Collecting Pokemon - Watching Trends, Predicting Behavior and Timing the Market

Matt is a therapist by trade and by night a full fledge Pokemon, Star Wars (& more). He's an especially avid collector of the Expedition Pokemon set. Youtube: Ebay: Instagram: Trade/Sales References: Tom (@pancake_analytics) is a data scientist by day and by night uses his data science skills to build reports and forecasts that pertain to Pokemon and how we collect. Check out his reports here: Pokemon Data Science Book: Ebay: Youtube: Facebook: Comic Con Data Science Blog:

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turn this on we're we're live now i can't believe 
this okay so what so um will any of the disney  

characters like come by like behind the table 
and and say hey is that this kind of brunch  

are we on brunch is this brunch 
yeah they've limited that in kovid  

right now so no donald duck but i mean like 
they're wearing a mask they're in a helmet  

oh man i was gonna say if i can if i can make 
a request i'd love to meet jasmine let's do it  

but i guess i can't i guess i can that's awesome 
so when do you when do you come back from disney  

so me and matt only live an hour and 
a half away this is just a day trip  

yeah so just disney world all the time you know

yeah is is the star wars um park or whatever 
i don't know how that works is is the star  

wars really as cool as as what people say i've 
been math hasn't i think it's great uh matt's  

probably going to have some disagreements on that 
really first thought they they created their own  

land so it doesn't exist in any star wars canon 
i mean i'm not a purist i just love star wars  

yeah it's by the way it's an atrocity that i 
haven't been yet like i'm definitely the biggest  

star wars fan in the family like that that was my 
original collection and hobby the star wars toys  

oh really yeah as i say we're in the room right 
now with uh up there i'm not going to turn the  

camera but i have the original like the 1970s 
18 ttt sealed walker and also i have like the  

millennium falcon era from 1996. so 96 they had 
these packages where it was like okay the dark  

side toys had like a red lightsaber on it 
and light side toys had a green lightsaber  

and they accidentally printed the millennium 
falcon with the red lightsaber and i have it  

sealed up there above my head right now that's 
awesome how are those are those toys like  

really big are are they like like the vintage 
star wars stories i know nothing about vintage  

star wars are those very very popular right now so 
so some of them they haven't really boomed in the  

same way that cards has um but you know it's 
like my seal i say it's sealed but it's like  

not in good condition like it's a kind of ratty 
old box um but if i had it in mint condition i  

mean like that stuff could be like a couple of 
like thousand dollars especially the 18 the ata  

but like really the stuff that people go for is 
kind of like with uh with cards like the rookie  

card like the rookie boba fett toy like the 
first boba fett the first luke skywalker which  

i don't have any of those firsts uh you know that 
i mean like boba fett i haven't checked recently  

but boba fett is like the most expensive it's 
like tens of thousands that that's awesome so so  

so i'm i'm about to drop a grenade because i 
want to i want to gauge the kind of star wars  

fan you are the recent trilogy is better than the 
original trilogy okay uh i got problems with it

yes okay okay you're probably my kind of star 
wars fan then yeah yeah so it's the original  

trilogy is the best right um the the last star 
wars movie made no sense whatsoever like they  

did not plant seeds of there being like a ray and 
ben love interest this whole time oh my god that's  

supposed to be like brother sister and now they're 
kissing and that's what like saves her like what  

and then and then kylo ren gets to redeem 
himself even though he's a genocidal like nazi  

like he gets to redeem himself just by 
sacrificing himself like he got to do  

a little bit more i don't know he's got not to 
mention that they bring back the emperor which  

was like you know the ultimate sacrifice 
at the end of return which it's like and  

now that sacrifice meant nothing because the 
emperor i guess has been alive this whole time  

it's like like what what's the explanation 
for for him coming back like they they they  

sent people down the shaft and grabbed 
his remains and then made clones of him  

i mean the sith the sith running through him was 
so strong that it just just kept him alive now i  

would like to say after this conversation you are 
the one who said that those movies were better

that was just a grenade i needed to test the 
waters to see to see how this was because i  

get called a boomer i i actually get called 
a boomer because uh you know my my favorite  

movies are the trilogies i i don't even care for 
the prequels too much um there are some things  

i do like about the prequels don't get me wrong 
but there are a lot of things that i don't like  

yeah because i'm used to like i've had 
this conversation before with people  

i loved the clone wars tv show both both of the tv 
shows the one with dave filoni and then the other  

the cartoon like the actual cartoon uh animation 
and and i really enjoyed um how they flushed out  

the anakin skywalker character in in those 
shows and so and so when i go back i noticed  

that i couldn't watch i can't watch the prequels 
anymore because like i have a different anakin  

and so i go to the prequels and and the anakin is 
terrible like see i haven't i haven't been tainted  

by the by the show so i never i hadn't watched 
clone wars or anything like that but what i what  

i will say for the prequels like i so i hated them 
like vehemently for a long time um but now like  

i watch episode one and two sort of the same way 
that i watch the fast and furious movies is that  

it's just like it is awesomely terrible you know 
it's just it's it's entertaining how bad it is and  

i love it yes yeah yeah i'm right there i'm right 
there with you i'm right there i used to really  

enjoy like everyone you know my favorite people 
for a long time was uh revenge of the sith and um  

and and and and i just don't enjoy it 
as much as i did before just cuz like  

like i kind of laugh at some of the like 
the close-up of anakin where he's like

oh my god like what i really want to see 
and this is i know this is in the star wars  

podcast so this will be the last thing but 
what i really want to see is that it was uh  

who is it not toby mcguire who's the guy who 
looks exactly like toby mcguire that 70s show  

joe for grace go for grace so topher grace 
apparently like back in i think 2012 did a  

uh his own like director's cut of the prequels 
where he took all three movies and made it like  

one 86 minute long movie and he like he premiered 
it like in new york and like just for like a small  

crowd like people watch and apparently it was 
phenomenal like it made the prequels great but  

it never leaked online like there's no trace 
of it but allegedly he made a fantastic prequel  

ah i didn't i didn't know that i'm gonna have to 
do some research now because i would love to see  

to see that i would love to see how it changes 
and and that's like loki you know i know this  

isn't a star wars podcast we just you just said 
that but that's the problem that's the that's  

the pro and the con of being like such a nerd 
and having other nerds on the podcast is like  

i'll nerd out about anything yeah you'll just go 
down rabbit hole on whatever yeah and i've just  

accepted it like i'm okay with it because there 
will be a fraction of listeners that are like yeah  

the recent trilogy sucked yeah i came for 
the pokemon i stayed for the star wars

there you go there you go see gosh 
now now what i will say though tom  

if you're not eating pancakes i'm actually sad 
about that are you eating pancakes right now  

because it looked like you were eating 
breakfast tacos but i wasn't quite sure  

it's a pork tacos oh okay see look okay it 
did look like you're eating tacos if it's  

not a pancake taco i don't want to hear about it 
yeah and on pancake sundae no less come on man  

come on seriously what the hell 
anyways i'll survive you'll see me

well hey y'all i appreciate you being on in spite 
of the fact that you're literally in disney world  

um i and i'm also a little jealous like i'm 
like i'm a little jealous but story behind  

