(Part 1) For collectors who want to use Fortnite cards as an investment tool w/ @R3Rips

Rob (@R3Rips) is an OG Fortnite gamer who's been collecting Fortnite cards for a little while now. He is a go-to resource for everything Fortnite - skins, lore, you name it!

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have you been on uh twitch lately  

yes yeah um i've been hearing all this noise 
about these hate rates what the hell what what  

are these hate raids do you know what's going 
on no hate rates i didn't hear about that um  

i i just heard like i don't know long story short 
people going in on smaller creators and just like  

putting stuff in their chats i don't know i 
don't know too much about it but i've been  

i've been like hearing about it randomly so yeah 
uh when i watched you in moderns uh it was like  

i i don't know it might have been on my end my  

like it because it wasn't y'all audio 
but like i think it was the twitch  

platform that sound kept going in and out i 
didn't know what that was but you know that's yeah  

yeah that that was definitely a problem for a 
little while for me like um i think i finally  

figured it out because um well i started using 
stream yard and so that's been a lot better um  

yeah yeah so so that's been that's been good 
for sure but yeah um it's so frustrating  

i don't i don't know that much about 
audio to to be able to go in and like  

make changes so it was just kind of annoying 
but yeah everything's been a lot better but  

dude i cannot wait because there are so okay 
like okay so i have so many things i want to  

talk about i mean because we got the black knight 
sale last night uh someone hit me up today about  

another crystal shard black knight but it 
was an italy one yes that that went today  

which it sold for i think around 1800 euros i 
can't i can't even remember i think it was at  

eight and a half right yeah it was the eight 
right half right but it was but it's also uh  

it's a psa ten italian crystal shot black knight 
that's that like i think it's close to nine right  

now it's it's doing pretty good yeah oh is 
it is it auction yep that's awesome okay i  

didn't look at that i like have i have really 
mixed feelings about the um the italian cards

yeah yeah i really do want 
to talk about that because  

because you know um one of my uh one of my 
instagram followers hit me up on instagram  

was telling me about you know the listing and 
that if i wanted to you know bid go ahead and bid

yeah and i'm like okay well first off i 
just spent a [ __ ] ton of money already  

in the past week you you went 
through the roof this week  

oh my goodness oh my gosh i just i i 
i don't have control at this point um  

it's just like like this was my thought this was 
my thought and i was having conversations with uh  

joel about this because you know he's he's 
also hunting for some cards too and i'm like  

the hardest thing to get figured out is timing 
right because because i'm like i could get it now  

or i could wait until december and possibly get 
cheaper right because people you know around the  

summer just want the cash and if nothing's moved 
you know you could find some good deals like and  

this is just throughout everything right yeah 
but then i'm looking at i'm looking at the lux  

i'm looking at the bk and there's a [ __ 
] ton of people watching it and i'm like

so i just went ahead and did it i was like 
[ __ ] it let me just go ahead and do it  

that was uh i was looking at that look so i was 
looking at it but you know i have i've been on my  

crack ice venture for series one so yeah so i was 
like you know what i can't do the lux right now  

just because that like you said the opportunity 
right now is just it's ridiculous you know so  

yeah that was a great great pickup that was 
a great pickup and i was telling joel earlier  

today i was telling him um i don't know if you 
remember seeing there was there was a bgs 9.5 lux  

yes on ebay did you see that yeah from australia i 
was talking to that guy earlier earlier this week  

and i was trying to see if i could you know i 
don't know negotiate a deal and i think i don't  

know what happened but like i'm just i'm just 
throwing out numbers we're going back and forth  

i'm like okay well you know i'll go for that 
and and then instantly he just like took the  

listing off so he he could have possibly sold it 
or whatever it could have been sold or or not but  

but he he never he never reached back out and and 
said hey okay let's go with it um so i i almost i  

almost got that um that bgs 9.5 lux i mean yes 
that was i was kind of sad about it but then i  

did see that sgc i don't know yet how i feel about 
sgc because like i still haven't i've compared it  

to to my other psa cards um my other ones but 
i i i haven't really done a full good look to  

really think like this is an appropriate grade or 
this is not an appropriate there there were more  

uh blemishes on there i think then i don't know 
i'm still trying to figure that out but i'm super  

happy about the lux either way like it's a it's 
a good one i can always do a crossover for sure

i'm telling you i'm telling you like this 
week has been so nuts like i just figured you  

know this is this is what i was thinking i was 
like okay so these crystal shards they're like  

really getting up there they're really getting 
up there i mean there were very few i don't know  

if that tricerat the triceratops is still up 
yeah that one was going for like 80 or 90. um  

like that was like one of the cheapest ones 
going out there and i'm like okay i can spend  

all day buying these cheaper cards but but these 
bigger cards that i care about more like it's  

going to be harder to get them they're going to 
enter the market less they're going to be way more  

expensive let me just get these now first and then 
if i want those other smaller ones yeah you know  

because like like my collection compared to yours 
yours is insane yours is awesome because you have  

so many good cards you have so many good outfits 
like like did you ever send in the the lux and the  

uh and the black knight what happened was when 
i was going to i actually have them right here  

i was going to send them in and then that's 
when i got the offer on the galaxy remember  

back like all the way back then that's when i 
got the offer on the galaxy so i was balancing  

them as soon as i started balancing between 
them i chose the galaxy and then psa shutdown  

so so yeah so uh yeah that was but it was a gift 
and a curse at the same time because i saved that  

you know that submission and i 
actually was able to get some  

pretty good deals at that time so yeah it 
was it was roughly not sending it in though  

i can understand that i think though at the 
end of the day that was the better choice  

better yeah you know you can always get those 
sent in so yeah i mean i'm not gonna lie i have  

been thinking about sending in a dante just to 
get the whole just to get it done yeah just to  

get it done you know i don't know how high it'll 
grade i have to look at it uh how do you think um  

how do you think your galaxy will grade we'll 
shoot in so i did i actually did the uh i don't  

know if you've seen it i actually did the car 
score system it's a new system that they grade  

uh raw and uh also graded cards and they give 
you a pre-score so it would be pretty much what  

like you know us in the community do we actually 
uh sit there and we look at the cards and then  

maybe i send you the card to be like you know 
jessa what do you think about this and you'll  

give your opinion so they use a community-based 
system and my galaxy actually got a not 89 grade  

89 grade is equivalent as close to a nine so i 
think it's going to be a nine i'm pretty confident  

in that one the only one i'm worried about is my 
black knight hollow i feel my black knight hollow  

is in between a eight and a half and a nine and i 
would be devastated if it gets at eight and a half  

but i do feel it's gonna get a nine but 
i do see the potential of it you know psa  

getting me with eight and a half so we'll see 
how that goes hey good luck that i mean those  

are still great cards those are still great 
great cards i don't know if that psa eight  

is still on the market see that or the blocking 
file i seen that one and i think i've seen a uh  

matter of fact i think that one might have 
i don't know if they took it down or if it's  

so but i did see that maybe about a week ago 
so i don't know if it's still up there enough  

okay yeah because that that's what i was saying i 
because i was telling myself on like um sunday or  

monday i was like yeah yeah okay i was telling 
myself like okay if that psa nine isn't sold  

when i look tomorrow morning i'm just gonna buy 
it it wasn't sold so i just went ahead and bought  

it but if i but if that card had been bought i 
was going to go for the psa which i don't know  

if they changed the price or something but i swear 
it was around 1500 which seemed a little bit more  

appropriate because right now i'm looking at a 
listing it's going for uh pretty much 3k so i'm  

kind of like okay so someone either changed it 
or you know did something different but yeah um  

but you know i you know this is a conversation 
that i've been having with a few people and  

i've been trying to get it figured out but but i 
haven't quite been able been able to to do it like  

i've been trying to figure out okay so truly like 
which which cards are more are more uh and you i  

think you might have brought this up in that live 
stream that you had a few days ago we were talking  

about you might have been talking about crystal 
shards versus versus hollow foils and which ones  

are more rare and i've been doing some research 
on like the the different uh pop reports that are  

out there so psa bgs sgc i think uh i saw i didn't 
see revolution grading had any problems but anyway  

so i'm looking at these cards and i'm like okay so 
right now there's about like i don't know i can't  

remember the numbers now but something about 
like 120 black knight hollow foils graded 1283  

128 okay and then i'm thinking like there's 
probably 150 total because you know i see this  

account has one this account has one this one you 
know i don't know maybe around 150 right but then  

i'm looking at so few crystal shards being graded 
and i'm like oh [ __ ] so the crystal stride looks  

cooler than the hollow foil like like when are 
these pops gonna really reflect uh you know the  

actual uh the actual real populations because you 
know i would think that people would you know send  

those off right away so i'm i'm thinking that just 
a lot of them are sitting waiting to be graded but  

you know comparing the the different props that 
we have right now crystal shards are so much lower  

than everything else and you know considering the 
and so you know obviously it's not necessarily  

accurate but like but you know the thing with the 
crystal shards is you know you could get them in  

the mega boxes right but with the hollow foils you 
had to actually pull them so i don't know i i'm  

still in my head i'm like debating whether or not 
which one's lower which one's higher like what did  

what were you got what were you thinking 
like how how deep do you want me to go as  

as far as far down the rabbit hole okay so so it's 
a couple me and modern joel you know whatever you  

know whatever you want to call them by you know 
uh we talk about this probably way too much you  

know and uh as you know modern is a major advocate 
of the hollows and you know when you are actually  

going through hollows are tough i mean you see the 
gravity fees you see the condition um and i really  

it's a case for it for sure because i'll be 
honest when it comes to the cracked ice i love  

the cracked ice um i've been getting my hands on a 
couple but i feel it's twofold i feel the holders  

the true ones that have the cracked ice are 
holding it for the pop report i really feel that  

i feel there are some that just want to keep that 
pop report kind of low and then i also feel on the  

other and i feel on the other end of that um i 
don't know if you got a chance to see it because  

we were preparing for this life but uh eduardo 
from the uh facebook group and from instagram  

he just got his 112 submission back and he had 
in his first video he had 20 i believe close to  

20 psa 10 crystal shards usa holy [ __ ] yeah and 
that's not that's not factoring in the psa nones  

so him alone shifted that whole crack dice market 
right and i also feel i believe you probably know  

better than me i think psa is in september of last 
year right now it's either september or october  

when it comes to i don't know do you know 
which one it is um i think it's october for  

uh i don't know if fortnite falls under tcg or 
just non-sport i think it's not sport non-sport  

okay yeah i'd have to i have to look uh because 
i don't know what it is for non-sport yeah like  

because i think there i think they're in october 
and if they're in october so that means series two  

came out in what november series two came out in 
november so i feel like the by january we might  

see the bulk of those submissions back and just 
let's just go based off of what we're talking  

about right now if eduardo posts 30 of those 
crack dice for auction tomorrow that's going to  

shift the whole market and most and none of those 
are housed you know so is when it comes to rarity  

it might be a case for hollow compared to cracked 
ice down the road now the the ones that actually  

hold the market and that can shift the market i 
think that they'll have more of a saying but if  

we went based off of statistics and poll rates 
it's definitely debatable in my opinion you know  

yeah yeah absolutely because i mean you know even 
earlier today i you know was talking to to modern  

card one about um someone that he knows that has 
a whole bunch of very minty mega boxes they've got  

they've got 24 megaboxes so even just opening 
that can shift the market in the crystal shop  

and and you know honestly what's so interesting 
is like normally i have the normally my policy is  

like don't open things right yes like like just 
you know don't open things but but but but like  

my my four night series one box that i just got 
it's kind of banged up which makes me a little  

frustrated like it i got it and it was kind of 
banged up and and they weren't able to send me  

anything that looked better because apparently all 
of them looked kind of crappy and so i'm like okay  

whatever there's nothing i can do about that but 
depending on where crystal shards go i would be  

interested in opening my box because it's not 
minty and and at the price point at my price  

point because looking at all these crystal shards 
right now that are on the market there are some

they're just up there they're up there easily 
in 500 plus range right and so i'm like oh so  

it could potentially be worth it just in 
the crystal shards alone to open up a box  

now because because the only crystal shards 
that i have are just my series one promos  

and then my series two promos so so that's it so 
i'm i'm real weak on that side of collecting but  

i don't know that this might be one time 
potentially where i'd be like you know what  

it might be worth actually opening the box 
yeah you know because if you think about it  

now i wasn't i'm not bold enough to do this but i 
wish somebody would if you bought a mega box right  

if you had the proper capital if you bought 
a series one megabox how many times can you  

open a series one megabox get your money back or 
close to it to open up another series one megabox  

like is is it heavy enough because if you really 
look at it there's all the legendaries like you  

said just from that auction almost a month and 
a half ago all the legendaries are definitely  

