Web3, Blockchain and NFT - A Software Engineer Helps You Navigate through the noise and scams

Hello and welcome to the Geeked Out Collecting Podcast where collect Pokemon cards, and other nerdy stuff, like damn adults. Today's episode covers a topic that gets talked about a lot...Blockchain! As with any buzz word making the rounds, the conversations have been limited in terms of the technical depth and there are some pretty mission critical things to discuss when it comes to adapting blockchain as a facilitator of decentralization. As with anything this is an open discussion so please feel free to add to the conversation!
Time Stamps: 
  • Intro 0:00
  • The current state of Web2 4:07
  • What actually is Web3? And what's more important - decentralization or blockchain? 12:48
  • Where blockchain thrives 17:27
  • The case for making NFT's out of our Pokemon slabs 20:59
  • Closing 26:32
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