that is um family said oh we're going to go to 
disney world so you have time to do the podcast  

i said well i want to go to disney world

i was like okay you get a 
restaurant just do your thing  

well hey just let me know like because you know 
i can easily geek out for easy easily five hours  

i feel like we could do that but i want to 
be respectful too so whenever you need to  

hop off like just just let me know whenever your 
time is so because you know disney world is way  

more fun than than being on here but anyways 
guys it's gonna come bounce him out of there

your family's literally been waiting outside  

you're probably not supposed 
to film from here from here

i didn't think about that but 
yeah yeah that that too that  

too so like let me know before you keep it low-key

yeah but anyways i appreciate being on and i 
knew this was gonna be really fun because i knew  

we like what i love about you guys like you guys 
don't just collect pokemon stuff that you guys  

have been collecting and i mean i know that you 
know tom you've been collecting a lot of marvel  

but like between the both of y'all like 
what like like let us know what else  

have you been collecting like right 
now other than pokemon and evolving  

skies because that's the thing right now 
but yeah tom i'll let you get into it  

uh yeah so that knows a lot about my 
speculative buys i do all the time

i have a lot of disney uh sealed disney collecting 
uh there's one disney set that i'm hooked on  

and i got through it through a e-pack of all 
places they have a whole disney princess set  

and there's a chase a case chaser that gives 
you a piece of a manufactured diamond in it  

so you can line up disney princesses with 
tiaras and you know fun stuff for natasha  

i was excited we got a number two 199 
rapunzel and pascal card in a trade yesterday  

nice uh other stuff i have a super mario wax 
vintage uh ninja turtles it's a lot of like non  

sports uh sports stuff basketball we went 
all in on football this year my family  

matt included oh nice yeah yeah so 
good those target restocks online

amazingly we weren't killed by bots on it so 
i was happy about that and uh finally tops  

living set i got into recently so 
it's like a limited time weekly  

tops puts it on their website star wars 
wwe and baseball i've done through that set  

they don't know that's the thing you 
don't know the printing until like  

the time expires so some of them have been printed 
to 10 000 5000 less just depends on the character  

yeah yeah that definitely makes sense yeah 
yeah and for me i'm i'm pretty much on uh so  

pokemon's obviously like my main collection um 
but i don't do too much modern collecting like  

you'll see like i'll do modern breaks just 
because you know that's what people want  

to break and it's fun to rip um but you know 
obviously like my predominant stuff like i'm i  

am the expedition guy uh so expedition everything 
i got a got a couple of slabourinos over here my  

my two faves from expedition got the uh mewtwo and 
the nine the psa nine dragonite hollow hell yeah  

yeah so so expedition's my favorite um i also do 
like vending series uh which first one that got me  

hooked on it here was like you know vending series 
was so cool because they took a lot of chances  

and so they had like a child made the artwork 
for this polygraph yeah it's like a child's  

coloring so like vending series next edition are 
my main ones outside of that i do a lot of sealed  

collecting um that i mostly do speculative um so 
like i have just like modern sets i thought you  

know have potential um so for me that's like you 
know hidden fates vivid voltage things that have  

like first time cards you know vivid voltage 
was like the first appearance of amazing rares  

um and so like that was big for me uh but 
outside of pokemon um obviously you've  

seen and you've geeked out a little bit on all 
the stuff i get into with magic the gathering  

um never in my life touch a magic gathering 
card tommy hates it tommy thinks it's the  

dumbest move i've ever made it's never in 
my life and i think you would get into it  

but yeah why i said why why why do 
you think i wouldn't have gotten it

i mean pokemon is your niche you know it so 
well like you just didn't grow up with it  

like you played dungeons and dragons i remember 
that well and that's where they really got me  

like hook line and sinker this past time because 
they did a dungeons and dragon set you know yeah  

and so it's like all the monsters from the 
monster manual and so like that was like  

gave me nostalgia even though i never played uh 
magic but you know i'm kind of like that uh what  

benicio del toro's character from guardians of 
the galaxy like the collector like i like pretty  

things you know and so like when when screw saving 
came out with those japanese alt arts i'm like  

i have no attachment to it other than those are 
gorgeous they're gorgeous i don't even know what  

they're saying i don't even know yeah i know i 
don't even know it's like i gotta look at the  

value of the card and i'm like i don't even know 
what card this is it's just nice it's just great  

and i've been trying to go back to target to get 
the collector uh the collector um booster packs  

yeah yeah cause all they have are those those 
non-draft box strix haven and then they have  

the singles and then for a while they were 
selling the um the collector version of the of  

those booster packs for like 25 bucks and they're 
gone they're completely sold out i was only able  

to get one and i should have honestly gotten 
as many as i could as soon as i could mainly

um um yes because of the japanese alt arts but 
honestly at this point i think the better move  

is to just buy the old arts you know not 
even not even chase the boxes for them  

and just get the alt arts because those are fun 
but i haven't been focused on them because i've  

been focused on fortnight which you know i 
was gonna ask okay so i already know tom's  

answer what's yours matt are you going to do the 
secret lair like uh uh uh street street fighter  

uh for mcg you are okay 100 yeah street fighter 
is that's a big part of mine and tom's childhood  

like i you know thinking back to some of like 
my earliest memories like some of them revolve  

around street fighter you know like i think 
it was like back when we were still living  

in brooklyn like 1994 like i remember like 
borrowing a copy of street fighter 2 from  

one of our friends and just like a genesis 
street fighter right yeah yeah yeah

yeah oh man those are great oh those are great i 
cannot wait to see to see what's up with like i  

don't know i can't wait to see what those those 
cards are i've never i've never tried to buy  

secret lair so i've been like doing some 
research just to prepare when the fortnight  

and the street fighter comes out and i didn't 
realize that the secret lairs were print to demand  

so you have to pre-order them okay yeah i i didn't 
know that yeah i was on the website i added myself  

to the to the ma to the email list so that i 
could get notified because right now you can't  

pre-order for fortnite or street fighter so 
i have to figure out with people that know  

more than i do just to get prepared for that 
date because i don't know if it's going to be  

a body thing i don't know if they're going 
to stop it after a certain you know amount  

of time like even though it's you 
know printed demand like when will  

that is there a line that's going to be really 
interesting uh to see which of those prints  

heavier right because i think that you know street 
fighter especially for people who are our age you  

know in their prime earning years like i think 
street fighter has more nostalgia you know than  

fortnite does um but fortnite obviously the 
much more popular global brand at this point  

um and everyone like thankfully you jess i mean 
like you were like the fortnight pioneer like i  

i didn't know any fortnite collectors until you 
um and now everyone's on it you know and so like  

i could see where you know because now big big 
influencers are into fortnite and everything  

that they may actually end up printing more of the 
fortnite secret layer because the demand is higher  

you know so it'll be interesting to see 
like what prints more of this you said  

yeah yeah i agree with you um and i mean 
like what like what's funny that you say that  

is i'm not even the biggest fortnight collector 
i just happened to be one of the like one of  

the ones on instagram because when i first 
got on instagram my whole thing was fortnite  

and then i decided to like rebrand and make it 
just geek in general because pokemon was more of  

the thing but i love fortnite and i i just want to 
be able to put out whatever i'm collecting so i'm  