700 and up bare minimum like you said 500. so the 
rip value is 100 there and it's just about how um  

i feel like if you have the capital it makes 
sense if it took you a lot to get the mega box  

then you probably should keep it sealed 
just based off of you know if you pull a  

pickaxe if you pull a pickaxe cracked ice you'll 
probably get 200 you know so you won't you know  

which which is still not bad for a pickaxe i 
mean but i feel like if your capital is the  

right weight the rip value is 100 worth it at 
this present time so that should be interesting  

oh yeah for sure for for sure i i i definitely 
have to agree with you and i think the key  

thing that you said there too is like properly 
financed yes yes like yes like that's absolutely  

has always got to be there um just because you 
know i know people in the pokemon world that  

buy way too much rip way too much and it's 
all on credit it's all on someone else's money  

and so i'm just like no i'm i'm not about to i'm 
not about to play that game no yeah that's like  

that's why for me personally i have no problem 
especially because i am so tied to the game i  

have no problem selling a card that may have value 
that i don't like like just from playing the game  

there's just you know there's just cards that 
i just genuinely are i'm not a fan of so i can  

get that card out and give it to somebody that 
do like that card and you know i get my money  

and i can put it somewhere else and reinvest it 
into the market but yeah i think i don't i know  

us as collectors we want to hold everything 
but if you are in a place where you may be  

financially strapped it might be smart to you know 
let some things go let some doubles go so you can  

consistently be in the market and take advantage 
of opportunities that's there especially right now  

oh yeah i can definitely agree with that because 
sometimes like there's a huge opportunity cost if  

you like a lot of things like for me that's always 
my struggle because i like a lot of different  

things it's like am i better am i better off 
putting my money here here here here and here um  

you know so it's like it you know it would really 
suck like for me which is why you know i spent my  

time spending all this money this week like just 
boom boom boom right after one right after another  

just because i'm like okay i would rather put 
my money here rather than in let's say flesh  

flushing blood is really cool to watch because 
like it's been doing some good numbers but i'm  

like i've never played the game i don't know 
the cards like i just don't like it as much as  

fortnight and i think fortnite's got a bigger shot 
than russian blood in the future so i'm just like  

prices aren't going to probably be this low you 
know anytime soon and i think too like sellers  

are starting to either really know what they have 
you know the one thing the one thing for me that  

i've always been trying to figure out is like you 
know does fortnite really command the prices that  

it's doing right now like is there a certain level 
of manipulation to the market because if you have  

sellers that are are not willing to you know 
let go of things you know unless it's at a  

certain price point you know when it comes 
to selling like there's a lot of future  

price point like there's a lot of future hundred 
percent pricing into that and so it's like  

you know so even though i spent at the price 
points that i did like i'm fine with that it's  

cool um but it always makes me wonder in the back 
of my head like is this a little bit you know

are the prices too high too soon so 
i don't know what are your thoughts  

oh i mean we we went into the exact topic 
that i kind of wanted to be in because  

uh okay um so for instance i'm not 
gonna lie the black knight auction  

was great in my opinion that black knight 
cracked ice bgs nine point five with ten  

centering was great it went for 23.6 right what 
i seen in that full week leading up to that  

those last couple of seconds bothered 
because there was a lot of people that  

were mad that he you know he posted the car they 
were mad that it was during the down market uh  

they felt that he could have sent it to an auction 
house a whole bunch of things they told him to do  

with his card right and do you know 
the seller yes yes oh okay cool okay

and just so you know that you know this is out in 
the open his younger brother offered him a pretty  

solid value of cards um it was i'm not big on 
pokemon right now so i would i won't even try  

to name it but um it was it was a very solid offer 
and he turned it down he had the value i believe  

at 50k and he got 23.6 and my biggest thing 
was we were speculating up until this point we  

were saying that the black knight was a uh sixty 
thousand seventy thousand eighty thousand dollar  

card which that's like you said that's future 
value right we needed to see what the what it  

is in the nile market and even if it was later on 
with the market recovered we had to we had to see  

a true value you know what i mean so i think a 
lot of people are bothered now that technically  

the black knight crack dice is a 23 000 card 
at most maybe 40 000 with a psa 10 right  

so now we know the true value so what does that 
mean that means that pili can not be a 40 000  

card if black knight is 23. that means lux cannot 
be a 30 000 card if you know bk is this price same  

thing with skull trooper we have a true market 
cap and everything falls under that and i don't  

think people liked it i really don't and i mean 
like for me now that i have a lux cracked ice am  

i mad if somebody else sell a lux cracked ice in 
a down market i can't be i can't be i mean that's  

their choice and now i understand what the value 
of my card is so it's a lot of future value and um  

almost like a waiting game but what are we waiting 
on if the cards are never sold you will never know  

you know so exactly i mean it's interesting it's 
interesting yeah yeah and and you know what that  

original purchase of the black of the black knight 
crystal shard um that was closer to 50 right  

that was i can't remember if it was earlier this 
year or last year honestly earlier earlier this  

year okay so if i'm not mistaken a little bit 
before when that sale happened uh jeremy padaur  

you know went on instagram was like this card 
is a hundred thousand dollar card right yes  

so so i don't necessarily disagree 
with him i think it could get there  

i think it could get there in the future right 
so so but when you frame it like that and i'm  

not saying he was trying to manipulate the market 
or anything but when when you when you frame it  

like that and you have people that have the 
you know financial stability to go into that  

you know even if this card you know goes down 
to 23k which is what we saw yesterday like  

they could still win in the future because they 
still you know have the card and it could still  

grow to that i mean of course anything can go to 
zero tomorrow and then we'd be in sol for sure  

but but like you know so framed like that it still 
feels like a win and but but to your point again  

you know a more true value of something 
right now is probably an auction like that  

what i haven't done is i haven't gone into the 
auction to see if there was any show bidding yet  

i haven't looked at that and i do want to the good 
thing the interesting thing that i found out about  

that that's extremely important is there was a 
lot of new big spenders for this car there was  

multiple people in the instagram 
community and the facebook group  

that couldn't go over 15 and 20 000 
because they never bought a card that  

so ebay stopped it ebay didn't allow them to go 
over that threshold so really honestly i didn't  

know that's and and i think that's why it's sold 
for its true value in my opinion because and those  

the people that wanted to bid on it they were 
true buyers like they really wanted to you know  

buy it but if there was anybody that wanted 
to show bid the opportunity wasn't there if  

you've never been in that 15 000 to 20 
000 range or you haven't been approved  

to bid that high so that was very interest i 
don't know if that happened because of pwcc  

situation but something definitely switched within 
that yeah you know week and a half so that was oh  

man that was very interesting and i think uh you 
know i really i really think that people should  

understand that the black knight under three years 
old just sold for 20 plus thousand dollars like  

that is amazing like that i don't know how people 
don't see that like that is like absolutely crazy  

you know especially because you have to think 
about it it's just like me you and modern always  

talk about it's just a picture there's no there's 
no you know black knight doesn't have a power he  

doesn't have an energy he doesn't have anything 
it's a picture and on the back of it it's another  

picture that's it you know and it's legendary 
other than that you're going based off of  

pull rates you're going base now we're going 
based off the game but that's amazing that's  

amazing for the market and i just hope that the 
collectors of fortnite eventually understand that  

yeah absolutely i mean you know i can understand 
why people might get mad because they want to see  

their stuff be worth more but like you know it's 
okay it's a long game like for sure it's chill you  

know it could get there it can definitely get 
there so i mean you know i don't know like it  

doesn't make me mad um but then again i don't 
have that card so it's like i got a little bit  

of bias in me but i mean hey you know it's it's 
really cool to see it and to hear that you know  

the guy that collected that that bought it is a 
collector and you know i really like this stuff  

that makes me happy too because you know sometimes 
like it matters how many collectors are in a space  

versus how many flippers are in a space versus how 
many you know like speculators are in a space i  

i think those things you know really do 
matter when it comes to longevity of things  

um you know so i guess we'll see what happens but 
but i i will say in general though it seems like  

people with crystal shards are keeping them 
close to their chest like you don't see that  

many enter the market as they should as they you 
know and and i think i think that is the i mean  

it's hard to say on because on one side you want 
to say that you have to see more in the market  

and i think we will i mean uh i'll say two months 
within this two months with any series three  

we're gonna see a lot of crack night series 
one you know the crystal shard and um  

for instance there's a royal knight psa 10 that's 
at 2.5 000 right now it's at 2 500 already you  

know what i mean that's not realistically you know 
just from based off of right now i mean i feel  

based off the game that should be a top 10 card 
right but it's not it's not a top 10 card based  

off the market and it's doing 2500 that's very 
healthy in my opinion you know what i mean i mean  

like that for that card to possibly do 3 000 that 
shows you that the range low end to you know mid  

tier is pretty healthy it's pretty much a thousand 
plus overall so that's i think that's pretty good  

so what are the top 10 skins to like watch out for 
from series one like in your opinion highest to  

lowest top ten okay this is completely unbiased 
uh okay so i'm gonna go number one black knight  

number two pilly uh number three please make 
sense gold yeah number three skull trooper  

and one and two black knight and pilly is in there 
in the classic they're all you know they're they  

have great backers you know on both sides and so 
i think they're kind of solidified skull trooper  

uh i like skull trooper more than pilly but i 
don't control the market so uh skull trooper uh  

i'm tied between red knight and 
go trooper for four and five  

uh uh-huh obviously lux is in the top five 
for me but i don't know if i should put  

go trooper or red knight there i'll put in my 
opinion red knight because it's a legendary  

lux go trooper for uh six then i'm gonna do 
drift oh i think drift and omega would be  

yeah omega would be uh she's eight and then 
i'm gonna say bright bomber has to be in  

there it's a lot it's just a lot i'm gonna say 
bright bomber and then i'll round it out with

i must stop there that's tough it's tough i cuz 
i i genuinely feel that what makes series one  

so different is that there's legit like a top 
30 that is gonna be very consistent and then  

it's like everything else so you know yeah yeah 
it's pretty good though yeah um you know okay so  

yeah i gotta agree with you because there are so 
many very very cool design cards and outfits out  

there it's it's like honestly kind of hard 
to choose really um so i can understand why  

you're feeling like a little okay is it this 
one or is it that one um so the lux i want to  

talk about the lux because i remember last 
time when we talked uh with lauren yeah um  

so i love looks i've always loved looks like 
and i know you've said like she's always been  

a personal favorite of yours and i would have 
swore you know and correct me if i'm wrong  

but i i remember you might have been saying 
that not too many people played with lux so  

so i i couldn't remember if that was true or not 
so correct me if i'm wrong it's been a minute  

but like so what is making lux so popular like 
what makes you think that she'll be so great  

because like i love her and i love the card and so 
and so to hear people saying like they didn't play  

her i'm like well that sucks but you know it's 
a cool character and i mean you know we talked  

about before you know the female characters tend 
to uh rank higher with players because there's  

a smaller hit hitbox like with so with lux is 
she is she just like a very popular underground  

kind of skin like is does she have like a cult 
following in that sense no no no no i mean  

and it's it's crazy to say i think what solidifies 
looks and the market is based off her that she's a  

legendary she's number 300 and she's uh she was a 
hard pull she was a hard pull but when it comes to  

the game honestly like i said i was very surprised 
i came in this market i thought i was gonna clean  

the lux market up i'm like bet my pc is gonna 
be beautiful i'm not gonna have any worries  

that wasn't the case and it surprised me just 
because just given the game story uh lux came  

out in chapter one season eight and she was a 
tier 100 skin usually tier 100 skins is omega  

ragnarok dyer they have a whole bunch of different 
variations selectable styles and lux was very  

simple and a lot of people weren't happy about 
that i think people eventually grew on lux because  

they got over the fact that she was a tier 100 
it wasn't simple i mean it was very simple but  

because she wasn't extravagant you know compared 
to the other tier 100 skins because you have to  

realize that when you're working when you're 
playing a fortnight game in this tier 100  

you're working your way the whole season to 
get that skin and the fact that they've seen  

it like oh i have to work this whole season 
to get a skin that has nothing going for it  

but the way i play and how i like skins i like 
them to be very simple you know so for me that  

season i brought the whole battle pass the first 
day which is very expensive like i think it's  

it's well over it might be like i think at the 
time it might have been close to two hundred  

dollars i've never did like yeah i've never done 
that but for lux for lux i did that and so when i  

came to market i'm like oh this is this is gonna 
be a piece of cake i'll get her i'm gonna worry  

about black knight later i was like yo what is 
going on i was like this is this is crazy so  

you know that was a good surprise because i do 
i'm glad that she's finally getting her just due  

um but it is possible that she could possibly slip 
down you know i mean uh if i was being unbiased  

guru trooper in the red knight probably should be 
over you know what i mean based off of game value  

but i think she'll always be in the top 10 just 
based off of how hard how hard she was to pull  

her being 300 you know all those things solidify 
her long term compared to you know and get in game  

value yeah and you know like for me someone who 
hadn't played the game that was always something  

that was like so confusing to me because in my 
head i'm like okay obviously you know rare is  

at the lower end right yeah epic then is going 
to be in the middle and then legendary is going  

to be at the high end because it's going 
to be harder cards to pull so when i have  

luck something in like okay well surely lux will 
outrank something like goal trooper because gold  

is you know an epic and so i'm like okay 
well naturally that makes sense to me  

but then you know i i see so much of gold trooper 
i'm like oh okay well i mean obviously i see so  

much because there's so many more but like but 
like what am i missing when i'm looking at these  

cards right because when i'm looking at these 
cards i'm trying to figure out okay like why  

why the hell is this one more popular than that 
one you know okay is it is it purely the in the  

card is it in the game if if it's in the game 
like like what am i missing there you know yeah  

like that's like uh for instance you want to know 
one that's extremely underrated right now that's  

in the same category as a bright bomber 
and dark bomber is a sparkle specialist  

sparkle specialist is she i mean she was 
extremely popular for so long so long now  

she did lose her luster in the game you know just 
as time went on because realistically and this  

is a great conversation because realistically uh 
for instance we're going into series three right  

there's the og skin for chapter one was black 
knight right and it was a whole bunch of other  

ones skull trooper we don't have to name them 
all but there's another generation of kids that  

were at that time that were probably eight to 
twelve but now they're 15 to 18 and they like  

midas better possibly that won't transcend 
because series one is in a class of its own  

but midas will be that popular based off the 
game and then it's like it's so many like  

for instance of nagops nagas is an uncommon 
skin but in my opinion nagas is the  

aura of ser of series one like nagobs should 
be a lot higher just based off of like you know  

uh based off a game history off of being an og but 
those are a lot of cards that if you are new right  

those are the opportunities that's in the market 
because you could be it could never do anything it  

can never go up but you have an opportunity to get 
it low and then if it does click with the market  

you already have your position and you're a 
lot further along than you thought you would be  

that makes sense and then i think what it also 
sounds like you're saying too it also matters  

when those gamers ensure the market so when they 
come into the market you know because because we  

had talked about this a long time ago a modern 
you know yeah he noticed that more gamers were  

in the game when he started stealing peely go off 
right when peely started going off he was like oh  

okay so gamers are in this now but but like to see 
these other cards you know that's that's what's  

always been so interesting to me because it's 
like you know okay you have all of these different  

subsets of gamers into it and so obviously okay 
you have the big one you have the black knight  

gonna rain forever it seems you know in the game 
but then as we see these other collectors come in  

you know all of these you know random cards start 
to you know go up and you're just like oh okay all  

right this is interesting so i mean like to your 
point you know there's definitely going to be  

opportunity in the market so uh undervalued right 
now you're thinking midas right oh well when midas  

comes out he won't no undervalue right now i would 
say nagaobs i would say like sparkle specialist  

for series but for series 2 series 2 is all 
over the place like and i don't think people  

paid attention matter of fact let me just confirm 
before i actually say i think yonder just outsold  

ultima knight in series two and that's and 
that's saying a lot i think it was let's see  

if it is i just want to make sure okay so yonder 
just sell a little bit under autumn night ultimate  

i sold i think for a psa nine crack dice he 
sold for eight thirty four yonder sold for 18.  

