from  

um you know if you wanted to buy the thing that 
was the safest to get and and it seems like this  

is the case across anything across magic across 
pokemon you know even with games is sealed product  

like complete sealed product um just seems like 
to be the thing so so now what i do is is i do try  

to just have more sealed product because you know 
it might you know i might not be able to you know  

it might not see good growth in five years 
like that's not even what i'm thinking i'm  

thinking like 10 15 20 years you know it'll be 
kind of the annoying thing the annoying box of  

[ __ ] that you have to bring with you when you 
move like it's just going to be like a big box

exactly but it's a good box it's just yeah every 
time you move you know you're just gonna have to  

deal with it but but it's okay like i'm i'm fine 
with that um but yeah yeah sealed seems to be the  

safest thing to buy one of the things that is you 
know worrisome um you know if you don't buy cards  

that you like you run like single cards especially 
like slab when you're spending hundreds of dollars  

you know i just feel you run such a big risk 
because those cards you know there might be some  

cards that don't have the chance of really growing 
in population over time but like a sealed product  

is never going to be higher like you're never 
going to be able to recreate a sealed product it's  

always going to go lower i mean you know i know 
there are people in the market that have a ton  

of sealed vintage pokemon right it's insane what 
they've got so you know knowing that it's kind of  

hard to justify putting so much in a single card 
i know some people still do you know charizard  

for example goes for so much but it's just so 
risky to put 500 plus to me at least based on  

on what i've got and and where i'm at like 
yeah i'm with you it's a it's a lot of money  

and i'm way more okay with spending that amount 
of money if we're talking 500 plus on sealed stuff  

mm-hmm yeah yeah like there are not many cards 
i've spent over i if any over 500 i have a couple  

worth that much but it's only because i've been 
smart about getting them or bought them a while  

ago and now they've been graded high and whatnot 
but yeah it's rare that i spend that kind of money  

on a single card but i've definitely 
spent that kind of money on sealed product  

oh for sure for sure i think it's definitely a 
little bit more justifiable and then of course  

you know you got to pay a little bit more when 
you're when you want to make sure that it's real  

you know sometimes like the legit sellers you 
know you got to spend a little bit more but  

that yeah you know that's okay in my opinion 
so then so then okay so you were collecting  

as a kid and then you got back to it as an adult 
how many years have you been collecting recently  

it's probably just like three three and a 
half so since i kind of started og retro and  

that whole thing i've been collecting both 
video games and pokemon cards pretty much  

since then yeah okay okay yeah yeah that 
that definitely makes sense i feel like  

you know that kind of age range within like the 
last several years and i mean gosh it was a great  

time too honestly to get back into collecting 
just because you know cards are so cheap now  

yeah i think that and like it was around pokemon 
go too pokemon go came out like four years ago  

four and a half five years ago now and that was 
huge that that game brought like back at least  

some of the love i have for pokemon and then 
let's go came out on the switch and that game  

was a remake of yellow and like that definitely 
you know so all those things contribute to just  

the snowball effect of where we are 
today with the massive collection that  

you know i try to you know i really try to 
keep it quality over quantity still like i i'm  

i'm not so into like hoarding lots of stuff 
rather than just like collecting really cool  

good stuff yeah yeah for sure for sure do you 
like when it comes to you know the market and  

you know seeing what you see and what people 
are doing like do you think that there's  

you know any like bad things in the 
market that we need to watch out for  

that you see that's happening that's kind of 
like you know you're gonna kind of stay away


i don't know i guess i think like we were saying 
before like people just got to be educated i think  

the only thing the bad thing is like people going 
into it blind you know like i think i've seen a  

bit of that like and i think that's with anything 
like i think this can go for literally anything  

you're about to and put money into right like 
unless you're some crazy billionaire and you know  

money just doesn't matter to you you know like the 
you know millionaire millionaire whatever but like  

if you actually care about money i 
think it's important that you know  

that this hobby isn't isn't cheap right like 
oh definitely not pokemon's not a cheap hobby  

gaming can be like you can do it on a budget 
for sure and a lot of my collections been  

built very much so on a budget like i've done 
it in a very like thrifty way i'd call it um  

like buying large collections reselling 
doubles that kind of thing like um but

i lost my train of thought but yeah i don't know 
so no no you're good so do you think that um like  

box breaks because box breaks can be fun do you 
think of those as like someone buying into a box  

break as an investment no no no like the only way 
i don't even think there's not many ways pokemon  

it can be an investment like it's pretty rare i 
think the in or they're not rare but they're just  

like very few ways that it actually is i think 
the sealed product thing they're very legitimate  

like investments there even for even modern sealed 
product almost it's like a like a penny stock  

compared to like a blue chip stock there's like 
a like a fossil box it's like that tried and true  

value there that's has history of prices going up 
where like these modern boxes have kind of crazy  

highs and then low like the you know battle styles 
was selling for 70 now selling for 35 at etb it's  

just like up and down this kind of it's it's weird 
it's like a volatile penny stock almost and uh  