like let me just make it general and like i'm just 
you know that's why i came out with geeked out but  

um but yeah like fortnight has been really 
interesting to watch because i just found out  

last night from some people that derek jeter just 
i think it was a private sale for like the guy  

like the fortnight card um and it was a psa 
five of that card wow and so and so now that  

card really is turning into like it always kind of 
was the first edition base at charizard right yeah  

it always kind of what it always always kind of 
was but now at this point what we're seeing for  

the crystal shard version of that card that's like 
the top top card of fortnite that you know even  

if you had an authenticated version of the first 
edition charizard like you're still balling right  

like it doesn't matter the condition even if you 
have an authenticated version it's like okay all  

right like i said you know because like a psa six 
or something is still worth a few thousand dollars  

like it's not cheap to get one and so the crystal 
shard um um black knight card is now starting to  

become like you're starting to actually see 
that that's how the market is reacting to it  

because of that purchase and then on top of that 
like it was an actual celebrity that purchased  

that card so you know they're watching the market 
they might not be talking about it much but  

they're watching it so yeah and so i was i was 
kind of talking to uh rock pokemon connor about  

this the other day about the popularity and the 
longevity surrounding the first edition charizard  

um and how it's like you know it's like it's good 
card you know and it was probably like the the  

nicest one that stood out of the hollows in first 
edition base set you know because it's like the  

only one if you go back and look it's the only 
one that's doing anything right like a polygraph  

is just like this is what a polygraph looks like 
that's what alexander looks like the charizard's  

like blowing fire right and so it's like but 
on the scale of like all the pokemon cards have  

come after that you know it's like it's not that 
interesting it just has the biggest nostalgia hit  

but what i was the reason i bring that up is that 
i'm thinking about like crystal shard black knight  

versus the first edition base at charizard i'm 
willing to bet that those crystal shard cards are  

significantly more rare you know absolutely 
than most first edition based cards right  

and at the time right now and i know it's like 
we have bias because it's like it's what we grew  

up with and i know pokemania was huge but 
for i've never seen something like fortnite  

where like literally every child you know plays 
fortnite you know every like i you know i do i'm  

a therapist by uh by trade by day and whenever 
i am talking with one of my teenage clients  

all of them are on fortnight like all of them it's 
like what's your daily routine i get home maybe i  

do homework and then i hop on fortnight you know 
and so it's like i'm wondering if 20 years from  

now if those you know crystal shard cards are 
going to have more value just because of the the  

the absolute rarity and the huge popularity 
of the franchise um it'll be interesting  

so so i am really glad that you say that like 
i love hearing you say that because you know  

like i don't want to say like you're on 
the outside of fortnite but you've been  

watching it and that's exactly and and you've been 
watching it accurately that's exactly what it is  

i mean uh you know absolutely crystal shards 
there's probably less than 100. yeah and and and  

what we haven't been able to figure out and some 
will argue that there's probably less than 50 and  

i think i think that also could be a possibility 
uh the one thing that's not quite clear and i'm  

i'm waiting for you know the pop reports to 
really start filling out for those crystal  

shard cards across all of the different grading 
companies um that that grade fortnight but um  

i want to see two to get an idea of if there's 
maybe even some rarity with certain skins because  

that's not quite clear because the one thing that 
we're seeing with fortnite is we're seeing crystal  

shards not hit the market that often and it's like 
okay is that a combination of just the supply it  

could be an indication of supply but it could also 
be it's also more so probably an indication that  

you know those collectors know what they have 
and they're keeping it and they're holding those  

for you know five probably probably five years 
at least just to see what those cards start to do  

because i mean even when you see the ones right 
now that are hitting the market like for the usa  

print version i mean because you know there's a 
lot of little nuances to fortnite which is why  

you know i try to stress people like do your 
research and pay attention to those differences  

um the usa prints like they're 
going for easy a thousand  

a thousand even even in the raw version 
for those crystal shard cards so it's like  

if you can get a crystal shard and then it's a 
legendary skin that was even more rare and then  

and then you know the particular like highlighted 
ones right the ones that were popular in the game  

the ones that played a significant part in the 
actual story uh to fortnite you know behind behind  

the game so i mean you've really got something 
there i i was talking to some guys last night we  

were ranking we were ranking cards um and we're 
like okay black knight crystal shard number one  

number two surprisingly enough the peely crystal 
shard because that was like the meme skin and so  

that's like like all the kids are like oh yeah 
peely like that was the jokester and then number  

three is then we we probably get to like the black 
knight hollow foil and then like probably number  

four is the skull trooper crystal shard and then 
another crystal shot i can't remember what we had  

mentioned but i mean either way like freaking a 
like the crystal shard cards are crazy crazy rare  

compared to others early you're this early into 
the you know the the fortnight timeline you know  

that it's like it's already popping off like this 
now granted obviously there's like a global boom  

you know of cards in general i mean raw or graded 
at these prices uh both curiosity both depending  

depending on what depending on what you're 
looking at um uh so so the black the crystal  

shard black knight uh five point a nine point 
five sorry a nine point five sold for around 23k  

and that was a really great sale to see because 
it was an ebay auction so so you know that was i  

think probably really reflective of the market um 
so so but even for like a let's say a luxe crystal  

shard who uh i love lux i have lux i don't have 
the crystal shard version but you know there's a  

there might be one like foil on the market of the 
usa print and it's i want to say it's it's it's  

definitely over a thousand and it could easily 
be 1500 and it's just the raw version of the card  

yeah which i don't know that i would buy because 
it's like if you know what you have that card  

probably isn't in good condition there's probably 
something something up with that card you know  

like anyone then you look jeter bought a psa five 
you know that's that's very true that's very true  

um so you know it's just stuff to to i guess 
weigh but yeah like these numbers they're  

doing something really crazy and honestly i think 
personally because there's so little sales data  

people are taking huge risks right like very very 
huge risk because there's so little sales data and  

to be honest i think these prices are not normal 
you know there's not enough sales history like i  

think these prices are doing a little bit more 
than than maybe what they technically should  

be but i think people are just smarter about 
it like like the black knight that i bought  

you know maybe maybe i should 
have paid less i don't know  

but what i do know is that that card in five 
to ten years from now like that's that's like  

the number three card that's in the top 
five right yeah so i'm like i don't care

i kind of i do care how much i pay for it but 
at that price what i think it could do in five  

to ten years from now i'm gonna i'm gonna go 
ahead and just lock in that price right now  

that's what i'm gonna do that's that's how i feel 
when i buy like the bulk majority of like my pc  

stuff like with expedition cards is that it's 
like a lot of them i bought at peak you know  

but it's like that's not the lifetime peak you 
know like i'm i'm planning like that's the one  

piece of my collection that i do not plan to sell 
while i'm alive you know like that goes to my kids  

and so you know for me it's like okay did i 
overpay like 100 bucks on a charizard versus  

like what the price is now maybe but it's like 
it's not gonna make up a hundred bucks in the  

next 50 years like you know it's it's definitely 
if you're if you're gonna sit on a cart it really  

doesn't matter too much the price you get as 
long as you're getting it in the condition you  

want and you plan to hold it long term yeah yeah i 
i absolutely agree with you and and especially for  