same and it's like so but the thing is 
like you think about cars like eight ball  

eight ball is head over heels more popular 
than most of those most of those cards but  

autumn queen in the game yeah but autumn queen 
is selling the best right now and i've never i  

promise you i've never seen autumn queen in the 
game ever but she's based off of she's based off  

a poor rate you know she's based off a pull rate 
and how hard it is to obtain her when you're just  

opening packs and boxes and you know cases and 
you just haven't seen her so people are like oh  

this car should be that so i think the top 10 of 
every series of fortnight is going to end up being  

five that has intrinsic game value and then five 
that has market value and i think that's how it's  

gonna balance out but if those collectors come in 
like less everybody wants the big the big dogs to  

come in the game right when those big dogs come 
into the game that's what everybody wants when  

those big dogs come into the game it might shift 
your whole collection because they might tell if  

let's okay everybody wants to talk about this 
if ninja comes in and ninja picks a skin he has  

an obscene amount of following i don't think it 
will shift the market but it definitely could  

you know it definitely could and if it does 
it's going gonna look a lot different than  

what the top five or the top ten is now but um 
i think um i was just mentioning before not to  

go too long but i was just mentioning that i 
genuinely believe that this market could survive  

without the streamers and gamers 
coming in because i think it's a branch  

off of fortnite i think there's the comics i think 
it's the pro players it's the streamers and then  

i think it could be the card collectors i think it 
can be people like me that still play the game but  

i'm also investing and i'm also collecting it then 
i've entered into the fortnight card so i think it  

could survive completely without them as well but 
i know they'll come in eventually oh yeah no doubt  

no doubt absolutely i and and i i like too how you 
brought up that you know you have to you have to  

have a balance like if you're wanting to collect 
in a fortnight you have to have a balance between  

you know getting the cards that were truly rare 
and then getting the cards that were also really  

popular in the game yes which that that completely 
makes sense to me and i i really like i really  

like that thought so when it comes to series two 
series two honestly i know nothing about i opened  

up a few packs it was fun it was cool i really 
like the optochrome the optic chrome looks good  

um you know and so so what are your so 
what are your thoughts on series two  

like um like i know you talked about one time uh 
when we were talking you you you thought that you  

know the ice queen was selling for a lot i think 
at one point it was selling for over 100 bucks  

and now i see it go down a little bit 
probably more so to to market rate so yeah  

so and and that was surprising to you 
because that was a card that you didn't  

see much come out of the game right yeah it 
wasn't a popular skin no no and it was uh  

ice cream thoroughly shocked me because like i 
understood i always understand what a collection  

looks like i appeal wise and if you have ice 
cream well it makes sense to have ice cream you  

know what i mean and i think i think that played 
a lot into it but i'm sitting there and you know  

and i come in and i'm and i'm just trying to 
make sense of it for myself because you gotta  

think about it if you if you're opening packs it's 
like okay i have to play ketchup so what do i keep  

what do i sell to get more of and i'm and i'm 
like i'm sitting there like ice cream i'm like  

that makes no sense to me and then eventually 
ice king ice queen came crashing all the way  

down where ice can't kind of sustain because 
ice king is a tier 100 skin and that will always  

have the thing i will say for people that don't 
play the game that you just kind of want insight  

if you wanted to play it safe you can 
buy all the tier 100 skins because  

those have so much emotional attachment to it when 
it comes to memory and nostalgia like for instance  

mines is omega because omega was the first one 
that i completely went all the way from just  

like grinding out the game so omega's always 
going to have a place in my nostalgic uh  

collecting aspect and will always be in my pc but 
when it comes to series 2 like uh like you have  

not seen eight ball right like i know you haven't 
been paying attention saw eight ball has not had  

an auction for crack dice or even a cell and i 
promise you it's been like probably since march  

it might have been march or april it's been a 
long time um yonder i mean series 2 is really  

all over the place right now and i think it's 
going to end up correcting like for instance uh  

like you know like the auras and the crystals and 
zadie's aura and crystal are com uncommon skins  

right they're uncommon and they're all the way 
they're competing with the legendary they're 100  

in the top 10 and i think that you know uh even as 
somebody that's just collecting and don't play the  

game you can kind of see what is happening you 
know the the game is coming into it and people  

like modern modern doesn't he's not biased modern 
came in strictly from ripping cards right but you  

he's he wants the real information he wants 
the real information he started playing the  

game and he's now getting his own perspective 
and you know and i think that's what's going  

to end up happening people are going to start 
waking up to kind of where the card should be  

and you know you might see the whole 
top 10 flip on his head who knows  

i mean that's always something that's been in the 
back of my head right because like you know i've  

brought this up before with people it's like okay 
so when they you know when when the real gamers  

start coming in are we gonna see a shift in the 
top ten like is black knight gonna be dethroned  

and i mean you know i know a lot of people 
really do not think that'll happen at all  

i don't have like an opinion either way but 
if it happens that would be [ __ ] interesting  

that would be interesting as hell um so so i'm 
open to see what you know happens through that  

because i mean you know everyone's just 
been like black knight black knight back  

and i'm like okay cool whatever like yeah he's 
a cool he's a cool card and like yeah he's he's  

you know at this point a grail so you gotta have 
him but but like compared to a card like a lux  

or like a goal trooper you know those are my 
those are my more favorite ones like i have  

you know maybe four or five goal troopers and like 
you know i have my lux that i actually pulled and  

then my new lex that i just bought so you know 
those cards are much more interesting to me but um  

but you know i i don't know like i'm just here 
to kind of see what happens with that because  

it i don't know i just think that would be so 
interesting because everyone's all about the  

black knight black knight black knight i'm like 
okay cool you know but like it's kind of like  

it's kind of like the charizard like everyone 
likes the dragon and that's that's always not  

that's not always the most interesting thing to me 
right you know everyone just likes the dragon i'm  

like well what about the water dragon what about 
like the gyros you know yeah so so like from so  

from series two what are some sleeper skins in 
your mind oh man um i think manic is on par with  

manic is on par with aura and uh crystal so manic 
shouldn't be like a top 10 skin but for what she's  

for what manic is selling for right now i think it 
only makes sense because manic has been used for  

so long and i'll give another aspect of so these 
are considered the 800 v buck skins they're that's  

the cheapest skin you can buy and the thing 
is manic aura and crystal are consistently in  

the item shop and people are still consistently 
buying that card and i mean well that skin and  

that shows sustainability and you know it's been 
tons of like for instance bright bomber used to be  

purchased consistently then dark bomber came 
out and dark bomber kind of stole the rain from  

you know bright bomber so like with 
series 2 i think it's manic uh i think  

we're talking about black knight 
but i think eight ball could end up  

really shifting a lot i think a ball can end up 
very high in the market uh competing with like  

the ultima knights and the yonders uh just because 
we haven't seen it yet and uh i'm saying that and  

i should probably shouldn't be because i still 
been trying to get that card uh but you know um  

you know it comes with the two is that the crystal 
shard yes yes yeah like that one and then uh also  

zadie zadie is a very zadie is extremely popular 
i think this card also looks good as well um  

it's so it's so much i actually like i said before 
i think series 2 is a little out of whack right  

now and i think it could end up correcting with 
those type of with those type of cards because uh  

i think autumn knight kind of deserves to be where 
he is just based off of him being a different  

variation of black knight but there's also ruin 
and it's funny that you brought this up because  

when mia modern was talking about growing what 
happened was modern messaged me and there was  

a ruin on there for like it was like a psa ten 
and it was like ten thousand dollars which is  

ridiculous right that's never happened but modern 
was like well why is this at this price i'm like  

well it doesn't deserve that price but rowan is 
interesting because technically he's black knight  

i won't go deep into that but from the storyline 
i think people have to factor in that fortnight  

is gonna end up being tv shows it has a full 
storyline a full storyline like deep is a whole  

lot i need to get into it i need to buy the comics 
i need to buy whatever books is out there i need  

to get that already and it's like you know like 
for instance singularity so i shouldn't be saying  

this either but you know this is a part of it just 
just gets all the just gets all the juice you know  

so singularity is donald muster donald mustard 
the creator of fortnite he says singularity is  

the most popular and most important skin for the 
next couple years he said that out of his mouth  

on his instagram on his instagram right and 
he said this and i'm sitting there like you  

know i heard a lot of people debating me on the 
story line i'm like yeah i'm not making this up  

it's literally right here you know what i mean 
that's why like today i brought the hardcover  

of the comic book this comes out uh i 
believe wednesday but i got it early from  

a local commercial or so you know like i'm 
just always you know i'm always looking for  

different type of things and you know i'm usually 
quiet with a lot of different stuff but you know  

i just want to show people that it's just it's 
genuinely opportunities when it comes to popular  

skins but it's also opportunities when it comes to 
storyline skills like uh like for for series one  

uh the visitor the visitor is um okay the 
visitor is actually such a cool skin yeah  

he's the beginning of the storyline he's the 
one that launched the rocket for fortnight when  

fortnite finally got where they wanted to go with 
the storyline this was the first skin that was  

uh introduced for that aspect with dark voyager 
and everything like that so if you just do your  

research you get actually get interested 
in fortnite it it'll change a lot for sure  

you know and i love that you bring up the comics 
because comics is also something that i love  

and like that i've been learning to understand 
and like navigate and what's funny that now  

that you bring up okay so so i i always so 
i've been loving that modern's been buying  

those comics i need to buy them i have not been 
buying them but i need to buy them no doubt no  

there's just so many places there's just so 
many things to buy um but but what what it  

kind of sounds like when you talk about the 
story line and like what characters do what  

honestly it kind of reminds me of comic books 
because like when you think about buying comics  

you know there are people that do want to buy 
everything but honestly you can't because there's  

so many variations for everything and so it's like 
well okay let me focus on the keys and you're like  

well okay well what are the keys what are the 
key issues like what does that mean and and key  

issues are first appearances of people right so 
if you look at golden auctions you know you know  

you know for everyone that doesn't do comics if 
you look at the golden auction block right now  

yeah what's really interesting in that 
block other than those two black nights  

are the comics because it's it's first appearances 
of so many different people's first appearances  

of the joker first appearance of spider-man first 
appearance of this first appearance of that and so  

those are really interesting because you know that 
like like in a way if you focus on the story which  

i need to i need to focus on the story but if you 
focus on like the main characters of the story  

and get those cards like you're kind of also 
following that that pattern too right because at  

this point it's going to be tough to get every 
single card you'd have to put you have to drop  

yes so yes so focusing on those key cards and 
and honestly like if you're new to any market  

and you're just trying to you know get your feet 
wet trying to build a position it's not a bad idea  

to focus on the top 10 or 15 percent because 
because again like what we were saying before  

that stuff doesn't hit the market that often 
those things are harder to buy and those things  

those are the things that are going to really grow 
over time versus focusing on the lowest end right  

because at first that's kind of how i would get 
caught yes i would get caught because i'm like  

okay let me get this card this card this card 
this card because it's fifteen dollars twenty  

dollars thirty dollars like that doesn't break the 
bank no but also those things probably won't grow  

either so you kind of have to keep those things 
in mind if you don't care about those cards  

you know then why why bother buying them if you 
don't care about them and they're not gonna maybe  

grow that much but yeah you know just focus on the 
ones that you like which is why i'm like okay let  

me get looks yeah and that's and it's it's funny 
sorry to cut you off go ahead no you're good  

yes that's like because what you're 
saying and it's funny that you're  

big on comic books because like donald muster 
he originally didn't want to get into gaming he  

wanted to be a comic book artist so all of these 
what people got to understand is like this is  

the creator of fortnite actually drew this like 
this is his artwork you know what i mean so he's  

he's in a different like and what i always 
tell people is like okay like if you collect  

baseball cards right there's a thing called 
prospecting you prospect you take you know  

the the minor leagues a b and c and then when 
it comes to the nba there's rookies and there's  

i promise you not let people say that you're lying 
about a storyline just buy the card i promise you  

because the thing is it's gonna have just it's 
gonna what's gonna happen is exactly what you said  

when fortnite do extend into let's say a series or 
extends into an anime style or it extends into any  

of those aspects and they show singularity 
omega ruin any of those for the first time  

that's going to shift a lot like for instance 
the collaboration with magic the gathering we  

don't know which skins are going to be on there 
and that could that can put something into the  

market as well they'll be like wait why did they 
choose this for magic the gathering what is the  

a b and c behind this and that could have a real 
dent in it you know so it should be interesting  

you know i'm glad you brought that up like 
the whole fortnight collaboration because  

like i'm really excited for it because that's 
also another world that i'm in like i'm in the  

magic world so yes so i know a lot of magic people 
are not are like not here for it they don't that  

they're mad about it they don't want it they 
might they might care about street fighter a  

little bit more because they shouldn't they tend 
to be an older crowd but i'm here for both of  

it i'm here for fortnite i'm here for street 
fighter like just like just all of it and so  

so i'm happy that they're doing it because 
it's interesting and it's different  

and like let's shake things up like let's do more 
because sometimes i feel like they're just they're  

going too slow sometimes i feel like they should 
be doing so much more we talked we talked about  

this before they seem to be going too slow so it's 
like okay what are they trying to accomplish with  

magic the gathering because my first thought is 
like maybe they're trying to bring people over  

