Current Events, Hobby Highlight and What I've been buying

This episode is a segment episode where I talk about the current events within the collecting realm of the world, highlight a hobby that I haven't previously talked about and the things I've been buying lately. This episode is a result of your feedback (which is much appreciated) so expect more content like this to come! Thank you for being here :)
Segment Time Stamps:
Current Event Links: 
  • Ayami Kojima & Innistrad Crimson Vow:
  • Serena Williams Rookie Card Record:
  • Micky Mantle Debut Ticket Stud Record Sale:
  • Fusion Strike Full Card List:
  • Leonhart Pulls Shadowless Charizard:
  • Chinese Fortnite Servers Shut Down:
  • Fortnite Leaks:

Magic the Gathering Links: 
  • General Magic the Gathering info:
  • Set categories and lists:
  • Booster Box values:
  • Booster Pack Values:
  • Value Your MTG Collection:
  • Reserved List Values:
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