expedition because like minty minty minty versions 
of those cards are real low pops right like like i  

don't know if they're they're are they are they 
like under 100 for generally like so it depends  

on the grade but i would say most of the hollows 
hover between like total population all grades  

around like the 130 140 range okay um you know 
and then i collect them like eight and nine um  

and usually you'll see like 30 like they'll be 30 
in that grade um and i don't think it's going to  

go up too much like expedition you know it is 
it's the true the truly rarest i would say of  

like the english sets for for multiple reasons one 
this was at the drop-off right so this was at the  

drop-off in pokemon popularity uh e-series was not 
super popular when it first came out um but then  

expedition was the first of the e-series right 
so you got expedition aquapolis and then skyridge  

and skyridge was like really touted like if you go 
back and watch like youtube videos from like five  

years ago it's like this is the holy grail set 
everyone loves sky rage it's the last watsi set  

well of course that results in people getting and 
holding a bunch of sealed product of it you know  

like people when when people didn't care about the 
set back in the day right and didn't think of it  

as a speculative investment that's going to lead 
to there being less mint cards you know and also  

it was like severely lowly printed you know and so 
like i think expedition like in my eyes you know  

people think of skyridge and acropolis as like z 
big e series sets but expedition's the underdog  

and and i think because people didn't covet it 
and value it so much that there's not going to  

be very many more of these cards popping up 
um you know like you can get tommy and i were  

joking about it the other day we've seen so 
many influencers breaking fossil boxes oh my god  

fossil boxes are being broken like every two days 
there's i don't i'm not i'm not gonna call anyone  

out but there was like some sort of place that's 
giving away like doing a giveaway with the first  

edition box you know um and it's it was just 
printed to you know out the wazoo um yeah for me  

because they're also sponsoring other podcasts 
now too so i'd be surprised who wins their um  

their giveaway but it's a tcg underscore stadium 
uh they're also an online seller i mean that  

one giveaway has popped them up too last time i 
checked there were over 10k followers before that  

they were like covering around 7 000. so it's 
like it's doing what they expect it to do but  

i don't know they're making a push for some 
reason not sure why what their plans are but  

yeah i don't know yeah but what was really 
interesting me about the first edition fossil  

right and i'll go back to like some travia where 
he brings up about how first edition is not rare  

like it's just a printing on 
a card it was over printed  

uh just you've even mentioned before shadowless 
lower printing than first edition so but i'm just  

worried about like the uh dominoes that are gonna 
fall because of this account that's giving away

yeah scary you know you know that that's 
something that i kind of been reflecting on  

um and and i don't really know the 
answer yet but kind of thinking about  

because you can see how uh content creators 
and i mean we're all content creators  

and and and you know i don't know how much 
of a true impact like one singular or maybe  

a handful of content creators can actually have 
on the market i mean on an individual possibly  

but but like on the market as a whole you know i 
don't know how that impact i don't know how we can  

measure that i'm not sure i'm not that smart on 
that end of it but it's made me really think about  

like the content that i put out and what 
possible impact it could be happening even  

on a smaller level and and honestly like so what 
i don't want to do what i don't want to do and i  

don't know if i have or not already or if i will 
in the future you know not incidentally like  

like like really making an impact on on those 
kinds of things in like a manipulative kind  

of way and it's kind of got me worried like i 
i want to post my cards i want to do my thing  

you know but but does that does that have like a 
negative manipulative impact i don't i don't know  

and and i don't know i've been really trying to 
rethink and and be more thoughtful on the kind  

of content that i do put out because it's like 
whoa like like putting numbers out of things uh  

doing that kind of stuff it makes me a 
little worried that i don't know i mean  

i'm a small creator compared to other ones so i 
i hope that maybe the bigger you know creators  

consider those things and think about that but 
i don't know i i don't know the answer you know  

who's a really interesting case study on this 
um good good guy you know been very nice to me  

and tommy um aaron the mon have you ever followed 
aaron the mod yeah yeah yeah he obviously has this  

massive massive sealed collection um that you know 
it's like it's kind of like directly advertising  

like hey there's a lot more of this product in 
existence than you think but what's so interesting  

about aaron to me is that like he is a holder like 
he he's not going to sell he did this big april  

fools joke that uh you know got a lot of people 
angry but in hindsight was pretty funny uh where  

he said i'm doing an expedition box break right 
like who wants in on this expedition box break  

i'm gonna start selling my collections right and 
then turn up being april fool's joke because like  

he never sells any of his stuff yeah right but 
you know it's like if that's any indication one  

you know like i think that just knowing that 
there's he can't be the only one you know that has  

these massive massive amounts of product uh gary 
is often referenced that he has this like armed  

you know vault somewhere deep in the in 
north california you know like whatever  

um that who knows he could be sitting on cases and 
cases and cases of first edition booster boxes you  

know yeah and so it's like there's there's plenty 
of those people who exist but then it's like how  

much of an impact does it have if these people 
never sell you know so it's interesting yeah  

yeah it's definitely really interesting how to 
know that there are collectors out there that  

could have a massive impact on a market if all of 
a sudden they decided to sell all of it or even  

some of it i mean because even recently um there 
was a fortnight collector who got back a boatload  

of uh psa bulk that he has sent in and it's all 
crystal shards and they're all in nines and tens  

and and how low and we're talking about multiples 
of like like even even like five of the same skin  

and even that because right now there's 
so few even that has an impact like you  

could be talking about you know potentially 
ten percent of a market that he might have  

i wonder if he scoped all this out or if he ripped 
them because like to rip that many like you have  

to have gone through thousands of boxes they're 
so rare oh my god yeah he didn't he didn't rip  

them he bought them um is is what is what he told 
me so it would have been really expensive to rip  

all of that because i didn't get a damn like black 
knight crystal shard and i opened up 24 boxes  

so so yeah uh but definitely got some crystal 
chards but yeah but i mean it's really interesting  

to see that because i mean you know as we become 
more educated in general on the market and i mean  

even for example to see what happened what's going 
on right now in vintage video games and and in the  

grading of those vintage video games and seeing 
the possible market manipulation in that it's  

like uh you know i mean like at the end of the day 
you gotta remember that these things could go down  

to zero because there there are possibly people 
you know pulling the strings on these things i  

don't know i feel like i can't even touch the the 
graded games market yeah i got a prediction coming  

uh legend of arceus arcus legend's 
going to be the highest selling pokemon  

ever because everyone's gonna keep buying multiple 
copies and send it over and yeah it's gonna get  

out of hand but uh i've always joked about that 
too with matt like take photos at walmart i'm just  

like oh my goodness i can't believe they're 
just putting this out up front for everyone

are you guys going to get the game 
are you guys going to cop it yeah  

not not for like sealed collection purposes 
but yeah i'm going to play action yeah

i don't know about um what's the other one 
diamond and pearl shiny diamond or brilliant  

diamond i don't know about that one yeah i i like 
the art style the the like chibi art style like  

i think it's adorable you know like i they did 
that with the lynx awakening remake and it was  

just like so relaxing to play it's just like very 
cute yeah so i'm excited for pearl and diamond  

oh that's that's awesome i haven't played link's 
awakening yet uh but i do want to get it but i  