to fortnite but it but it's like what about that 
particular market of people that makes you want to  

like get in there right because i i don't know i 
i would think there would be other markets maybe  

that would lend themselves more to it rather than 
magic because when i think of magic i just think  

of like you know older dudes that were born in the 
80s that you know sat around played the cards yeah  

also decided to trade i mean i'm sure that's not 
truly representative of like what's going on but  

you know curious to know your thoughts on on that 
whole collaboration like oh yeah oh okay so if you  

if i know fortnite the way i know fortnite right 
i am almost positive in some shape or form we'll  

probably see a magic the gathering skin i that's 
that's the way fortnite moves you know what i mean  

this is fortnite is never one-sided it's never 
going to be like fortnight and magic the gathering  

and magic the gathering is like just carrying 
along that collaboration so i mean like you  

got to think about there's three street fighter 
skins in fortnite right now like you know like  

that four actually four now and i think 
that's going to consistently happen and  

i think this magic the gathering thing could be 
very important and we're not even factoring in  

that this comes on the break of panini losing the 
nfl in the nba so that raises fortnight up even  

more so who knows what this really would mean for 
the next two to three years you know so who knows  

you know like i i love i've always liked panini 
cards they've always been way more interesting  

to me personally because yeah like i like 
i do have some tops i do have some bowmen  

you know i do i am a little bit in this in the 
sports world but but like panini's just always  

been more interesting and so now that they don't 
have that or now that it's going to end you know  

what happens to fortnight like what happens what 
happens if they put more behind it first off i  

don't even know if like they'll have that contract 
right cause it's three years right is it three  

years i think fortnight was dumb and i don't know 
how many yeah i mean i hope they get the extension  

because i'd be curious to see what creative 
what what creative things they could do with it  

yeah like i i mean if they went all in on it like 
can you imagine how i was having this conversation  

with someone on instagram like like can you 
imagine how much more epic series one and two  

will be because if panini just went on full panini 
they're gonna have like 20 billion variations  

of like the same cards like the populations of 
those cards are gonna be huge yes right and so  

that puts more credence into series one just 
because those cards are going to become even  

rarer right i mean i don't know how rare series 
two is oh yeah compared to something is it yeah is  

it is it bigger because of the object yeah yeah i 
think for sure and i mean even with that's a whole  

nother thing i think optic chromes are amazing 
i think those should be consistently purchased  

i think it's a very great entry card you know i 
think if you're just coming in optic chromes is  

amazing you know but like you said think about 
it if this is really crazy imagine if there was  

only three series of fortnite cards if there 
was only three that would be unfortunate for  

collectors like us but that i also value that 
cards up but what's more than likely going to  

happen is what you're talking about is going to be 
heavily produced you know it's going to be heavily  

produced and i think it's time i think we had our 
opportunity with series one and series two to get  

you know that first edition stamp quote you know 
what i mean in that shadowless aspect of it but  

now i think it's time for it to be because if we 
have more variations if we have more parallels  

if we have more of these things it's that 
becomes more fun right that becomes more fun we  

we kind of have the serious aspect of this now 
like getting your position and you know a b and c  

you know because like i always say like i just i 
buy the cars that i like and the ones that i don't  

like i try to find somebody that likes them and i 
sell those to them you know you know hopefully we  

can do a trade like you know um but i think i 
do think it's time for more variations and you  

know a b and c like for instance uh go trooper 
me and modern were just talking about it today  

go trooper the actual og skin of blue trooper 
now is the pink one because they re-released  

the skin so the school go trooper used to 
be rare in og with the green ghoul right  

but then fortnite re-released it so now it's 
the pink gold trooper so if that one comes out  

that may actually break the top five because it 
is the actual form of og ghoul trooper just like  

skull trooper being purple so yeah really okay 
so what you're you're talking about the game  

so the game came out with the green gold trooper 
and then came but originally was a pink gold  

trooper well no so the game came out with google 
trooper right and let's just hypothetically say  

the reason why is og is because it came out 
early but then it didn't release again so it  

was this long extended time that google trooper 
was only available to the og's then one halloween  

they re-released blue trooper and to kind of help 
the og's feel comfortable with their skin being  

back available they came out with a pink variation 
that only the og's have same thing they did with  

skull trooper with the purple so if those come out 
those are the true stamp and definition of the og  

skin in context and so those are 
a whole lot of different things  

that can happen i think that will give a lot 
of cadence and sustainability just possibly  

series three you know with all those different 
variations and selectable styles that can happen  

that would be very cool i'd see and i'd have to 
get all of them i'd have to get all the colors  

like because i'm into gold trooper like i would 
have to get all of those skins like any of those  

variations and that's how panini would give me so 
you know i mean like like if panini comes in like  

120 on series three and then if we get a series 
four and series five you know you know they're  

going to go hard on that like i want the thick 
cards like i i know they couldn't do jersey cards  

that that'd be interesting i don't know how that 
would work but but you know i mean but just you  

know i mean you're on twitch so you know the 
gaming world to an extent they have jerseys booga  

had you know buga has a team that he assigned 
to you know and you got to remember now there's  

a ninja and there's a lash line and there's a oh 
that's a good there's a yeah they i mean if you  

if they re like you said if they really wanted 
to go 200 and there's so many angles that they  

can take and i think a lot of people get stuck 
like for instance a lot of people get stuck on  

oh licensing licensing marvel and fortnite 
has an amazing relationship like licensing  

relationship like they have done so much for 
each other eternally like there's kids that to  

be honest kids don't really watch movies all like 
that but now they're in love with iron man again  

they're in love with batman for dc they're in love 
with you know there's there's a connection again  

and i think if in my opinion from what i've seen 
i think marvel and dc really appreciates that  

so could we see those cards in the future 
maybe a series 4 or series 5 for sure like  

think about it what is kaboom like kaboom 
for the you know the sports world kaboom  

are a form of comic style like that's a comic 
style car and they put them in a sports world  

these things can 100 happen um i think we 
just have to be patient because that takes  

a lot of licensing and copyrights and a whole 
lot of contracts but do i see it in the future  

for sure for sure that that that'd be so cool oh 
i'm i'm here for that i'm i'm absolutely here for  

that and and back to your point like a few points 
ago you know how you said that we're going to see  

a magic the gathering skin i would love to see a 
vivian reed's skin or juliana yes skin like oh my  

god they would be so awesome oh if that came out 
as a car that'd be so cool i used to have a vivian  

card i don't know how much you know about 
magic i used to have a vivian and i sold her  

not too much yeah but but any but you know i mean 
i think there's a lot of really cool you know  

planeswalkers um you know characters in that game 
that they could introduce and i think that'd just  

be oh that'd be so cool i see i i love it when 
these worlds collide like that's just that's just  

what i'm here for you like people like me you know 
i'm sure there's a ton of people like me that just  

collect a whole bunch of stuff yes yes um and like 
this is this is exactly what this is exactly what  

i'm here for so so i'm ready to see it and if it 
happens you know i'll be in the game and for sure  

like and here's the and here's the thing that i 
want people to understand like when it comes to  

somebody that's been playing fortnite consistently 
is you have to think of this right i see a world  

ariana grande was just had a full concert no 
let's take that back ariana grande had a tour  

it was a tour it was multiple days of her concert 
inside the fortnight game right i'm almost  

yeah and i'm almost positive i truly believe this 
that fortnight is going to start being a part  

of artists press room you know how they do all 
the interviews and they do all of these things  

if think about how much value it would have 
if you did your interviews at like let's say  

the breakfast club and all the video you know all 
those things right and then you solidified it with  

a concert or with a feature or with the skin and 
fortnight that's what's been happening marshmallow  

following went up you know travis scott that the 
fortnite world is so strong that people don't  

even factor travis scott and marshmallow as actual 
artists they factor them as the guys from fortnite  

like it's like you know because they're young kids 
oh yeah like the younger kids the 8 and 12 years  

old 12 year olds that don't listen to travis scott 
or didn't listen to marshmallow the first time  

they got exposed to them was through the game and 
that's the that's the way they resonate with those  

you know artists and you know extends from 
there that is so interesting that that's so  

true and you know i didn't think about it like 
artists using that as like a marketing tool um  

but it completely is i mean you know i completely 
forgot about the ariana concert i i never i didn't  

participate in any of that i didn't watch any of 
that but yeah you know i did obviously see like  

you know advertisements for it and whatnot and 
that's just so crazy to me that that's awesome  

see and and that and again that's what i'm saying 
like there are so many things fortnite can do that  

they are not doing and i'm just like oh my god 
like why haven't you you know but surely they  

got it in the works like surely they know what's 
up you know well and you know fortnite fortnite  

is very stubborn like just based off the game like 
you know like if everybody want like for instance  

um i actually i think the travis scott skin can't 
come back because of like some copyright problems  

don't quote me on that but i'm almost positive 
that's the case and you know if you go in any  

fortnight comment on their main page it's a whole 
bunch of kids asking for the travis scott skin to  

come back because you know uh mongrel and uh mr 
savage and uh was wearing the travis skyscraper  

now originally they had the opportunity to get 
the skin they may not have liked it but because  

their favorite streamers are worried now they 
want it and that's the train effect that happens  

in fortnite like these are there i mean a lot of 
these kids will literally look up to these uh you  

know to these gamers and it has grown so much like 
in the heydays of fortnight i mean you have like  

daquan and hamlin it was so many people that had 
entertainment value like they were entertainers  

and they were good at the game and it 
just took it to a whole nother level  

you know and and you know talking about like 
the gamer the influencer like um reach you  

know to people it's always so interesting to 
me when you know you see like celebrities like  

actors or you know famous people or whatever 
they always like look down on influencers  

and gamers but honestly the impact is not equal in 
any kind of way like not in any kind of way equal  

and so that's always something that's been like 
a phenomenon that's been really interesting to me  

because you know you spend a lot of time like like 
influencers spend a lot of time building a really  

close relationship yeah with their people and so 
you feel like you know them you know you see them  

on a stream every night or every other night or 
whatever you feel like you know the person it's  

just so much more different and and i think you 
know i think um like social media influencers get  

a real you know they have a bad rap in that sense 
you know to me like they're kind of like looked  

down upon and i'm like that's kind of rude because 
they they put a lot of damn time into it like  

it's not easy i mean and it's like and like 
even going into the game like okay for for  

instance fortnight like these streamers 
they stream for 12 to 14 hours a day and  

we're going to get you to play the game jess 
but do you understand do you understand the  

pain of dropping in over 20 games of fortnite 
and getting you know what is called stream  

snipe stream tonight is when you're when your 
uh fan base comes into the same game as you  

and they either are nice stream snipers where they 
give you loot or they're the opposite side where  

they immediately kill you so they have to deal 
with a whole bunch of different aspects of this  

game and you have to like they were talking about 
ninja no it was actually myth myth did a watch  

party now myth is known for the skull trooper 
skin he's not like that was the skin that he made  

popular you know from his building techniques and 
just being a streamer and it was times where myth  

had 50 to 60 to hundreds of thousands of people 
watching his stream and people put in perspective  

there's like that's like him watching somebody 
in a stadium like that's like seriously if you  

put that in perspective that's that many people 
watching him as once so they have a lot more than  

people give them credit for and the sustainability 
of fortnite is 100 based off their creators and  

fortnite acknowledges that they have a creator 
code where people get a percentage off of somebody  

buying a skin with their uh code they put the the 
streamers and content creators skins in the game  

so i think before i get a bad rap with a couple 
things but overall they i mean when it comes to  

marketing and taking care of their creators 100 
of the time they're doing it that that that's  

that's crazy i didn't know that but i think 
that's awesome that they do acknowledge uh you  

know the role that they play and isn't that why 
ninja stopped streaming for tonight yeah people  

come in and just try to get them oh yeah and like 
skinny uh said like you you get banned and you get  

uh your account taken away for that because it's 
already random anyway you already have to drop  

down you have to find a gun and if you're trying 
to stream because that's technically their job  

you can't do it efficiently you know but 
uh but ninja had to stop i mean ninja was  

it was nobody more popular than ninja at that 
time like he literally i mean think about it  

he had drake travis scott and um mike evans which 
is a football player i know you probably know mike  

evans that played with tom brady in tampa bay 
all of them played with ninja because ninja was  

number one and that transcended and he you know 
eventually you know you're the hero long enough  

to become a villain that's kind of what happened 
with ninja you know overall yeah yeah did he so  

i know that i remember that he left for mixer 
um and i don't know too much i never been on  

mixer before so i don't even know if that's still 
winning is that still a thing yeah i don't know  

because it's strictly it's strictly xbox i never 
cared for mixer so we're just yeah i don't know  

yeah oh okay so so but i mean he still 
does stream now on twitch though right  

yes yeah so he went i'm trying to yeah 
he's back on twitch now he's back on twitch  

and you had like ninja has his own sneaker 
with adidas like that's that that it's like  

but like if people put in perspective that like 
you know like ninja you know started off with like  

halo and he was a he was a true gamer and people 
like like my favorite streamer was a streamer  

called nick mertz like nick marks was hands down 
my favorite probably because i'm in my i'm 28  

me and nick burks is about the same age so i 
felt better about myself i'm like you know what  

i got you bro you know we gonna rock together you 
know so uh you know nick merks has always been my  

favorite and even him like he left fortnite and 
went to play call of duty because that's where he  

started but what happens with fortnite is you're 
cemented once you have that impact people don't  

forget the skin you wear people don't forget your 
clips they go back like daquan which was uh one of  

the most popular streamers at that time like this 
one streamer that skinny bronco c day c day was  

the most entertaining you know streamer of that 
time and when he left people still are waiting and  

it's been like two years and it's just that it's 
that crazy when it comes to the fortnite community  

wait so see cd like c day okay so so is he not 
streaming at all yeah he doesn't he doesn't stream  

anything like he just you know he just stopped 
he was always he was one of the nonchalant like  

streamers where he would post like once a month 
or he'll pull like he knew that people wanted to  

see his content so he would kind of play on that 
and kind of build it up and he was definitely the  

most creative but uh you can burn out very easy 
off of streaming and off of playing games so  