i think so we were talking about box breaks right 
yeah and if they have if there's any investment  

yeah so like investability no it's just it's just 
uh i enjoy doing them so i i've definitely and  

i have box breaks on my channel on twitch and but 
it's always i personally always try to charge like  

very fair prices like basically what retail 
is like you know cost plus tax plus shipping  

or whatever which well yeah it's basically 
retail so it ends up really just being like  

i do it for fun like i love opening pokemon cards 
and i think there are like i'm not definitely not  

saying i'm the only one who does this for like 
with good intentions there are a lot of like  

good uh good intentions because it is fun it is 
a way to like open cards as a community almost  

whereas like you could just open them by yourself 
like i guess in your room it's kind of depressing  

but unless it's it's exciting every now and then 
i like doing it every now and then because it  

reminds me of being a kid right but like i also 
i like i'll buy into box breaks myself because  

i think it's exciting and like it is like 
opening up packs with the community everybody's  

watching kind of thing and um so it's not an 
investment it's maybe it's an investment in  

your own entertainment like the investment 
in your happiness but it's not a monetary  

uh shouldn't be especially in 
modern stuff like get out of here  

yeah i know no i i definitely i i can definitely 
agree with you there especially you know  

considering some of the more expensive box breaks 
you know where your chance of pulling you know the  

gem mint special like chase card is so freaking 
low that you know you would have to pull that in  

order to make any kind of money back but yeah but 
but i'm i'm definitely i'm definitely with you on  

that i i feel like there are newer people out 
there that kind of um you know so sometimes box  

breaks can be over hyped yeah i mean honestly i 
think it depends on the person who's doing them  

but you know i like like to me i i think that 
they're fun you know if you know exactly what  

they are which is like you're doing it for fun 
you know you're going in maybe like supporting you  

know your box breaker like that that's fine right 
i've been trying to get on a ferrara tron box  

break for forever but his [ __ ] always you know 
so like sells out so damn quick so i'm like damn  

damn dude save me a spot i will i will buy it but 
um but no no i can definitely i can definitely  

agree with you like you do it for fun like 
it's entertainment you know exactly what it is  

it's not like a you know a chance to actually get 
that chase card i mean you could you could yeah  

you know i kind of feel like if there is a 
specific card that you want you're probably  

better off just buying it just buying it 
and that's what i've realized yeah that's  

what i've learned even just opening modern 
it's like how many boxes do i actually like  

if you don't hit it the first box you're better 
off buying it pretty much yeah yeah no exactly  

you've got one booster box to enjoy pulling and 
then if you don't hit it there just buy it right  

exactly i'm with you on that i was on um uh do you 
know that channel going twice or the the instagram  

account going twice okay well you know long 
story short they were trying to like calculate  

what it how many boxes it took to get i think 
it was champion's path charizard okay i think  

that's what it was the rainbow and they they 
were you know we're watching other box breaks  

and they're like okay it looks like it's gonna 
take ten right and it absolutely was not ten for  

them at least it was like easy 20. now these guys 
you know you know they're they're a real business  

like they know what they're doing so even if they 
didn't hit like it was still a good experience but  

like gosh you know i'm i agree with you when 
you when you say that like chase cards should  

be hard to pull but damn yeah but damn there 
are so many freaking cards there are so they  

they print so much and i think um now chilling 
rings 200 cards something 198 cards in the set  

oh for the entire set [ __ ] i don't even 
i haven't even looked at the new set lists  

i don't really i don't really buy much modern 
so i don't really keep up with it too much  

i need to get eevee heroes though i really like 
evie i need to get you you've uh cracked open  

some oh yeah yeah i've opened two booster boxes so 
far i have a third and i think i'll probably grab  

maybe one or two more because that's a set that 
i was just talking about not opening cards but  

like i i love opening that sets there's so many 
cards that i would want that i don't mind like  

just opening it and that's that's again just 
like not financially yeah like no finance uh no  

economics thought of when i'm 
going into that just right  

for fun you know i i know that you don't 
really have magic the gathering anymore  

gathering cards but have you been buying any 
of the strix haven boxes i bought i have one  

booster box and i have i think like two collectors 
boxes or something like that wow okay just because  

yeah i heard it was going to be really cool like 
i kind of i kind of just the car that one yeah  

well i i no so i played the i played the set 
on mtg arena and it's cool it's super powerful  

very very strong set and it was really cool 
and i enjoyed playing the cards i was like  

yeah like and it was a really hyped uh like the 
art size was beautiful i opened one or two packs  

um super beautiful cards so i just thought they 
were cool so i figured yeah um grab a couple  

because like the pokemon boxes behind i have like 
a bunch of sealed modern pokemon boxes i just buy  

to uh like you said just i think it's just 
good to have like i'm it's not anything like  

i'm looking at selling tomorrow or a year or two 
years like it's 5 10 20 it kind of is what it is  

it's just a cool party cool another part of the 
collection that is good stored value and also  

is appreciating a little bit i think yeah yeah i 
mean i really don't think that you can go wrong  