did really like the art of breath of the wild so 
so i need to i need to mitigate my expectation  

because i really love breath of the wild that was 
a really great game and so i have to like switch  

my focus is like chibi is cute you know and and 
that's and that's the kind of game that you're  

getting so just go ahead and try it out and enjoy 
it because i didn't have the n64 because that that  

game originally came out n64 right uh the links 
awakening i think that was super nintendo super  

nintendo oh okay yeah like ocarina of time and 
majora's mask yeah yeah that that's in that era of  

link of of of zelda games i never played because 
i never had those systems i only had the game boy  

so and i only had the orig well no i had no 
i had the game boy color but there were only  

there were only a handful of like games did you 
play the gamecube zeldas no i didn't have it okay  

uh strong recommendation because you love 
breath of the wild i love breath of wild  

this game is nothing like breath of wild i'm just 
recommending it because you seem to like the same  

things wind waker wind waker is one of my all-time 
favorites i've heard good things about wind waker  

i i've heard i've heard okay yes thank you 
i i yeah i'll i'll definitely play that  

um because my brother has a gamecube um so it 
shouldn't be too hard to grab you know a disc  

somewhere yeah so yeah you know like talking about 
the like video game grading and collecting like  

i i need to stop myself from thinking it's a good 
idea for me because i'm just so uneducated in it  

you know like i was at a i was at gamestop the 
other day picking up a copy of uh warioware uh  

the new warrior wear on switch and you know like 
the original warioware like i think it just sold  

in like a lot of 88 for like three thousand 
dollars so like not not like a huge huge bump  

um but as i was picking up the copy i was 
like i didn't reserve it and i was like hey  

do you have any copies of warioware he's like 
literally only one they only shipped us two  

to sell and two for reserves and so like i i 
don't know how you got lucky enough to grab  

one and so of course the collector in my mind's 
like should should i keep the seal to be you know

you know um but in reality it's like i can't 
make decisions like that like i know nothing  

about it you know so i just gotta stay out of it 
as much as like the collector in me wants to like  

collect everything i know i feel the same way 
because like i've been looking at there's certain  

listings that i've been looking at for a while 
now and like they still haven't sold and i'm like  

should i just do it should i just do it yeah 
because because because uh like i've talked about  

this before i i'm a real nerd for the horror genre 
video games yeah but but it's like hypocritical  

it's like silly because i can never play those 
games i i'm i'm so scared to play those games  

but i love watching people play it i love hearing 
about it i love i love the stories behind it like  

silent hill count rule of rose like fatal frame uh 
resident evil i love all of those ips right and so  

i would love to collect all of those things um but 
like i've been trying to stay away from that too  

like the collector in me i've been trying to 
stay away from that just because it's like  

well maybe let's see how that kind of pans out um 
you know and see where the dust settles because  

i don't know i don't know so so tom i'm i'm 
interested to pick your brain a little bit  

because like talking about like getting into 
markets like emerging markets for collecting  

like if you sort of like blow my mind with 
like how correct you've been on stuff with  

like marvel and disney and all this and 
so it's like how did you strategize that  

like what if how did you dip your toes in 
there and then go full throttle with it  

yeah well early on when we started this um 
just looked at the data and noticed there  

was a correlation where like if it's like 
a sweet spot like 20 years 25 years it um

what was it i called evolutions before it blew up 
right yeah yeah which thank you for that because  

i bought a box on amazon for a hundred dollars 
and then it blew up like a month later there's a  

technique in data science it's called propensity 
modeling you just put like all the variables  

you got to put like quantitative variables 
which can be hard and that's kind of what  

like matt's alluding to like well what's 
how do you decide to get into a market  

uh usually like survey results i find interesting 
like the one i posted on my page right now uh  

some other companies some toy quality company like 
look at google searches for different pokemon and  

they look for uh who's over indexing the global 
search so when you're thinking of places to invest  

in yeah like matt's identified okay expedition's 
pretty good well maybe you want to go gengar  

expedition because apparently somebody's out there 
searching for it hopefully it's not just math like  

yeah it's driving the whole country but most 
likely it's not uh then you really gotta think  

about like what's out there that's already like a 
cheat book like um for me like marvel was so easy  

because for whatever reason marvel's marketing is 
like let's hype up our next these movies over the  

next 10 years okay then it's just going back 
to sets like so and so was introduced here  

okay get it all right well i think so-and-so 
might pop up in this movie maybe you know  

if they go with this storyline that's really 
what's the best um yeah did you end up getting  

any uh rookies tom did you get any candy 
monkeys yeah yeah i drove up the evening

well the thing was it was already there it was 
already on my radar and then loki forced my hand  

and i was like oh my goodness no 
like i'm now i'm like a hypocrite  

because i told jess on the first podcast 
where it's like i really don't get fomo

like i swear he wasn't gonna be in it at all 
like no no way like even like actor jonathan  

major was like i don't even know what 
you're talking about but you know acting

yeah he was fantastic in it too my god 
yeah it's like the rush to buy the seal  

um of his first car russian bought the idea was 
there it's like okay what if you had the chance to  

invest in like thanos before you even happened 
you know you're making crazy roi right now  

that's where kang was at this point now i don't 
know which versions they're going to go with  

but yeah i'm pretty sure like you know 
like search engine optimization people  

are just going to search in kang so 
i picked a bunch of tangs inserts  

and stuff like that before he gets that push 
even sometimes like matt saying like oh video  

games i gotta stop it like so much gotta 
stop me like i've done that with myself um  

there's one that i passed on that i feel like and 
it's a cartoon that matt and i always debate about  

i'm probably going to lose like tons of followers 
by not liking it because i'm going to stimpy guy  

that's the spongebob guy there's spongebob tcg 
out there yep they're just like oh it's so cheap  

can i check the pop reports no one's grading ever 
i was like probably mean no one's collecting them  

so i might like possibly yeah i mean 
spongebob's like a huge part of like the mean  

zeitgeist you know exactly like 
hit everything in my algorithm but  

the final key piece was like do i actually like 
it nah it's it's really surprised me the longevity  

of of spongebob you know because one it was like 
such a weird cartoon but loved it when i was a kid  

um but on top of it it's like i don't know 
like if you were spongebob people you know  

they would they would air like one episode a year 
like at a certain point like they have like a few  

seasons and it's like all right guys the new 
spongebob episode's finally coming in november  

right and so and yet here now i mean you know 
again i'm gonna sound like a boomer here but the  

zoomers love spongebob i don't know what happened 
like spongebob and shrek is what they're all about  

you know yeah et cetera so true yeah i gotta i 
gotta find that shrek rookie card somewhere yeah  

i mean it's out there yeah uh i don't know just 
like my career is trying to predict human behavior  

so yeah this is a little bit more fun so so tom 
do you have like a doomsday algorithm on like  

what if it turns out that zoomers don't care 
about physical media at all and like only care  

about digital and that these cards are 
worthless well i do and you know that

so i have a luke and natasha play on tops 
collect aft um i mean the biggest i took  

was probably panini stuff that's definitely 
not going to blockchain anymore that app  

but luckily we didn't buy anything it's all 
free openings of packs and i let them um  

like power level up on mystery box i figure i 
would overthink it mystery box works is like you  