you know mental health wise it some people really 
had to kind of no matter if they wanted to or not  

just seeing that consistently and just uh mental 
health wise it probably was best for them to  

kind of step back gosh yeah i mean i really i 
can really understand that because i was just  

watching a youtube video talking about 
um completely off this is completely off  

topic kind of but uh the the youtuber was 
talking about carl jobs i think his name  

he was talking about how you know the 
no hit challenges like the no hit um so  

in the soulsborne dark souls demon souls like 
those games you know those records and and like  

you know hitting those records and how like if you 
have to do all five games sequentially like in one  

playthrough um to no hit beat everything and 
it took like hours it was like a whole day  

freaking commitment yeah and and then and then 
to not even and then for it to even take months  

or possibly years to even train to like get that 
good yes you know get that good to do that i was  

just like oh oh my god i mean i play video games 
but not like that it's no it's very and like  

especially like those games like even if we stay 
on the fact of like fortnight like i tell people  

this and they think i'm being dramatic i played 
i played basketball i played i played every sport  

basketball football hockey every single sport 
right and i promise you the same mental aspect  

like you can't just be like you know 
what i'm going to go pro in fortnite  

that's not happening like you know like you really 
have to like dedicate same like the difference  

between a pro and an average casual player in in 
the game is a major difference and like you said  

it takes a lot of time to just get good at the 
game and for you to be great you're literally  

it's a skill set 100 it's a skill set and it 
takes a lot to be at that point oh yeah oh yeah it  

yeah it's crazy to me just how much time they put 
into it like 12 14 16 hour days you know in front  

of a screen i can't do it i respect it but i asked 
myself can i do it no i i mean yeah go ahead yeah  

um so you know i was going to ask you so c 
day this guy that ghosted everybody like what  

was his skins like what was he playing 
with he played it he played with raptor  

raptor is uh actually i traded raptor so i don't 
have them right now but uh yes raptor uh raptor is  

was a very popular skin and then i believe he 
came back out in uh 2018 i think it was like in  

the summertime and that's when he kind of lost 
his luster but people didn't care about him in  

game they cared about the fact that he was 
c day skin like c day that was the only skin  

he worked the whole time he played the game 
he would wear the selectable styles like uh  

like frostbite and then it was like i think 
that was the other raptor at that time but uh  

yeah he will only wear that skin and that's 
what people recognize them by until this day  

if you see raptor and you play fortnite 
during that era you only see seeded day  

so that's yeah that that's cool you know 
that that's one of those skins where  

like i always thought that one should be 
more popular like like just intuitively i  

would think like that skin would be more popular 
um because like i'm looking at a psa nine mint  

right now for oh you know what it's a brazil 
crystal chardonnay there you go nevermind i'm like  

that should be more but no yeah that's because 
it's uh but i mean even i'm looking right now at  

just you know a raw hollow foil i'm going for 
85. um i mean that that seems like a pretty  

i mean we'll see you know my we'll see how that 
actually turns out but that seems like a pretty  

good price point yeah it is hard like that 
if that's one that you're trying to get at  

because like there are just some skins i'm 
like um that would be like a traditionally  

more popular one why isn't that one capturing that 
much and that's what was so hard about the market  

in the very beginning in the very beginning it 
was so hard for me someone like me to figure out  

like what was popular what was like 
what do i keep what do i not keep  

because i was like you know i i remember 
seeing black knights go for a hundred bucks  

right i sold a base set black knight for 
seven dollars like come on you could get  

crystal shards for 15 bucks we're talking about 
legendaries for 15 bucks that's how cheap it was  

and it was so hard to figure out like what was 
like oh my god yeah and i got all i got rid of all  

of my crystal shorts i got rid of all of them i 
do have a whole bunch of hollow foils that i pull  

but all my crystal shards gone i only have two 
and that's in a box i have no idea what they are  

so i mean but that but that was really crazy that 
was really interesting like there was just not  

enough sales data to really make decisions and 
that and and that back then early on like i've  

definitely learned like i've definitely grown as a 
collector in general um and and fortnight has been  

something that's been really pivotal helping me 
you know from that perspective because when you  

go in ground floor on on a card game when you when 
you're at its inception like that's where you you  

learn the most i mean you know you can still 
learn a lot in pokemon and stuff like that but  

you're having to play around with uh a lot you 
have to play around with a lot more capital  

versus like fortnight right 
in the beginning you know  

you didn't have to put in that much risk now 
it's a little bit different but i mean i i  

think that's part of the reason part of some 
of the reason why you know these newer cards  

that are coming out like metazoa and stuff like 
that i think that's part of the reason why some  

of them are kind of popular just because you can 
get in at the beginning and maybe it turns into  

a pokemon yeah and then you have them you know 
because it's like okay if i could go back into  

time yeah i would buy everything right yeah i mean 
you know because i mean that's how it was that's  

what you knew that's what you knew based on you 
know i mean hindsight is 20 20. but for sure but  

but yeah it you know like for me it's just 
been really interesting to play in it because  

like for me meta zoo fortnite like metazu 
personally doesn't compare because it's just  

not as interesting to me yeah like just not as 
interesting at all so if i'm going to put my  

money somewhere like i'd rather put it into 
fortnite if i had to choose between the two  

like i'm not hating on menzu at all but it's like 
go ahead do your thing yeah you know but fortnite  

definitely has got it got it for me yeah so so 
when it comes so what are you buying right now  

if you want to share what are you buying right 
now so i've i've been buying a lot actually uh so  

as y'all know because i probably posted too 
much i did get deluxe cracked ice uh last  

yeah you know had to get 
that one and then i also so  

this i've been taking all the opportunities 
i can with the series one crystal shards  

what am i doing right now let's see there 
you go there you go you know dark bomber

you know uh triple threat that is like 
this is now this is one of my this is  

one of my favorites because this is when 
they put the basketball skins in the game  

and uh this was season four and this is when i 
finally started buying skins after being stubborn  

and i was like i'm not buying nothing that's why 
i don't have black knight that's why i don't have  

all those skins because i refuse you know so this 
is when i finally broke and i brought those uh  

you know triple threat and jump shot is it's 
so many scans and that's the thing like my  

pc is gonna be a little bit bigger than a lot 
of people maybe because it's so many pc cards  

that are connected to the skin that i'm gonna uh 
that i wear in game but i also brought this one  

i also bought the sticker from the ready to jump 
i bought it yeah i bought in the ps89 the reason  

why is this wasn't a big purchase this was small 
but the reason why i'm like okay it's a sticker  

we do have an italian market and panini stickers 
are extremely popular in the soccer market  

and this is only pop two for a lot of reasons but 
what i've been doing a lot of times when it came  

to the psa and the bgs cards is when you think 
about it who is going to grade a sticker right now  

with psa being got 200 dollars nobody so i have 
pop 2 it's probably not going to happen anytime  

soon so for a long time i'll probably have a pop 
2 card you know just because it doesn't make sense  

with all the cards whether it's your crack dice 
your hollows you know you just have too many cards  

ahead of it to grade so that's another card that 
i've been buying i've been and then lastly i'll  

just show this one the opti-chrome uh ultimate 
knight i love the optic chromes i'm very bullish  

on it uh i think the polaroid is ridiculous i 
think they look beautiful they're big in a sports  

market so people that come in that may be from the 
sports world may like optic chromes better than  

cracked ice and that's why i'm heavily committed 
to optical what's the pull rate on the optochrome  

modern would be better with telling you the exact 
aspect but for like a hobby box so for a hobby box  

you get two hollows and one optical uh for the 
megabox you could forget it you're more than  

likely not going to get an octi chrome uh for the 
fat pack you get do you get crystal shards in the  

in the mega boxes still yep yep okay yeah the 
difference is it's in a clear pack so you know  

immediately what you get so it doesn't have that 
same value as in series one where it's in the  

foil yeah so that's that's the difference between 
series one and series two as well like i seen uh  

somebody graded the crackdown series 2 sealed uh 
pack and they uh got like a yeah i saw that too  

i saw that too with the italian cards because 
there's like some kind of box or some kind of  

tin that has they call them the cello packs 
right yeah i've seen those graded as well  

yeah and it's funny because skinny said what about 
pokemon and fortnite i don't know exactly what he  

mean by that but i'm almost positive he's saying 
what if pokemon ends up in fortnite or vice versa  

if that happens that's gonna that's 
a world collide for real that's like  

i don't even i don't even know what to expect from 
that like if you could wear pikachu on your back  

or you could have it as a keychain on your gun or 
maybe it's so many things that fortnite does that  

could definitely migrate that in there for sure 
like seeing ash and uh fortnight would be crazy  

you know that'll be that'd be dope you know like 
people would lose their minds oh it would be i  

really like you know you know naruto was in 
there right naruto would be in season eight  

are you serious they got that they just 
yeah they just finished i didn't know yeah  

they just finished the license uh i 
think they just finished the licensing  

uh like two weeks ago so it could either be 
season eight or season nine but yeah naruto was  

definitely going to be in fortnite so yeah that 
is so cool that that is the coolest thing man i  

want to see some demon slayer i want to see some 
attack oh yeah i don't know if you're into any  

of that yeah for sure for sure that okay see 
see like another like that's what i love about  

fortnite there's so much potential for random 
worlds to [ __ ] just collide and just be great  

and and honestly like like like thinking about 
pokemon and thinking about you know like a pikachu  

skin or like an ash skin or misty or giovanni 
like whatever you want whatever you want like that  

would be so insane people would have so much fun 
with that like imagine that that would be amazing  

because those worlds are very close and it's just 
like this small gap that's keeping them from being  

the same and i think that'd be that'd be extremely 
crazy for that to happen uh i mean i could see a  

lot happening it's just just based off you know 
like if fortnite and pokemon wanted to do it they  

could shift everything you know what i mean like 
just because those worlds together they're meant  

to be together and it will eventually happen i'm 
just interested in how you know so yeah how to  

play out yeah yeah that'll be that'll be crazy um 
you know and and when it comes to fortnite like i  

do always think of nfts and i'm always wondering 
like when are they gonna start incorporating that  

because you know i've seen i've seen like 
random people put out like black knight nfts  

which i don't even know how i don't know i mean 
i think it i feel like it's risky because yeah  

i was reading according to according 
to epic games you can draw stuff  

and marry and do your own cool thing you just 
can't sell it so i'm like you know i wouldn't  

i would have risked an nft of you know an epic 
game character right but but it's like i could see  

what's interesting to me and i i just haven't 
seen it yet when you look at the when you look at  

the world of warcraft or you look at those those 
kinds of games i've never played those games but  

but i kind of know what's going on they always 
have had a secondary market and so even before  

anything like really blew up with the internet 
like back then people were buying [ __ ] for  

thousands of dollars thousands of dollars and so 
and so it's always been interesting to me that  

it doesn't seem like there's a secondary market 
for in-game stuff for fortnite unless you like  

sell an account because i've seen people sell 
accounts right like with these different scans  

or whatnot or whatever but if if fortnite helped 
facilitate a secondary market for that stuff  

i mean like for something to be an nft it has to 
be on the blockchain but but like if it i don't  

know i just like wow has allowed that i've just 
always wondered why fortnite hasn't you know yeah  

like for instance like like you said like yeah 
you can sell your accounts on a secondary market  

but there's also like you know uh there is the 
twitch like you know uh switch i always say twitch  

there's the switch skin wildcat wildcat came with 
the switch and then there's like re uh reflex came  

with the nvidia processing chip there's there's 
skins like that that is connected to a promotion  

that people sell the yeah they so it's things 
like like for instance the galaxy skin came with  

the samsung you know phone and obviously all 
things like that that's why he has that name  

so and i hate well realistically if you think 
of it fortnite is all it's not one like you  

said it's not on the blockchain but it's already 
nfts and it's funny because nightcrawler said uh  

you know he doesn't and i i understand where he's 
coming from right in in totality but realistically  

v v bucks is crypto in that aspect it's not 
it's not this the whole aspect of crypto where  

it's like you know uh decentralized you 
know you know money or anything like that  

but the way you you buy the skin with actual 
v bucks you know you switch that money into v  

bucks and then you buy the skin and then it goes 
into your locker that's digital and now like for  

instance i don't even know how to price my locker 
but i've been buying skins since season four  

now i don't have any of the og's well i have some 
but i don't have all the og skins and all of those  

things but i can see fortnite doing it i think 
they'll do it fortnight fortnite is really good  

doing stuff at down times like if fortnite kind 
of starts going down a little bit they'll do this  

thing that just shifts the whole you know brings 
everybody back to fortnite and there's certain  

little nuances that i think as the fortnite 
uh as the fortnite community gets more mature  

and gets older i think that thing is really 
gonna because realistically my age group is  

still playing you know for a night especially if 
you're competitive uh like skinny said the iconic  

skin uh that's his main skin he plays with this uh 
samsung iconic skin and it's just like there's so  

many different things you could do nft wise with 
fortnite and i think it's gonna eventually happen  

uh when who knows but i think it'll be doping 
it does yeah i mean that's just something like  

like if fortnite was in it to make money if 
they wanted to put in blockchain and if they  

had a secondary market for it they could like 
get a piece of every transaction in the future  

like like you know when it comes to when it comes 
to video games like like all of the publishers are  

all doing things like this um you know like so 
i mean i'm just surprised i haven't done it i  

don't know i just always been surprised that they 
haven't done at least a secondary market you know  

it doesn't have to be an nft but just some kind 
of secondary market where they did that stuff i  

mean is it is there there's a secondary market for 
like fifa players right am i remembering on that  

right so it like like so ea you can 
you can get those digital cards and  

build up your team and then and potentially 
sell it out oh but but yeah but yeah anyways  

um but you know i don't know it's just it's 
just always been something real interesting  

to just think about i don't have any nfts 
i've never bought any i don't know [ __ ] i  

just know like i like blockchain like i like 
the technology that underlies it i've always  

thought that was really interesting so and i mean 
as we go into the more digital world and we start  

i mean i it might be too soon to talk about 
this stuff but i always thought it was really  

