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The #1 Topic in Pokemon Collecting that NO ONE Talks About

This is a topic that's near and dear to my heart that gets hardly any love or attention from the hobby overall and that is data literacy. It's a very important topic to cover because data fundamentally has very persuasive qualities and with the lack of complete and accurate data in the hobby collectibles world, I want to share go through a few topics in the hopes that you will be less duped by the bad data out there.

Meet the Collector Who Sold His Boat to Buy Pokemon Cards - Eric from @pokemonster89

If you’re like many of us, you’re collecting Pokemon product you love while also building a nice, cushy nest egg. In this episode, I brought on Eric from @pokemonster89 and we talked about his collection, how he’s acquired it and what advice he can give us as we build our nest eggs. Plot twist: don’t sell yourself short - stay patient and you can build up to getting some amazing cards.

Three Collecting Lessons from the King of Pokemon

In this episode of the Geeked Out Collecting Podcast, I go through three lessons (or rules of thumb) that I've learned from Gary Haase, King of Pokemon. #FreeGary

Learning the Fundamental Principles Underlying Physical Asset Collecting w/ Jeremy Padawer

For all of us who LOVE looking at hobby collecting from a pragmatic financial lens, you will absolutely love the conversation I had with Jeremy Padawer. He has been an avid collector with a massive collection across so many different sectors like WWE figurines, sports cards, Pokemon and so many others. In this episode, we really dig deep into his mindset and how he assesses franchises and their collectibility. You don't want to miss this one.

Why I Stopped Buying Graded Cards...(kinda)

In this episode I got into a bit more detail as to why I don't incorporate buying slabs into my main buying strategy for investing Pokemon cards. Now, that doesn't mean I stop completely because there are opportunities I do and am willing to pounce on, but I go into depth why I for the most part stay away from slabs (even though they're my favorite part of the hobby).

Financially Analyzing Pokemon with a Professional - Conner from @rocpokemon

For today's guest I brought on Conner from @rocpokemon. If you haven't heard of him before, today is your lucky day because he is a financial professional during the day and at night a Pokemon collector and investor. His insight so is grounded and well informed - with everything that he talks about, he brings it back to a financial principle/concept/thesis so take out your notebook, you will need it!

Three Expensive Lessons I've Learned as a Collector

As they say (I don't know who they is) you learn more from your failures than your successes, which is true even with hobby collecting. But with where prices are and where values are going, these mistakes can turn into very expensive lessons. So what I want to do for this week's episode is go over three expensive lessons I've Learned as a Collector.

Diversifying Your Portfolio with Fortnite Cards w/ Joel from @modern_card1

With all of this movement in the Fortnite market, I had to bring Joel from @modern_card1 back onto the podcast so that we could talk about it some more. We don't stop there though, here are a few other topics we touch on: - the 25th Anniversary - Tourney cards - Moving into niche sub sectors

How to Start Your Pokemon Collection Part #2 - English Pokemon Sets Explained

New to collecting Pokemon cards and feeling a bit overwhelmed with the plentiful amount of English Pokemon sets to collect? In this episode I explain vintage vs modern sets, go through the different generations of sets and give you insight on next steps when collecting!

How to Use Pokemon Cards as an Investing Tool w/ James from @firstedition_pokemoncards

For this episode I had the pleasure to bring on one of my good hobby buddies James. I wanted to bring him on because I love his perspective and insight into the hobby. He's spent some time in the finance world so as a former day trader, he applied the same methods and principles he learned from doing that to Pokemon. Here are a few things we cover: - determining which sets to invest in - buying raw singles and getting them graded - finding pockets in the market with great ROI's

How to Start Your Pokemon Collection

There are endless Pokemon sets to start collecting between the English and Japanese sets and it can be a bit overwhelming. In this episode I talk through three strategies you can use today to start your Pokemon collection. Here is a list of my tips: - Set your goal(s) and budget - Pick your sets - Buy the starters

How to Fortify Your Pokemon Investment Portfolio w/ Dan & Travis from GoingTwice.com

I don't think we're in a Pokemon bubble, but whether you feel safe or not, you ALWAYS need to do things that mitigate your risk. Your financial advisor would advice you to mitigate your risk with your normal investments, so why wouldn't the same apply to Pokemon and hobby collecting investing? In this episode, Dan and Travis from Goingtwice.com go deep into many Pokemon investing topics that will help you fortify your Pokemon collecting. Here are a few of the things we talk about that will do that: - Finding ROI's in Pokemon - Verifying sealed packs - Graders recognizing unique qualities of cards

My Pokemon Buying Strategy for 2021

In this episode I talk about my strategy for buying and investing in Pokemon cards for 2021. Pokemon has changed A LOT in the past 12 months, I've developed a strategy around those changes, along with taking into consideration my goals and budget. So if you're trying to get some ideas for investing in Pokemon, let's chat!

Inside the Mind of a Legendary Collector - w/ Gary from Pawn Stars

In this episode I brought on the amazing Gary from Pawn Stars! Need I say more? He is arguably the most pivotal and influential person to have been involved in Pokemon card collecting. Maybe of the attitudes and things we do that are because of Gary! Here are a few topics we talk about: - Is Pokemon Safe? - BGS vs PSA - Japanese vs English cards

My Thoughts on Pokemon Cards in 2021

In this episode we talk about my thoughts on Pokemon in 2021, along with kick starting season two for the Geeked Out Collecting podcast where I give you some insight on what to expect for this podcast in the coming year.