got four options pick a box it could be a pack 
of cards it could be some coins or it's a foul  

or a fumble depending on the game you have 
well yes i have um tops collect marvel tops  

collect disney there's a star wars i haven't like 
downloaded or got into but i sold one of those  

i sold the hawkeye that i don't care about 
for 10 bucks on ebay and it's like a free pack  

that my one-year-old son opened up that's 
gonna bite me if he really loves hawkeye

but it's interesting but 
it's like that's not an mft

it's just a thing so it could be somebody 
who's just being speculative like oh  

any day they're gonna announce 
this is an ft's on the blockchain  

so would you do you do you have any nfts no 
no no no i even passed on the spiderman one  

i know people who did buy it and they said oh 
that's the only nft they would ever get but i  

thought about it i thought about it because it's 
spider-man what really turned me off on it was  

when gary v was like hyping up that he was gonna 
do it on nft and he was sharing like these things  

done in like microsoft pain and everybody thought 
he was joking like what is this like making fun of  

nft and then like he has an nft it's like like 
we're being played yeah yeah i mean like the  

second you know like when logan paul did his 
second box break and like the bot the packs came  

with an nft of him and i was like i'm out i'm i'm 
out on nft six yeah yeah we're done i mean yeah

that squirtle on a skateboard like fire 
nfp right there that's that's an inside  

joke that no one listening to this podcast will 
get but that's okay so i'm trying to i'm trying  

to understand how like the thick nfts like the 
thick pikachus and the thick charizards like  

isn't like you can't sell you you like license 
like you don't have the license yeah you know  

how how are they not in trouble i guess throw 
a booty on it that's the loophole you know

oh you know it's like it's like vanilla ice 
and uh and queen you know it's like that little  

thing that's what makes a difference  

to this day to this day watching that vanilla ice 
interview i was like are you serious right now  

really really are you are you serious right now 
he survived he did he did though he did yeah you  

know it's funny looking back like like how he even 
had to defend himself when now like all of rap is  

just samples you know and it's like no one even 
that's an eye at it no that's that's true that's  

true that things have definitely been changed 
but i mean even back then even back then when  

when hip-hop was initially around like there were 
a lot of dj's out there that were sampling the 70s  

like that that's what they were doing is samples 
but you know i i don't know i mean i mean so  

so okay going back to you know what you were 
talking about the rookie cards for marvel  

because like i love talking about marvel and in 
all the cool things that they've been doing like  

with with disney in the mcu like they've been 
killing it they've been doing a really good job  

managing marvel managing the story like i've been 
really entertained by it um so you've been buying  

the rookie cards have you been buying comic 
books have you been buying those key issues  

no no because i think we're begging 
on my father's garage collection

so our dad used to be a distributor of 
comics oh okay yeah so uh luckily his  

i think most of them survived the 
hurricane whatever we got hit with  

or like the garage flooded a little bit yeah the 
only thing that died in that was steven's xbox  

yeah yeah i mean we'd be lucky like our dad 
was really geeky into collecting uh what was it  

he was letting matt and like the other like 
younger ones of our brothers open up kirsten  

jungle fossil yep oh that's well he didn't 
really know too much about pokemon because  

he was telling them like hey if you get a 
charizard hold it like uh yeah not in that set but  

no no just like letting letting our kids open it 
i know matt lets his kids open facts oh yeah mine  

too um save a bunch of our collections right 
here i'm i'm raising marcy to be a collector  

and so like this is her box of stuff that she's 
going to send off the psa yeah these are all  

cards that she pulled herself um and so and she 
loves and that's a great thing is that it's like  

the relationship to the cards is different now 
than it was when we were growing up because for  

us it was like you know play the tcg and then 
like destroy the cards you know and all that  

but marcy like she's really interested in what 
i'm doing with the cards and so like she sees  

i do a lot of grading and so she wanted me to 
get her a box for all the stuff she's gonna sub  

you know so like just yesterday she 
pulled like a alternate art blissey  

yo you know this is the this is the first big hit 
that she ever had uh professors research rainbow  

i know my camera's not all that good but um 
you know with that that was a pack that i got  

her for her birthday last year and she was like 
hey i want you to get me a pack so i can keep it  

in my sealed collection i want to start a sealed 
collection just like you this is a five-year-old  

saying that oh yeah and then like two days later 
she's like dad i want to open that pack it's a  

single blister it's a single blister and she got 
like a rainbow and so she's just been addicted  

to ripping packs since then um but yeah it's 
just awesome sharing the hobby with the kids  

does she does she take in the hobby um does she 
take in pokemon um like in in other ways too  

like yeah watch the shows and yeah so she watched 
she started with she started watching leonhardt  

with me like back when we got back into it like in 
2018 um and now uh then she started got into like  

pokemon journeys which is like a great netflix 
pokemon show i've been watching it yeah it's  

fantastic oh my god the first episode where it 
turns out the pichu was ash's pikachu yeah oh my  

god it got me it got me um but yeah just now i'm 
very proud she just started her first legitimate  

pokemon journey so she's playing pokemon shield 
um and she just today she got her fifth gym badge  

um and that like once she started playing the game 
she's just full tilt into it now and so it's like  

we do you know we try to limit it so like she'll 
play on like if it's not a school night she'll  

play or switch and she just like grinds on pokemon 
all the time so it's great yes gamer to my heart  

oh yes that's awesome yeah i love that i love 
that talking about all the collections that we  

had as a kid so i have all the marvel chase sets 
that everyone's looking for in complete sense so  

the same thing like when marcy's gonna eventually 
end up having is because she's open so much like  

the complete sets of what people are looking for 
is gonna be interesting over time so like marvel  

wasn't like that much of a oh man i gotta start 
go buying all this marvel to get into it like most  

of it was thanks dad his cost not my cost but 
he doesn't prepare me okay where's mike scott

yeah but uh well that's the thing you look at all 
these people with these monster collections and  

it's always just how early did you get in you know 
like when we got our kids getting in at like four  

you know so that's a good sign for them yeah so 
i'm like i'm familiar with all the inserts from  

those sets too so like modern marvel's pretty 
interesting right now they're bringing back  

all the 90s like sports type inserts so um and 
every once in a while doing like a retro set they  

call them buybacks within sets so it'll be like 
versions of the cards i have a complete set on  

and marvel upper deck will buy it back from you if 
you don't want it so it's like okay so i know like  

i've held on to those things uh so think about 
like precious metal gems uh jambalayas super rares  

epic rares uh numbered cards everything i was 
complaining about like it'd be really cool pokemon  

would do this like marvel's doing it up upper deck 
does it um because upper deck has the licensing  

for flear i learned that my podcast uh somebody 
on upper deck was on one of the marvel ones  

and so they won it when sleer went bankrupt so 
they have all the rights to those fleer sets flare  

oh nice insert so matt likes hockey uh so all 
the hockey inserts they go to marvel as well  

uh black diamonds a crazy premier type set 
uh for marvel it was uh six hundred dollars  

one pack one pack but everything in the 
pack is a hit and it was themed to mcu  

so you could get you know christine's work 
photographs uh material used in the movies  

those are huge what's the worst you could 
rip there is that like a 60 ball like oh yeah  