interesting to think about like the digital 
landscape in terms of like like digital property  

like having your own like space like have you 
seen those things like in the vr yes yeah i always  

like to keep an eye on that just because like the 
more digital we get and the more convincing vr is  

you know the more people that enter those things 
i could see people having their own house i mean i  

know it sounds silly and it sounds stupid oh yeah 
having their own real estate and then like having  

you know digital versions of things so like if 
they're a fortnight player like having a digital  

version of their skin in their house like i don't 
know you know i don't know but like but like those  

are always things that have been interesting to me 
um just to think about like like what people are  

doing again i think it might be too soon because 
i don't see many people vr game no you know no  

yeah and i think and that's the thing like i think 
i definitely see a world of fortnite being vr  

you know and i think what it what has to happen is 
the shift of that level of interest like because  

realistically with the new systems coming out the 
ps5 the xbox and you know it's like what's gonna  

make them put the controller put the keyboard down 
for a second and adventure off into these other  

worlds and i think once people have that interest 
once it has to be that one thing it always takes  

that one thing for it to shift and i think that 
i think it's closer than we think though for sure  

i mean like how much vr have you played 
have you played it have you gone on to  

anything i haven't played too much of it 
but i've watched like i've watched that  

from a very close aspect and i'm i'm very 
interested though overall very interested  

dude like so vr blew my mind when i started 
playing half-life alex like when i started  

playing half like half-life alex with 
the steam's vr system that [ __ ] blew  

my freaking mind because i i grew up yeah like i 
grew up okay so i'm a little bit older than you  

but you could still you still probably played 
the game half-life do you remember that game  

okay yeah yeah for sure yeah okay cool so so like 
sometimes some like sometimes i forget my age but  

but like i i grew up on half-life like half-life 
one half-life two yes like all of the chap all the  

episodes uh the extensions or whatever those are 
great and so playing half-life alex in vr it feels  

so freaking real and then and then half-life 
always has had that like horror element to it  

and so that was freaky and and realizing that 
in the game like at least for the steam game  

because it's the only one that i i played like 
alex like you have to literally like get um  

a sense of uh like a level of um muscle memory 
like when you want to change your clip you have  

to press the button to release the clip you have 
to do this motion right here to grab a new one  

and then and then put it back into your thing 
so you're making you know this motion and then  

pressing the button again before you can shoot so 
if you guys if you have enemies coming at you and  

you have an empty clip you got to do all this real 
quick right and so like playing that like it's  

different when you play a game like that it's it's 
totally different but it was so cool and i really  

appreciated the experience just because it was 
just on a completely different level of gaming so  

so that's why like this digital landscapes in 
that sense really intrigues me because you know  

there might be a time in the future where you and 
i we're having this conversation but we're in vr  

and like we're sitting on a couch inside of a 
virtual you know living room right like that is so  

different that's crazy i mean we're really going 
out there that's probably like decades from now  

you know for sure but you know what i mean the 
you seen that black mirror season did you see  

the season of black mirror where they did that 
they had oh no no not all of them not all of them  

yeah so it was close to that 100 you pretty 
much actually put the scene there they they  

were say it was a little different than 
that but uh they were like sitting on the uh  

couch and they were going into a virtual you know 
reality and it listen i think i think it's 100  

like you said it may be 10 years out or who 
knows like because i'll say this i don't think  

we is done the system we i think they're going to 
come back in a different form like i don't because  

they were ahead of their time like they were 
ahead of their time like for instance like just  

they had this pocket where everybody was drawn to 
weak like it was it was very different and i think  

they may have had some system of virtual reality 
it just was too early i think i think they'll  

find their way back i don't know in what form it 
probably won't we'll probably won't know until  

they hit the stock market and ipo and they're like 
oh yeah by the by the way the creators of this was  

the original creators of we a b and c but i think 
that uh there's a lot of opportunity for like  

those virtual realities that hit this market 
like even like i would love for like resident  

evil to truly be virtual reality that was my game 
like resident evil was like and you know metal  

gear solid it's games like that like those were 
like oh my god yeah those are legendary oh man  

you didn't tell a lie i mean like so i have i 
have the ps4 vr headset right and i bought okay  

so i i i'm gonna put this side note i love horror 
games like i love that niche but i cannot play  

those games personally like i had silent hill 
3 on computer i couldn't get through the game  

because i was too scared i was a game yeah but 
i but i love watching it i love the lore of it  

i mean when pt came out i was watching one 
of my friends play it on on ps4 and i was  

screaming because like i was getting scared 
but i but i love that [ __ ] so anyways like  

like i i have i have the vr headset and i decided 
to you know what let's go ahead and try resident  

evil 7. let me tell you let me tell you i couldn't 
even get into like i couldn't even get into the  

house right do you know in the beginning of that 
game where you're anyways i couldn't even get like  

i couldn't do it because i was just way too scared 
but to your point though like that whole kind of  

naming lends itself so much to that genre like for 
sure i can't like i watch you play if you stream  

it i'll watch you play yeah listen i and that was 
like because like i was never like you know like  

for instance like my background like i've said 
before i was call of duty like call of duty bad  

in 2k so i played my sports games like fifa then 
i was then i was call of duty i sucked at halo i  

sucked that gears award like those those were just 
a little bit above my like my friends were just so  

deep in it but i would have basketball practice so 
then i would come back from basketball practice i  

have two hours i'll be playing halo and then i'll 
fall asleep on the game now they're mad at me so  

the sports world and the gaming world kind of you 
know kind of clash for me but uh but when it came  

to like call of duty and that's the reason why i 
originally didn't want to uh play fortnite because  

it wasn't realistic enough for me but obviously 
that changed but resident evil was definitely  

one of my niche games that i loved and i still 
love to this day like have you been playing all  

the remakes yes yes i've been um i think so i 
didn't uh play seven because i spent too much  

time on like 2k madden and everything like that 
and fortnite but uh but i did i think the last one  

i played was six i think i played six and six was 
it was great it was great like and i think i think  

they're just they're just a great niche i think 
they'll always have an audience you know it's  

just that game that if you love horror you'll 
always you'll always come back to it so yeah  

oh no doubt no doubt resident evil is such a 
huge franchise i i love it like i'll i'll like  

i'll sit back you know those those game movies or 
whatever well they'll yeah like the the whatever's  

i'll i'll be just working and i'll just sit there 
and watch like you know the remakes are like one  

through six just like like the originals 
just playing through the mansion and then  

all that anyway i love resident evil so much 
fun did you ever like silent hill were you yes  

bringing you silent hill okay silent hill was my 
older cousins and they would never let me play and  

so i've always had an infatuation with silent hill 
and when i finally got to play i was ready to like  

completely move on because they like they ruined 
it for me like they didn't let me play this crime  

you know so that's how that's how he was but 
they they're the reason why i'm gamer so i guess  

i forgive him but yeah you know yeah but i love 
i love silent hill i think that's a great game  

as well oh yeah so good i i remember back in the 
day like i i had the when i got the silent hill  

3 it also came with the soundtrack and i don't 
know why but as a kid like i would just listen  

to the soundtrack even though it's eerie as [ __ 
] yeah like it's so weird but it's super weird  

yeah but man i i love that you like the horror 
stuff because i'm i'm really random and i'm  

i'm real weird like i watch people play quan i 
watch people play fatal frame i watch people play  

um rule of rose like those random old like 
niche horror games like it'd be really cool  

to see if some of those games ever get a 
remake of something yeah yeah i think so  

yeah that that that'd be very cool i'd be here 
for it i'd watch it you should watch it i mean i  

might buy it but i just wouldn't ever play it you 
would never play it that's funny no no i i might  

watch my brother play it like if he ever wanted to 
like i bought resident evil 7 so that because he  

wanted to play the vr version and so i'm like i'll 
buy it it's only 20 bucks whatever yeah um but  

he just hasn't played it yet and and i'm kind of 
sad about it because i want to see him freak out  

i want to see if he will freak out actually yeah 
i don't know how like streamers could be so chill  

you know yeah like there's some streamers that 
are saying they're playing they're different  

they're different yeah seriously but wow so i 
didn't realize we've been talking for a whole  

hour 30 minutes let me see we can hit everything 
yeah let me see if we do we do we hit everything  

okay so you know what we didn't we didn't hit 
everything because okay we talked we talked about  

the recent uh bk for last night for 23. that was 
really cool um so let's talk about the italian bk  

because that's been really interesting to me 
because it seemed to me that like there's a ton  

of italian cards out there yeah so that so that 
purchase or that price point isn't surprising  

to me because i think there's a [ __ ] ton out 
there i don't know what are your thoughts on  

italian and brazilian prince uh i think that's 
that that's the problem like i don't have  

like i said the italian market makes sense 
if you're in that demographic like if you're  

in that location it only makes sense because when 
you go with a usa print you're going to be paying  

for shipping you're going to be paying for all of 
those things so i get that but when it comes to  

i mean the mega boxes are i think last time i've 
seen it was that what 175 i think the mega boxes  

for series one is at 175 which is less than series 
two mega boxes so they're still readily available  

it's still a lot on the market um i think the 
best way i could put it is i was watching this one  

uh podcast and they were talking about like 
zion williamson and luca doncic when it comes  

to the nba and how there's a whole bunch of 
psa tens and a whole bunch of their cards  

but as more people come into the card market 
those that level of pop report may seem low i  

think that's what's going to possibly happen down 
the road with the italian market i think right now  

it's a major gap between usa and italian just 
because of how much it is but uh i think maybe  

two to three years from now that number will 
seem low compared to how many people are actually  

trying to obtain a usa cracked ice black knight uh 
but it's just so much out there right now i mean  

for every card it has to be 10 to 15 on 
ebay uh but i will say on the contrary  

to that the the psa 10 black knight is selling 
pretty well at 10 000 but we do we do see the  

the effect of how much is available when it 
compares to price so i mean it's a lot it's  

a lot out there we we would be lying if we said it 
wasn't you know we honestly would be uh yeah it's  

just i don't know like i think it's gonna take 
time to balance out uh but when you have like  

because you have to think about it like with skull 
trooper i honestly seen about 50 skull trooper  

italian crack dice like over the past couple 
of months and that's not a like for instance  

i'm gonna have an italian lux i'm gonna have a 
brazilian looks because that's my favorite cards  

um but i will say this i will say this if you are 
an italian collector it might be good to get some  

exposure to usa print you know just just at least 
a couple just you know yeah just in case if you're  

going on the investment side maybe collect with 
the italian and invest with the usa print you know  

just just get a little bit of exposure like i 
think that would be the best way like even if  

you had five solid usa print cards i think that 
would be good just so you can collect and have fun  

with the italian market because it is a long time 
right now yeah it's a lot yeah it's a lot so so  

you're thinking that the prices are different 
because we see more of that hit the market  

really and i mean andrew have to factor in i don't 
know you know the you know the uh the facebook  

group kind of came up with the italian corner 
but you know what the italian corner is right  

so the italian corner is like when you open the 
mega boxes it has like a indentation in the like  

the bottom right or the bottom left it's like 
right it'll be like right here right and it's  

like yeah like i had it it's unfortunate but 
you have to factor in condition of the italian  

the italian corner then how much is on the market 
the mega box is being at 175 so i feel like it's  

just it's never a knock to the italian market you 
just have to understand what you're collecting and  

if you are looking from an investment side you 
might just want to get a little bit exposure  

to the usa or just have a whole bunch of long-term 
holds it'll balance out eventually but you know uh

yeah it's tough i i do sometimes feel bad just in 
the aspect of because people that come in new and  

they're in that demographic they don't understand 
they don't understand how hard the pose is how you  

know there's not a specific hollow in the blaster 
box uh that's already in um in a package you know  

it's it's a lot of nuances into the fortnight 
market and i think the learning curve between the  

uh the the italian corners uh nightcrawler said 
he think he invented the italian corner uh saying  

because like you know like it is it is a thing and 
i think um over time it'll be it'll be just fine  

but right now it is pretty over saturated i think 
we wouldn't be being honest if we said it wasn't  

yeah i got you i got you that definitely makes 
sense i know like i know for myself i haven't  

spent anything on the italian cards and and at 
first it was really tempting because i'm like oh  

interesting so you know could it experience like 
the rubber band effect where it's stretch stretch  

stretch stretch stretch and then you know it hits 
that point and it releases and you and you see  

those ends kind of touch and come closer together 
um you know so so with that like you know i i  

could see that potentially happening i don't know 
who knows but you know talking to other people and  

yeah cosmo i know that's you i i i figured 
out that that was you yeah he he was he was on  

possible yes seriously dude he's on the youtube 
and the twitch stream he's cracking me up he's  

switching back and forth um but but yeah like like 
even having conversations with him i mean because  

he's definitely taught me a lot like no doubt 
100 and and you know i'm talking about like the  

the print run between the italian cards versus the 
american cards you know you know we're of the mind  

that american cards had a short print run so you 
know with that said i'm like okay so i could take  

a risk in these italian cards because they're more 
attainable they're more reachable i mean you know  

like instantly if i don't see anything if i see a 
good price in a card and it doesn't say anything  

about usa print or italian print you always just 
gotta check the back you will always have to  

check the back because you might get too excited 
about something and you might buy it too soon

way too many times i mean i have yeah i have a 
trigger finger i have a trigger finger like i am  

i am quick and then i'll be like you know what 
let me go check that i'll go check out this  

oh come on you know so yeah yeah dude 
i was second guessing myself this whole  

week because i'm like oh my god like that bk 
i'm just thinking like oh my god oh my god it  

comes back in and i gotta check and i'm like 
oh okay okay cool it is the maiden usa like  

i checked so many times but i understand i'm 
with you like i have that because when you see  

something and you're like holy [ __ ] how is no 
one jumped on this yet like like you just gotta go

yeah i totally understand i totally understand 
i haven't done that yet but i'm surprised that  

i haven't done that yet so like that's 
completely up my alley but but yeah i  

mean you know we talked about that again like 
italian print brazilian print american print  

i was having a conversation with wayne about it um 
like he was literally my season three one episode  