How to Sell Pokemon Cards in 2020 and Beyond w/ Ray from @thenashvilleflippers

For this episode I brought on Ray from @thenashvilleflippers not only because he is a hobby collector and investor, but also because he is a part time eBay reseller. I wanted to get his insight on selling because it is an overlooked skill when it comes to collecting and long term investing. Collectors forget that there may come ties in the future where we'll want/need to sell parts of our collections so we will NEED to know how to sell. Here are some points we cover in the episode:

Don't buy Modern Pokemon cards before listening to this! w/ Special Guest Joel from @modern_card1

In this episode I brought on Joel from @modern_card1. He is a collectibles investor with positions in Pokemon cards (vintage and modern), Football cards and Fortnite cards! I brought him on to get his perspective regarding investing in modern Pokemon cards specifically because a lot of investors are very averse to them. I may still prefer vintage cards, but he offers a lot of information regarding investing in modern cards if you'd like to diversify your Pokemon investment. Here are some topics we cover: - Pokemon balancing between print runs and pull rates - Gold Charizard coming soon? - Learning from sellers remorse and staying the course

Increase Your Poke Sales! Lessons from a Comic-preneur w/ Jason Stum from Certified Comic Shop

In this episode I brought on Jason Stum from www.CertifiedComic.shop, an online graded comic store with the mission of helping comic book collectors collect the comics they love. If you sell Pokemon cards or anything nerdy, you will love this episode because Jason shows us the inside of his comic book business and how we can apply it to our own businesses. Here are some topics we cover: - Online comic shops and the cash flow mindset - Transitioning from collector to seller - Transparency builds a brand - & more!

How to Buy and Sell Pokemon Cards for Profit w/ Dan & Travis from Going Twice

In this episode we have Dan and Travis from Going Twice, an online and retail auction house serving clients nationwide. Dan and Travis have been buying and selling Pokemon cards for quite some time now, so if you buy and sell or invest in the hobby, you will love learn so much from them. We cover the following topics: - When to grade PSA vs. BGS vs. CGC vs. GMA - Trusting the market and selling on auctions - Card scandals and the FBI

Why Investing in Pokemon Cards is Probably Better than Stock Market Investing - w/ Special Guest Charlie from @dulcepokemon

In this episode, I sat down with Charlie again and we talked about my initial thoughts on WOTC card in 2019 and how 2020 proved me wrong. I was really happy to have Charlie on the show again because he's such a wealth of information. I owe a lot of my learning and knowledge to him and I appreciate his perspective and mindset - he's a real Pokemon OG. You can find him on Instagram @dulcepokemon Here are a few things we talked about: - How COVID 19 unexpectedly helped the hobby - Looking at historical niches - Charlie's right: Pokemon is even safer to invest in than Amazon!

Pokemon Card BOOM or Bust? Is it too late to invest in Pokemon? With Special Guest - Will Chou

For today's episode, I had Will Chou on the show. He's a Pokemon Card investor, blogger, podcaster, Pokemon Go-er and TikTok-er! Here are a few of the topics we covered: - Most surprising Pokemon GO user demographic - Profiting with Pokemon - Getting a PSA 1! How to find Will: IG: @noexcuseswill TikTok: @willchou Blog: https://willyoulaugh.com Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/will-chous-personal-development-podcast-archive/id1330679398

Corona Virus - Investing in Pokemon During a Recession - THIS is the time to buy

For this episode I decided to do something a little different considering the times we're living in at the moment.

Vintage vs. Modern Showdown! Investing in Pokemon Cards with @DulcePokemon

In this episode I got to chat with the Charlie, aka @dulcepokemon. He is part of the reason why I'm pursuing a PSA 10 Base Set First Edition Pokemon Set. Charlie and I get in deep about the economics of collecting Pokemon, investing in vintage vs modern sets, the best strategy for doing trades (give away a bit more than you receive) and so much more.

When You Could Buy a Shadowless Charizard for $50...If We Only Knew - Talking Pokemon w/ @rainbowqueenofkanto

For this episode I got to chat with the amazing Shawna, aka @rainbowqueenofkanto. We talked about her collection and how she collects simply to collect and not invest. Not to mention when she was a kid her dad bought her a base set Charizard for $50!! If only we knew then what we know now.

If You Have $100 to Spend, Here's Your Pokemon Investment Strategy w/ @Pokemadness.Collection

For this episode I had on Pokemadness.collection, aka Magno to the show and we talked about a ton! Shiny Charizards, PSA's impact on the market and prices, Beckett grading vs PSA and what cards to buy if you have $100 to invest on Pókemon. Magno is a long time Pokemon enthusiast but recently started collecting Yu Gi Oh and then Pokemon a few years back. He's a big part of the Pokemon community on Instagram doing raffles and showing off his amazing collection. He also submits cards to PSA for members throughout the community, (including myself!). You can find him on IG @pokemadness.collection and Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmVgygRc9xJxA-DFQbXG6mA

Episode Zero - Podcast Format, Pokemon Finance & Hobby Investing

Welcome folks and thank you for joining me on the Geeked Out Collecting Podcast. My name is Jessica and I am your host where we talk about everything hobby collecting. From trading card games like Pokemon and Magic the Gathering, to comic books, Funko Pops, sports card, you name it we talk about it all. For this episode, I’d like to call episode zero - today I want to talk a little bit about this podcast and what to expect from here on out. Season Breakdown: Season one Pokemon cards Season two Magic the Gathering Season three Comic Books Season four Funko Pops Season five Vintage Video Games And season six Sports Cards

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