like a i bought one on e-pack so e-pack is 
more discounted than actual physical product  

so but then they can ship to you the worst 
i got in that pack was um and it'd be like  

the box hit in like any of the base set marvels 
the modern ones this thing for like a diamond  

facet it's like a manufactured patch and it was 
baby groot and then you divide that by how much  

the pack cost and how many cards you got in 
like no one's going to buy for i mean look  

that's not as bad as when you pulled that uh 
that auto of the violinist from spider-man 3

seriously tell her what followed up though in 
the next the next couple of past oh okay so in  

the next so he got this box that only had like 
two good hits right and the first hit is like  

the violinist from like this random scene 
in the movie and then after that wasn't it  

a one of one stan lee or like a stanley auto or 
something not numbered but stanley on the card  

yeah yeah on card auto still worth it right now 
absolutely worth it that's got to be one of the  

best things if not the best thing but i mean 
he brings up like a really good risk in marvel  

especially if you go to mcu like mcu 
they target like casual collectors  

so the press points introduces you to 
what disney wants the character to be like  

uh there's been some autos i've been 
embarrassed to share with matt so like  

i opened up a box of far from home so spiderman 
too and i got an auto of one of his classmates  

oh and then it's like okay do i do i bank on 
like some kid to get into a bigger movie and  

then play halloween but that is like 
that is the box hit and it's like come on  

well who knows i mean like phase 27 of the 
mcu could be that kid having his own movie  

multi-verses yeah exactly what if yeah 
that's everyone in the spider-man movies  

is a version of spider-man that's 
what disney's gonna be that's cool  

that's cool oh man oh that's cool so then so then 
okay so we're talking about spider-man i love  

spider-man into the verse what's your 
favorite version of spidey from that one

from the movie itself yeah yeah like okay the card 
yeah uh nick cages the noir spider-man i'm i'm a  

peter porter fan yeah i love john mullaney he he 
crushed it but it's just because like the way that  

they portrayed in the movie is nothing like how 
he is in the comics oh no no not at all he was  

playing more comedically yeah yeah yeah because 
the newer comics are supposed to be very serious  

right yeah right and then they played off of that 
um in the movie that movie was so great i loved it  

i loved that movie but but then outside of that 
film what what's your who's your favorite version  

of spider-man oh just just classic just classic 
peter parker yeah yeah it's too hard what's  

interesting about into the spider verse uh just 
like how deep i go like collecting for natasha  

i wanted to get her like the first spider gwen 
from like where she would know it from so mm-hmm  

yeah she watched it this week so now instead of 
calling her ghost spider she calls her spider  

vinegar because she plays with spiders here 
but i found these uh amc only trading cards  

that you could get for like limited time 
so they're pretty cool uh they're oversized  

though so it's like the size of two cards 
but psa maybe can grade them for but yeah so  

they do a set for that movie though so maybe 
because it was a sony movie i don't know  

interesting stuff yeah she's 
made me buy a lot of ghost spider  

collection i did a trade on i did a trade on 
e pack i traded a sketch card which is like  

sometimes a case hit depending on who the artist 
is they're all one of one i traded it for uh  

somebody's whole like spider-gwen collection 
that they had all done inserts all the bases and  

the guy like kept responding through me through 
message like what are you doing like don't trade  

away your only tradable item so you can have a 
chat messenger with them yeah my daughter likes  

this that's what i'm gonna do he's like okay well 
i'm just gonna trade you a sketch card throw it in  

the right way too so you don't lose anything like 
that they're talking to other collectors they just  

think i'm somebody who like fast anchored 
or maybe they think they're talking to her  

yeah yeah for sure for sure oh my gosh so i i was 
gonna say you you mentioned something earlier tom  

that you know has really been a head scratcher 
for me um you're talking about how you know  

pokemon is refusing to do like numbered cards you 
know and and limiting rarity and things like that  

and i don't understand like pokemon the pokemon 
company's difference in attitude towards like the  

english market and the japanese market um because 
like if you look at something like right now like  

the i have like speculative investments and stuff 
but like modern charizards i feel like until they  

start numbering modern charizards it's going to 
be cataclysmic for people who are like investing  

heavy in these and thinking that it's going to be 
like their retirement um because they're just so  

so heavily printed and you know then i look at 
okay well why why won't they just number and my  

initial thought is like well they don't care about 
the secondary market at all right but then you  

look at what they do in japan you know with like 
incredibly limited printing like these high class  

boxes like the 25th anniversary in in japan versus 
english i think it's like the greatest kind of  

like dichotomy of these two mindsets of like how 
to treat a set it's where it's like celebrations  

is getting printed to hell and it is you know 
when it popped up if i sent a mini tommy and  

our other brother bill who does uh uh collecting 
as well uh we have a group chat i sent a group  

chat that was like ah red alert you know like 
you can get celebrations on gamestop right now  

and it was so easy to get like it i there was no 
like oh a bot's going to snipe me like you know  

it's just like i was very easily easily capable of 
getting a collection box and a couple episodes no  

bots no no lotteries yeah and then you look at 
you look at the 25th anniversary over in japan  

um the cheapest the absolute cheapest i can get it 
for like on my japanese amazon account is 300. for  

a product that i think is retailing for like 
49 bucks over in japan you know and then you  

know they're not going to reprint and so it's like 
it's so interesting to me that they really treat  

like the collectible secondary market with like a 
lot of like respect in japan and like try to build  

it there when in reality it's like in japan like 
they they play the card game far more than we do  

right and so that's where it's like as far as 
like my speculative investments now it's like  

i'm going really heavy like if it's anything 
modern i'm pretty much only going heavy for  

japanese cards um because it's like you have arts 
that will never appear again in english you have  

cards that are severely limited in printing um you 
know like looking at just like a couple over here  

so these are both from uh tag all-stars gx 
right so i have my cgc perfect 10 reds challenge  

an artwork that was never printed in english that 
unless they throw it in celebrations i don't see  

where it's coming back in english um and then we 
also have a 9.5 of misty and lorelai uh tag team  

a type that they don't do anymore this art never 
came out in english they don't really have any  

plans for it and so it's like stuff like that i 
call it a speculative investment i ripped these  

from packs you know i ripped them from packs 
and grated myself and so like wasn't really  

like a lot of money in but it's like these 
are the only modern pokemon cards i really  

have that much faith in right now you know um 
so i was wondering kind of like what you think  

about that like do you think that there's like 
a future of pokemon to like change how they do  

printing in english or is the collector's 
world really just sort of like in japanese

well my point of view on it 
and what's interesting is  

every time like i've ranted about that like in my 
captions or comments like upper deck will like it  

i don't know if like upper decks like pitching 
stuff like that to them i think probably the  

market's ready for more of like an artistic 
collector set yeah it's a no-brainer to me i just  

think like probably where they're apprehensive 
about it is that like we're getting all this new  

like sales from for the tcg of non-players like is 
it all of a sudden gonna tank and move forward to  

something that now we're paying also 
with upper deck or they're paying us

like that's what i think the hold up is um  

i mean let's like what's happening so the reason 
why earlier jess i was asking about like oh are  

those raw or graded prices just to try and see 
what the ceiling is where are they tracking to  