and if i remember correctly he said that he he's 
of the mind that you know the brazilian cards  

actually might be a lower print than the american 
cards and and so like so i don't i i haven't done  

enough research on that to really get a feel for 
it that's really interesting to me that's really  

interesting to me so i bought a i bought a gold 
trooper and the seller ended up giving me two  

hollow foil uh ghoul troopers um because like 
it was taking too long for summer i don't know  

long story short he just uh you know that seller 
just sent it extra to me uh for free which is  

like [ __ ] great that the seller was awesome um 
it's just so expensive to buy out of brazil yeah  

shipping is like 30 bucks and that's the and 
cosimo said something that was really important  

because like you said when i came in the first 
person i talked to was casimo like i came in and i  

remember i'm sitting there and i'm like yo i'm too 
late i'm too late he's like you're not too late  

and i remember you know how kosumo is he was 
debating somebody right and he's debating and  

he's on the side of usa print and the other 
person is on the side of italian and then  

i remember him posting a picture he's like dude i 
have both of them he's like i have italian and i  

have usa so what he's what he was pretty much 
getting at is like understanding which print  

is more rare which is more valuable but having 
exposure to all of them can never hurt like it  

can never hurt and then like even like he said in 
here like the price range like i always keep in my  

mind okay what happens when a kid comes in that's 
maybe 15 or 16 and he wants exposure i'm like okay  

having octi chromes would be good having italian 
may be of their favorite you know like for  

instance if i came in right now and i understood 
what aura was right i would more than likely go  

for or optichrome or i would go for the italian 
uh cracked ice or just because it's at a better  

price point entering in and then you can work your 
way up to a usa print stuff like that but yeah we  

just you just got to know what the values of each 
one italian you know brazilian and then the usa  

yeah absolutely i agree with you you have to 
you have to really do your homework because like  

you're saying you know this market is not simple 
it's very complicated there's a lot of nuance  

to it and you can get caught like yeah oh you know 
i i got this crystal shard for 100 bucks you know  

and and you find out that it was an italian and 
i mean you know probably honestly that's not  

too much of a bad thing really yeah but if you 
expected a usa print like that's different yeah  

so you got to watch out especially because more 
than likely let's be real all of us we probably  

would have negotiated a little bit lower if we 
did know that so it's not about so much of not  

buying it it's just about what price point would 
you be willing to buy it you know and that's the  

that's the difference absolutely absolutely i mean 
that's how i feel like going back to my box right  

my series one box that i bought i got it it's 
all dinged up you know corners are messed up  

yeah edges edges are nicked and you know i'm like 
okay with what i spent i spent about 1500 on it  

and i'm thinking like i'm over here going to get 
something at least not this bad and so i reach  

out to the seller and and i see that he's got 
like nine others in that listing so the listing  

is still up and i'm like well dude you know for 
this price point i honestly expected something  

a little bit better like it didn't have to 
be mint perfect but i mean like i don't know  

yeah and they're like oh well you know all of them 
are dinged up and i'm like wow well you should you  

know put actual pictures of like the boxes in your 
listing because i would have negotiated more right  

um you know i would have spent that time trying 
to get it down to like 1200 just because you know  

that's how i feel like that boxes probably work 
but yeah but you know it's just it's just one  

of those things i mean still like i i still i'm 
glad that i bought it right like i'm still here  

for it you know i don't like it'll still be 
worth it in the end it was just like annoying  

you know yeah so and i mean like you know it is 
what it is i i might i don't know i'm debating  

whether or not to buy another box or to put money 
into an actual crystal shard uh just because like  

i've been saying i don't have any exposure maybe 
you should do maybe you should do the experiment  

maybe you should open the box no see mine are 
gonna get mad at me for telling you to do that  

so i'm not i'm not gonna i'm not gonna do that 
what i'll say is if you decide to open a box  

maybe you should do the experiment to see if you 
could get your money back with those two crystal  

shards and pot the possible hollow and see if you 
know even if you don't use that money to buy more  

just to see if where that value would be because 
i mean you think about it like drift so drift  

sold for like 1500 you know uh words like 12. yeah 
like omega sold for 1500 raw and these were wait  

this was in an auction where they 
didn't even show the back of the car  

they didn't even show the back of the car and 
it's still sold for that place yeah some faith

look it look at cosmo he said don't casimo said 
don't open the box so i'm gonna say i'm not casimo  

and modern would get on me for telling you to 
open the box so don't don't take my word for  

it take their word for it because they're you know 
they're the smarter investors so i'll go with that  

you know like like so i know all too well not 
to open up this box because i opened up 24 and  

didn't hit a crucial short black knight right 
so like i i definitely get that but again you  

know going back to what we were talking about 
before depending on what these crystal shards  

do like depending on how these like where these 
crystal shards are going because yeah you know  

i've had a number of conversations with you 
know between cosmo and i he thinks that the  

hollow foils there are a lot more of the hollow 
foils and the crystal shards modern thinks the  

reverse and thinks that the harmfuls are the 
long game and so you know i'm i don't know where  

i sit i don't know where i sit on that because 
the pops um you know the pops are there like  

the crystal shards are crazy low so i want to 
continue to wait and see through the end of this  

year how those how those cards how those pops 
change um you know so i mean i i don't know but  

but but again going back to where crystal shards 
have been going going back to what the minimum  

people are like willing to sell these cards 
for like how how few of them enter the market  

it's possible that the box at some point could be 
could be worth it depending on where the worth of  

the box goes and the worth of the crystal shards 
because if there's still a lot of this arbitrage  

um in the market for it like i don't know who 
knows but i mean if you're chasing a specific  

card like if you're chasing a bk i say don't do 
it see and then and i think it's like for instance  

like like you're saying so it's two sides of it 
like let's just use like you said let's use casimo  

on the cracked ice side and we probably could put 
shard knock life in there too we'll put them too  

and then we have you know modern those are 
two sides of the market right and it's like  

uh you know you can look at it as when you get 
the hollows you had to you had the opportunity  

with the fat packs you know you can get the 
hollows in a lot of different ways it's about  

what you're gonna pull it's like what are you like 
you said like i mean we've seen everybody opening  

the gravity feed boxes uh you know won't call out 
names because he didn't announce it so i won't say  

who but somebody opened 30 boxes of gravity feed 
and got two bk hollows and two base uh bks he  

got a philly a skull trooper he didn't get a lux 
you know so but i've seen people that pulled two  

lux and didn't get a pilly and you know so those 
things but when you factor in the mega box side  

you have the mega box and that's it you know 
so you do get two per but if you have 20 boxes  

that i mean realistically that percentage of 
you pulling that is based off those two cards  

per box where the hollows you know you may have a 
better chance you know you may pull those things  

either way you're spending a lot of money to chase 
whatever you're chasing and i think that's what it  

you know yeah which is which is why which is why i 
didn't buy enough boxes to see if i could pull the  

black knight or the lux i just went off and bought 
the lux and the black knight myself just because  

like like in general that's that's how i've always 
been with pokemon it's like don't don't buy boxes  

to chase for that card just buy the boxes if 
you want to keep them sealed you know like i'm  

a seal collector i keep [ __ ] um and then buy 
the car that you want right i wish i i really  

i envy i really do like i don't know how y'all 
do it like i would sit there and look at that box  

all day like i was just you know so i envy y'all 
because i really i think that is the smartest way  

and you did it what you did this week is 
underrated like buying the top tier cards  

getting your mega box you solidified yourself 
for it as that was a true investment stand like  

that really was that's how it's supposed to look 
that was a poster of it to me you know so that  

was that was dope to see yeah yeah that yeah i was 
like let me just get them now let me let me just  

let me just get these price points i'm 
cool with these like actually let me back  

it up i feel confident that at some point these 
cards will grow beyond the price points that i  

that i had did i actually want to spend that 
money yeah no but i wanted it and i i wanted  

to like i wanted to bring back the mega box 
because i like i had so many i'm like i need this  

and i'm like you know what like i'm not going 
to open it probably probably i'm not going to  

open it but like let me get the looks cause 
i've always wanted a freaking lux hotline  

i never got to pull her hollow let me do that 
and i'm like okay so let's look at the black  

knight like for a long time i didn't think i could 
touch the black knight but now i'm like okay let's  

actually consider it let's look at it like what 
what what do i have to spend what what what's  

available in the market what can i do you know and 
and at first something okay maybe i can negotiate  

a little bit of a price you know a difference of 
a price point but then i'm thinking to myself like  

like if i'm fighting over a few hundred bucks 
like is it worth it like does it work for it you  

know because that's what i did with the lux and 
i was fighting over a few hundred bucks and then  

the looks just like you know disappeared like i 
couldn't i couldn't get it i couldn't get it yeah  

but i i don't know like like i i definitely 
i definitely think like so so for right now  

what i've been seeing with the populations 
between the hollow foils versus the crystal  

shards definitely the crystal shards win those 
numbers so like absolutely absolutely win those  

numbers um and and you know to your point you 
do bring up a very good point there were a lot  

there was only there's only one box you can get 
the crystal shards from but you could get hollow  

foils from any from from all the boxes so so 
you know that does support the theory that you  

know there's probably less of the crystal shards 
well we know truly who knows but i you know i want  

to see i want to see the pop reports continue to 
grow like i want to see i want to see those things  

continue to grow because that would just kind of 
solidify it and again going back to the point you  

know those crystal shards also don't enter the 
market that much like i just don't i just don't  

see them that much i mean compared to the italian 
you know there's a ton of italian out there but

you know and you know honestly actually 
don't see as much of the brazilian cards  

in the market either did you notice that yeah 
like the brazilian like for instance like  

i mean i like even with the looks like so the way 
i base it is i kind of try to like when it comes  

to when i do like a big trade right i always 
try to finesse my way and get unlocks like i  

always try to get like okay just throw a lucky 
face or look throw you know like i always try to  

finesse my way in here and um you know some of my 
favorite people that i trade with like i know what  

they have so i always kind of take my time and 
i know when i trade or if i pull that card and  

people always talk about me opening boxes right i 
know when i pull a certain card i know what i can  

get with that card from what somebody else needs 
like so as soon as i put that as soon as i pulled  

the ice king out of the series i knew exactly 
who to go to and i knew exactly what i needed and  

that's kind of and that's kind of where i always 
like i always base it i'm like listen this is  

the brazilian print it interests me i won't lie 
i don't the italian i'm you know always on the  

fence but i'm interested in the brazilian parent 
because we don't know if it's short print or not  

you don't see a lot of it uh i like the pattern 
or the the darkness of the card a little bit more  

than italian because it has like a darker tint 
on the brazilian it does in my opinion you know i  

really i really like the card so the brazilian is 
like the wild situation don't but that's the first  

one i'll get is is a luxe for sure first one oh 
yeah it's a lux that's where i start all the time  

unless a black light pops out of nowhere like you 
know if a black knight pops up right no that would  

be that'll be the opportunity for sure oh my gosh 
when wayne told me that his kid silas when his son  

silas pulled that black knight uh that brazilian 
black knight i can't remember how many how many  

bombs or whatever you would call those like see 
that sealed product yeah i don't know i don't know  

what you would call it but like those those boxes 
or whatever i i don't know how many he opened  

the case okay yeah yeah i don't know how many oh 
he opened but he was able to pull you know that  

black knight i can't remember it was a crystal 
shard or not i'm pretty sure it was some kind  

of hollow but anyways i mean like that's that's 
awesome you know i i haven't seen too many on  

the market even even like looking right now i mean 
there is um there is a bgs 9.5 crystal shard yes  

right now and they're asking 50. yeah um so i mean 
but best offer so who knows where that could go  

who knows what like the bottom of that is 
but right um yeah i i don't know i'd be i'd  

be interested to see you know what what uh what a 
brazilian mm-hmm could pull that that'd be that'd  

be very that'd be very interesting to me for sure 
yeah and and you know to your to your point again  

like you know a little exposure doesn't hurt 
and if you're still buying cards that you like  

i mean i'm trying to think of what i got what 
i spent for the ghoul trooper for goal trooper  

i want to say i might have spent 80 plus 30 for 
shipping and then i ended up getting an extra  

card out of that for free so you know with that 
whole transaction like with taxes i don't know  

let's just say 120. you know i got him for 60 a 
piece not too bad and this and it's it's very true  

like because think about it i remember before 
i had the opportunity to get the lux usa print  

cracked ice right that's what i was looking for 
i was looking for italian number because i'm like  

you know what that car is not happening i'm good 
i understand i got the hollows i got so you know  

and i think that's going to happen the more and 
what cosimo said that was so important is let's  

be real the crack dice series one for usa print 
that's that's a different stratosphere of you know  

in the market-wise you know everybody's not going 
to be able to afford that most people aren't going  

to be able to afford that and if you want me to be 
honest i feel that's why the bk really didn't hit  

the numbers it did i don't think there was enough 
suitors yet like i don't think i don't think that  

like a lot of people was always talking about oh 
it's a 50 000 car i think it is i don't know who's  

i don't know who's here right now to really 
pay like you know we had the steve aoki's and  

but that's what that is that's a private sale 
like who's here that's going to do it off ebay  

yeah pwcc not you know not golden auctions 
who's going to do it off of ebay you know so  

if that factor then who knows but i do think 
that may have been in play a little bit possibly  

so who knows but yeah you got to think of those 
things you know and what's really interesting  

too cosmo and i we've had conversations 
about this like like aoki and golden  

they're making moves like like they're making 
moves in this fortnight world and so yeah like

they're they're getting positions of those big 
cards you know and and they're being a little  

bit quiet about it because they still want 
to keep on you know getting those positions  

and it makes sense like it made sense if you 
you want to move quiet into something like  

kind of for me like i i moved a little quiet 
because i wanted to get these things real quick  

and yeah you know because because 
like i don't know you know like  

i just felt like i needed to just 
kind of really stay insular and  

and just just do this like on ebay just because 
i feel like with i mean i know it's not that much  

in the grand scheme of it for me i wanted 
a little bit of um security and protection  