honestly with that um have you with the strict 
haven one of the reasons why i wanted to get  

them was because of those japanese altars i 
have a few actual boxes they're not they're  

not booster boxes because i wasn't able to like 
actually get those i only had access to you know  

the 40 ones at target or whatever um yeah yeah 
it's been really tough for me to to find them but  

um those japanese all cards look so cool like have 
you pulled any yet yeah i the i think i pulled the  

there's this two drop white card that i pulled i 
forget it's not a good one it's like i pulled two  

uncommons basically nothing crazy um but just 
beautiful cards it's just the alternate art  

so maybe it's not i don't know if i got i think 
it was an alternate but anyways those japanese  

alternates are insane they're crazy yeah seriously 
they they they are so awesome i've watched a few i  

don't know if you watch uh rudy from yeah 
alpha investments i've been watching for  

years and that's another like before i was even 
collecting like so he again is like another one  

of those things that probably got me into it was 
watching his videos like oh i got i'm the same way  

like he got me into collecting magic the gathering 
like i don't really know how to play it i i  

don't have like a childhood with magic but they're 
still cards so i like them i like them and then  

and then like also i like opening boxes so i 
was opening like a whole bunch of um core 2019  

like a few years ago which was it was really 
fun it was really nice um but but yeah he he  

was the first one for me put that seed in 
my head where it's like these things can be  

investible you know you can you can approach it 
from that way and i was like what so no but he's  

he's been really good to listen to i'm actually 
a part of his patreon so i do get some stuff  

yeah but but even his like [ __ ] his strict 
haven when he had it for sale it went so fast  

absolutely missed it yeah yeah yeah but um but he 
he recently too started selling the chilling rain  

um boxes which i haven't bought any yet 
i think i saw them on your ig um yeah  

how do you like the set so far have you opened any 
of them yet yeah i opened two elite trainer boxes  

and four just sleep booster packs 
so not so total like total 20 packs  

okay so not too many but enough to get a taste of 
it and i like it like these are a lot of the same  

cards that we saw in uh or these same cards we 
saw in the japanese sets uh matches fighters and  

black poltergeists and silverlands so there's it's 
like three japanese sets combined into one english  

set so like i said 200 cards in the set which 
is kind of wild yeah but there's some really  

beautiful like with that being said there's a lot 
of really beautiful cards so it's it's that open  

mm-hmm yeah um so so are there any special like 
uh chase cards that you that you're going after or  

i want that that moltres the the glare moltres 
is unbelievable the ultimate art is so cool  

so that one maybe the maybe the 
rainbow celebi too that card's really  

yeah yeah i can i can agree i haven't seen 
any of the cards up close but just looking  

at the pictures right now the art definitely 
looks pretty awesome do you have do you have  

any from the japanese version i i know i remember 
seeing those yeah months ago let me pop up on yeah  

yeah i have uh i think i have the celebi 
from the japanese uh silver lance yeah  

silver landsat or maybe it's black poltergeist 
black poltergeist yeah um yeah and i love the  

japanese cards but i like opening both do you 
have a preference uh english versus japanese  

no i i think it is like pretty 50 50 like i really 
i really appreciate both i think do you have any  

of uh like the vintage japanese cards like the top 
sun um none of though none of the vintage vintage  

ones like that like i have vintage japanese bass 
and bits of japanese uh southern island stuff and  

stuff like that but nothing that far back nothing 
as far back as like the top sun oh my stuff yeah  

that's the school though it is very cool yeah 
yeah um i mean i agree with you it's definitely  

it's definitely awesome stuff and it was some of 
the first stuff too um i know i've been getting  

into the vending series like all of them like all 
like all of those series i don't know if you have  

any of those but like going back to what we 
were talking about you know buying pikachus  

like i've been trying to buy pikachu's from those 
sets because the artwork is cool but um you know  

like like when it comes to the pikachu card it's 
it's kind of nice to have those nice rarer ones  

but um well you know anyways i i just notice it's 
about well eight o'clock my time 805 yeah 905 your  

time so yeah i want to be respectful of your time 
because you know i don't want to keep you on super  

long so if you want to you know let everyone know 
where they can find you and i'll put links when  

this is uh yeah posted yeah that'd be awesome that 
well number one thank you so much for having me  

now it's been it's been a really good conversation 
a lot of good stuff talked about thank you yeah um  

y'all can find me at og retro on everything so 
it's a zero but zero g retro on uh instagram uh  

twitch.tv slash og retro and my friend koozie and 
i cozy retro games run the cards and cartridges  

podcast that's on instagram everywhere podcasts 
are youtube instagram google play uh all those  

things apple podcasts that all the podcast things 
so uh check us out there yeah yeah i'll put links  

to all of that uh for sure so that everyone um 
who has listened should definitely listen but um  

yeah anyways well i i appreciate you coming on 
shoot thank you um this has been really great so i  

guess um you know i hope you have a great evening 
and and when i have this uh posted i'll let you  

know so yeah likewise thank you so much yes yeah 
have a great rest of your night bye you too bye

2021 Geeked Out Collecting