like the same thing's going on with marvel 
pngs where it's like if spider-man a pmg  

in almost any condition goes for thousands 
of dollars grading it goes through the roof  

and so it goes more than we talk about 
like the rookie cards or the first editions  

like imagine what like numbered and actual real 
inserts nothing that's printed so high to use in a  

trading game right yeah a game that limits you to 
four of each artwork right that's why i'm worried  

about print counts which you are true seriously 
then all of a sudden like if you introduce even  

a charizard that's numbered to 199 which is the 
highest print count of a pmg that goes for the  

roof when it's graded depending on the character 
it's like i don't know it's going to burn a lot  

of people in the community you're going to have 
people who swear by the first edition charizard  

and then you're going to have people who swear by 
well this only 199 printed like i can prove to you  

it's not in a vault and gary's yeah there is 
there's no there's no hidden supply anywhere  

it can all of a sudden hit the market and and 
make a huge impact and move now what happens with  

printing and then i'm noticing and just thinking 
about it now and i'm worried a little bit about  

like the longevity of my marvel sealed stuff is 
that when the chase cards get pulled what does  

that do to the value of the box i have stored like 
say all the green pngs which are numbered to 10  

of spiderman get pulled in a set that 
i have sealed my box is worthless yeah  

yeah yeah because you're not chasing the fragment 
anymore he's gone yeah he's already been pulled  

that's so true pretty easy for people to 
research that just go to the pop reports  

101. already here okay all right so so in that 
case i'm i'm glad i kept an uh evolving skies  

box sealed because it's like who knows you'll get 
rayquaza you'll never know how many of them are  

so true honestly i still i have two boxes two 
booster boxes from evolving skies and i haven't  

opened them yet and i don't i don't know that i 
will because like i i don't need to open boxes  

so i'm like it might be interesting just to kind 
of see it play out a little bit i don't know yeah  

i don't know that's an interesting thing the one 
i opened for myself i got the sylveon alternate  

art so that was nice but that is amazing but we we 
broke one on my channel and then i opened one for  

myself and no form of rayquaza came out in either 
box so like not even like rayquaza v basic yeah so  

here it is like in our sample size of three how 
many sealed evolving skies do we think we have

so i have one etp sale and one booster 
box sealed you have two booster boxes  

i got actually just down to one booster box 
two etvs uh both of the pokemon center one  

right but it's like how many people you 
know they just they'll sit on a case  

yeah but you know the interesting thing to me 
is that i look at the sports market and i see  

something like uh like a zion psa 10 base that has 
like seventeen thousand tens and it's still and it  

still sells for height you know and so it's like 
i wonder if at a certain point if it's so popular  

you know do the pops not matter as much because 
everyone wants it you know yeah exactly demanding  

change the definition of like what i actually is 
like not everything's going to go for thousands  

of dollars it's not supposed to do that if 
i saw a card for 500 and it's like a psa 10  

that's pretty good you know i think that's where i 
see like everything kind of leveling out over time  

and that's not bad i mean it's bad if 
you bought like a shiny v charizard

yeah price point is important yeah yeah yeah 
absolutely absolutely i couldn't i couldn't  

agree more on that and i mean the other 
thing too is like you know what's okay so  

what's the difference of being a seal collector 
versus like an individual card collector right  

you know the at least for vintage right now for 
that those sealed collections they're never going  

to go up those populations are always going to 
go down right and so i mean of course it plays a  

little bit differently now with modern because 
they can just do simple reprints and i mean  

you know whether or not that actually makes sense 
for them to do that um you know i i don't know if  

it you know i don't i don't know how that i don't 
know how they think i don't know how they go about  

making those decisions i have no idea but i mean 
but i mean even still the other thing to keep in  

mind too is is with modern is they see they saw 
what sealed product did for vintage so now there's  

more sealed collectors too so you also have to 
kind of keep that in mind and then it also makes  

your individual cards more risky because it's 
like okay so now that there's more seal collectors  

you know if people start opening those up over 
time or they'll start hitting the market over  

time you know those pops can always go up you know 
and that's like a huge catch 22 because it's like  

you know as myself like i have very good hands as 
a sealed collector like i won't touch it you know  

um i know that not not very many people have the 
same self-control that i do with it right and so  

the the problem is is that i get no matter what 
i end up getting screwed by someone else's lack  

of self self control because it's like even if my 
boxes aren't getting open they're opening theirs  

and then boom there goes the pops you know yeah 
yeah absolutely absolutely what's going to be  

interesting and it's like a what-if scenario so 
you know netflix is going to pump out a bunch of  

live-action focus like what stories are they going 
to tell is this going to be and it's something  

matt and i always joke about is like or more of 
like our older brother picks us picks on lots for  

is like he'll be like oh what's the equivalent 
of charizard dropping a triple double tonight  

i think that's probably closest to it right 
because that's what happened with marvel  

that's what marvel started blowing up once won the 
vision so yeah like oh man if you actually invest  

in storytelling this is cool brought a bunch of 
new disney people into it like oh how do i get  

you know the first wanda car the first whis guard 
like are they going to push other stories other  

trainers and you know maybe you got that sealed 
you're lucky enough yeah it helps the pops people  

yeah pokemon i choose you you know it's like i 
don't think anyone cared about marshadow at all  

you know and then marshadow played such a 
huge role in that that's like now that's a  

pokemon that people collect yeah yeah yeah that 
that that's another variable that you always  

that you always have to consider so 
and then you can connect reverses  

and here's my biased pitch to netflix think about 
defensive pokemon they have endless possibilities  

think of one that can create juices 
and turtle like and enjoy the beach  

oh my gosh so i feel really terrible because i 
have to cut this conversation because i have a  

last minute thing that came up i feel stupid um 
and and i really want to keep this conversation  

going y'all i think we need to do a part two 
because there are so much that we haven't unfolded  

yet and something that i've been wanting to bring 
up because we've been kind of talking about it but  

you know another creator that's brought up a 
lot of the things that we talk about it which  

is reserved investments and we haven't even 
talked about him and how much you know content  

you you guys have observed of him but um shucks i 
i wish we could go on for longer because there's  

so much that we can talk about so we'll have to 
coordinate if you guys are interested but but  

before we before we hang up i mean let everyone 
know where they can find y'all and ask questions  

and follow up on these conversations 
we've been having yeah tom go ahead yep  

so uh instagram's the best way to get a 
hold of me pancake underscore analytics  

yep and for me um i'm just gonna spell it out 
because i made the stupid decision long ago to  

have like a handle that no one knows how to spell 
so i'm ferrara tron underscore pokemon if you're  

having trouble figuring it out it's like megatron 
but my last name so it's uh f-e-r-r-a-r-a t-r-o-n  

underscore pokemon i thought about a rebrand at 
some point but i don't think it's gonna happen  

people are just gonna call me ferrothorn forever  

oh my god that's hilarious no i think you should 
keep it i love it i don't know i love it but it's  

unique it's unique exactly so um anyways y'all i 
appreciate you coming on and and let's follow up  

and let's do a really let's do more of this um 
100 but thank you so much for everyone that's been  

on the live this has been great um 
and i hope you enjoy disney dude

get out there with the kids so anyways 
y'all i appreciate it alright guys bye


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