you know on that sense of it which is why i 
wasn't going to necessarily do a private sale  

um you know for something like that um but also 
too like the thing with private sales like i i  

think private sales are good and you know as we 
open up more and go to more card shows like we're  

gonna see more private sales happening you know 
that's that's just what what's gonna happen but  

you know the other thing too for me is like like 
without a question if if i'm buying something off  

ebay like let me just make this sale solidified 
too yes like let me just let me just solidify  

this sale so that like okay it's a thing that 
happened it's not just me talking about my ass  

that like i bought it you know for this price 
point or whatever because you know there's like  

a level of motivation that that could come into 
play with that yeah but yeah and like people  

like what you said like and that's what i that's 
where i was getting that like we understand as the  

fortnight market that you know there was a black 
knight that sold for 50 and i think 53k or even  

though it was a trade in the aspect of you know 
those things you know we understand that right  

but that doesn't mean the whole market understands 
that realistically this is the first time  

they've seen a true auction so that's why that 
and it's a down market it's in a down market the  

market is soft plus this you know so i understand 
why people were kind of agitated by that that it  

was a down market and it could have been a b 
and c but this is the first true time we got  

to see the black knight going to auction look 
how many bids look how many watchers there were  

and you better believe when a psa 10 pops up it 
might look a little different so who knows yeah  

i mean we'll see what happens and i think i 
think what we're going to start seeing true  

over the years is certain cards just like with 
pokemon yeah whether we're in a down market or not  

yeah exactly there are certain cards that you 
can sell into any market yeah and still hold that  

value and and honestly like i in any of those 
markets i am not a person that has those cards  

like i've never been a person that has those cards 
because that ship has already sailed through yeah  

so so that's another reason why i'm like okay 
what is a card that i could sell into any market  

there you go good value for it and so that's why i 
was like let me just go ahead let me just get the  

bk let me just get looks these cards are freaking 
amazing they're awesome they're dope like let me  

get the mega box because again you know that is 
something that in a don market can in the future  

you know can definitely command a price just like 
we're seeing for you know these sealed boxes for  

you know pokemon will they hit those same price 
points i don't know i see them very similarly  

i see that they could be you know very similar in 
that perspective so i mean we'll see what happens  

it's been cool it's been interesting like there 
are so many cool people that i've met i mean you  

and joel and and cosmo like like if if anything 
cosmo dude i love the fact that you're so blunt  

because then it's like because then it's like 
that's just like that's it you know and and i  

think i think i learned so much just from someone 
being just like this is what it is you know now  

of course i'm always asking him questions 
like okay well why yeah because like i just  

genuinely want to learn i'm like okay yeah but 
but with with how he moves in and out of markets  

so interesting so much random so much random 
stuff that i find out that he buys and i'm like

that's cool that's dope but you know other 
than fortnite is there anything else that  

you're really collecting well i'm uh you 
know i don't know if people know that i'm  

so when it comes to like the car market and 
everything like that i am a extreme sportsman  

and i don't like like for instance i'm a bills fan 
i'm from buffalo new york my team is good for the  

first time in my life i was born in 93 so i was 
born in the midst of the super bowl era but soon  

as i was able to understand it we literally were 
bad and we've been bad since until you know until  

we got josh and you know the turn of 2018 but uh 
in 2017 for that matter but for me i collect a  

lot of different things i collect vintage tees 
you know and things like that and this is my  

position in the market uh but yeah i'm a collector 
at heart i've done i've done the sneakers i've had  

during the the hay of my time i've had over 85 
pairs of sneakers you know from the jordans to  

the lebrons to the kobe's uh yeezys all of those 
things uh so but as in stable ability uh pc wise  

i collect the buffalo bills players like uh stefan 
diggs jim kelly thurman thomas and then uh when it  

comes to basketball uh dwyane wade and the miami 
heat era you know up until pretty much 20 i'll  

say 2017. so uh all of those type of things that 
that is my that's my bread and butter i just like  

i love markets and i love understanding why people 
like to collect things but i love vintage cheese  

as well like you'll see me in an office tea you 
know like the office is my favorite show of all  

time so you know uh you know i get an office tea 
and if y'all don't know nothing about the vintage  

market it's a very expensive market vintage tees 
concert tees you know the rock tees those tees  

go for a whole lot of money uh but yeah i'm i'm 
in and out of that market all the time so yeah  

yeah that's awesome honestly that that's awesome 
because i don't know too many people who are in  

like the sneaker markets or the vintage tees so 
yeah yeah but i i i mean i'm here for it what's  

like what's like your coolest tea that you uh 
so i'm i'm i'm the big bone docs fan the bone  

doctor with double swim and i have the uh very 
first promo see that the boondocks came out with  

with their theme song on the back and then 
obviously riley and huey i have a family guy  

i have a family guy t the office uh oh man i 
have i have so many like i usually go same way  

with this like i go for all the nostalgic type 
t's uh i'm a big j cole fan so i have his keys  

aren't considered vintage because it has to be 
20 years you know uh yeah so that's what make it  

interesting yeah so you know a lot of 
mine's on the brink of it but yeah like i  

you know any concerts that i've been to i usually 
clear the merchandise table like i usually get all  

of that you know so yeah that's kind of that's my 
thing you know uh you know i collect hats i work  

in a hat store for three years you know so all of 
those things just combine into kind of who i am  

overall um that is so cool you know that is so 
cool i i don't know i don't know anything about  

the vintage tees but that's always been something 
like that i've always known about and it's like  

you could actually go to a thrift store and 
pick up some oh don't eat potentially good  

[ __ ] yeah you have oh that's where you buy 
well what originally got me hooked on it is i  

i went to a vintage t store because i was doing a 
clothing line at the time and i was trying to find  

blank tees i was trying to find blank tees just 
to print on you know to practice my screen prints  

and i found a tupac tee i found a tupac tee and 
you know i'm just like i know i knew about it but  

i never really looked it up like like a real 
tupac tee not like going to urban outfitters  

okay okay this one and the way you know 
is like on the sleeve it's a single stitch  

it's a whole same way in the fortnite market or 
any other market and so i found that i looked  

it up and it was like it was like 600 but i 
thought that it was a fake price you know i  

wasn't looking up ebay comps at that time i'm 
like you know so i thought it was a fake price  

and i post so i posted it for 300 it literally 
sold in three seconds and so and i think that  

t-shirt now was probably upwards of a thousand so 
yeah you know the vintage tees are nuts like it's  

a whole different world whole different world and 
that's where the it's one that i won't give away  

i will listen the next video i'll tell you about 
another one i gotta get a couple more before i say  

something about that one but yeah you know yeah 
that's crazy i had no idea you know what's so cool  

about hip-hop from that era yeah like the 80s and 
the 90s which is so interesting to me is like like  

okay so so i know that the vintage vinyls from 
that time like original pressings those are hard  

to find and those are expensive as well yes like 
like i got i have uh 36 chambers on vinyl but it's  

a european print so it's like it's like worth a 
little bit more but not really yeah because it's a  

european pressing and you know honestly i'm gonna 
start misleading people because i'm gonna sound  

like i know more about vinyl than i really do but 
like those like so so i knew that the vinyls are  

very very valuable not the repressings like the 
original vinyls from that time it's hard to find  

like they don't hit the market that much but 
when they do they're going for hundreds plus  

yeah um but i didn't know that about the teas 
oh you know that about the teas back then  

listen like you know even but the the real ones 
is the 70s rock teas like the 70s rock teas like  

nirvana and stuff anything like in that aspect 
is ridiculous like i'm talking about 1500  

like it's the t's are and they don't they don't 
want them to be in pristine condition or brand new  

they want them to be worn they want them to have 
character really oh yeah it's a it's a whole world  

it's a whole lot so so so teach me about alia t's 
because if i were to get if i were to get vintage  

tees i'd get aaliyah yeah 120 that's my uh that's 
my wife's favorite artist from that era so she  

like i would love to get her uh the problem is 
those t's are like alia and selena like those two  

oh i gotta get selena too oh man those are like 
like i'm talking about like you'll probably have  

one that's about 2k like it's it's pretty crazy 
you know worth it though worth it because like  

you go to spencer's or whatever yeah and you see 
or or you go to hot topic and you see like aaliyah  

you see selena you see tupac you see biggie and it 
just kind of feels like uh you know because it's  

like it's like it's a reprint for probably like 
the gen z yes generation that didn't live through  

they didn't live through them you know yeah 
like they didn't look to that time they they  

weren't they're not as old as us and so they don't 
like they can from afar maybe see the impact but  

they didn't live in it like i remember i bought 
aaliyah's album and then literally three days  

later she was gone and i was like oh my god 
i remember i think i was in the sixth grade  

like but but you know but but vintage is different 
though getting vintage cheese is different though  

because it's from that time it's got like 
what you were saying it's got that character  

yeah why why do you got to do this to me because 
i spend too much on fortnight like i'm supposed  

to act like i am broke i don't need to buy 
it yup like and that's it's so it's so like  

that the vintage team market is amazing because 
they're like us but they're relate like they know  

who what t everybody has they know where that 
t is in the world they're like oh that guy in  

california has this one he has it's a whole like 
it's a it's beautiful to see like honestly like  

i love it like i love it like i am definitely 
a casual in it but the ones that's like fully  

committed is is different for sure that is so cool 
that is so cool wow oh man see you just opened up  

a new world for me god damn yeah uh it was that 
diet oh yeah we got there i got this one i got the  

he acts did we have the zero point comics 
i have that are those that those are the dc  

yeah this is the uh the 10150 then uh yeah i have 
i have all of them i have all of them you know

i have them all oh those are awesome harley quinn 
let's go yeah these are so yeah he acts that but  

yeah is she is she is harley quinn a skin yes 
she has three of them she has three variants yup  

and then cosimo i know you're probably not in 
here no more but cosimo i got the snake eyes one  

that's uh you know so that's cool yeah but 
yeah that is very cool oh wow well so is  

there is there are there is there like a market 
for fortnite teas is there anything there no  

probably though in the future no it is what i have 
i have it on hold up i have it on don't do that do  

the uh oh god i'll message you i'll message you 
yeah i'll message you i'll message you you know  

you know this is the thing about meeting 
other collectors that just like to  

to collect [ __ ] like i was about to just 
buy [ __ ] but that's not necessarily the case  

like like i never go wanting trying to 
find something to buy i never do like i  

always have way too much that i want to buy 
yeah like i'm always finding something new  

matter of fact since okay this is at 2 19 right is 
that two hours so if somebody lasts this long jess  

you want to see something that i've been buying 
oh yeah oh okay so you know how tickets are like  

a you know they get graded you know how tickets 
are right from the first world cup fortnight yo

at the bottom right here it says this is a limited 
edition collectible it is not valid for permits  

for submission and then about it you can't get 
that you can't get that authenticated and graded  

yeah you can but this what they were saying is 
this is uh this is a limited edition collectible  

so this is actually seen as a collectible 
instead of for just a ticket yeah so this is  

a collectible and not just a ticket but this 
is what they got at the uh and it's a hollow

that is so cool i think okay so so i'm gonna send  

hold up i'm gonna send you this real quick so 
this is the same thing right here let's see

it's uh would you looking up the ticket uh-huh 
it's the uh just type in the fortnite world cup  

commemorative ticket um okay yeah i see it 
uh yep all right um so yeah let's go yeah  

so i'm getting this one i'm going to get this 
one and that's the thing psa still has those  

at low prices so you can get this graded for 
nothing like you know the tickets uh-huh really  

yeah i think it's at i think it's 50 i'm almost 
positive for a graded version yeah to get it  

graded there's no oh two get it graded okay yeah 
i see what you're saying no these this is um i've  

been i have three so far and i've just been buying 
them casually because i'm sitting there like this  

is a beautiful from the first world cup especially 
because of you know colgate and the pandemic it we  

haven't had to have another world cup so this is 
the only one and you think about people that could  

possibly get you know it's signed by bulga who won 
the world cup and stuff like that but this is like  

i had to so i i'm always looking for like fringe 
inside of a french market you know that's kind of  

what i always do this is why we get along because 
joel's the same way you know joel is the same  

way with the monopoly yeah like yes like finding 
that yeah that was a good one yep it was i i wish  

i wish my um i wish my player cards or whatever 
you call them came out just as nice as his because  

when i got my box and i opened it up it was like 
all like everything was kind of already apart and  

in pieces yeah i haven't bought a new one to yeah 
um like just see if i can get something better but  

that is so cool but that's but that's so true 
though like um that is so cool i'm sorry i just  

bought one no that's but just that's why i 
was like and the thing is i was like i was  

sitting there and i'm like this is one that i 
just can't tell to the masses so if somebody  

if they get through our whole interview 
you know they'll have a gym you know so  

there you go this is what we're here for oh 
see look at yo other people got it too yes  

let's go oh this is so great i love the community 
they're so awesome yeah they're so awesome  

so great so great um i mean shoot okay i want 
to be respectful of your time because we've been  

going off for about two hours and 20 minutes 
this was great this is great yeah this is this  

is gonna be dope um i will let you know when it 
goes live but here before we before i mean not  

live but like when it's actually on yeah um but 
before we go like let everyone know how they can  

reach you yeah all right so you can you can reach 
me off uh instagram r3 rips i will be bringing my  

youtube back up unfortunately for some reason 
my youtube got banned don't know why i had five  

videos up still don't know to this day i appealed 
it and everything um you know i own all my music  

but that's besides the point that's in the past 
people so uh i will be having another uh youtuber  

it will be by a different name but it's going 
to be branded i'm just finishing the copyrights  

and trademarks so right now instagram wise r3 
rips and uh it's a lot coming in the future so  

just stay tuned yeah keep me posted because like 
i i feel like your accounts are just underrated  

you know so much like i just want to see you 
blow up you know so much so let me know how i  

can help for sure for sure so anyway yeah thank 
you so much i really appreciate your time and  

thank you so much for everyone coming on you guys 
are awesome for sure and uh everyone i guess you  

know have a good night thank you have a good 
one have a good one just thank you thank you

2021 Geeked Out Collecting